Surprising Fantasies – Ignite Story

This story is a continuation of Surprising Deceptions.

Gayla giggled out loud in the SUV as they both made their way back home in their respective vehicles. She and her husband, Jason, had both pretended at the same time to have forgotten about their anniversary today. But neither of them had forgotten. Instead, each of them had planned a fantastic surprise for the other.

She had pretended to have broken down, so he could come to her rescue. When he arrived, though, she was busy pleasuring herself. That became the catalyst for some hot sex in their SUV, on the side of the road.

Jason’s surprise was an evening and morning at a ski lodge, where, as he put it, the only skiing he planned on doing was on her. She couldn’t wait to discover whatever further surprises he had in store for them.

They arrived home, packed for the trip, and were soon on their way. She could hardly keep still from the excitement.

They arrived at a quaint ski lodge up in the Rocky Mountains. A fresh snowfall had coated the ground. A line of eager skiers waited for the next lift to take them to top. Gayla briefly wished she could go skiing. But when she thought about tonight, she knew she didn’t want to miss one minute of their time together.

After dinner in a local restaurant, they sat on the couch together, as a fire in the fireplace roared. They both sipped on cups of hot cocoa.

Gayla snuggled under Jason’s strong arm. “Thank you for such a great day, sweetie. You’ve knocked the ball out of the park on this anniversary celebration.”

He squeezed her shoulders. “Likewise, babe. I’ll never forget the sight of you having an orgasm when I least expected it. Or the sex after that.”

“Let’s hope we can do something memorable tonight.”

Jason smiled. “Every night with you is memorable, but I know what you mean.”

She snuggled under his arm deeper. “I love you so much!”

“And I, you.” Jason took a sip of his cocoa and placed it on the coffee table. Then he rose and returned with a couple of pens and sheets of paper.

Gayla raised one of her eyebrows. “What is this for?”

“We’re going to each write down one of our unfulfilled fantasies. Then it will be the job of the other to fulfill it, if possible.”

She giggled. “That sounds like fun!”

They both took a piece of paper and a pen. After some thought, Gayla wrote her fantasy down. Jason, however, went straight to writing. He had taken plenty of time to think of his already.

They exchanged papers. Jason pointed at her. “You want to start, or shall I?”

“I’ll start. I’m quite curious to see what you’ve written.”

He nodded, and she read his note out loud. “One unfulfilled fantasy of mine involves doing the 69, with simultaneous orgasms, or pretty close to it. I know it may take a bit of work and a touch of luck, but I’d love to try.”

Gayla thought for a minute. “I’d be game to try. But what do you mean by the word, ‘work’?”

Jason smiled. “By work, I mean we’ll have to pay attention to each other’s state of arousal to not have the big O until the other is there as well. It will be hard to gauge that while having it done to you.”

Gayla grinned. “If nothing else, it will be fun to attempt it.”

Jason held up a finger. “One thing about that: if we don’t accomplish it tonight, let’s keep trying until we do. Then my fantasy will be fulfilled.”

“I’m ready whenever you are.”

He pulled down his shorts. His growing member popped out to play. “Then let’s get on with it!”

Jason lay on his back on the bed. She pointed her head toward his feet, positioning her pussy over his mouth. Her eyes feasted on his lovely member throbbing before her.

Jason said, “Hey, are you going to get moving on my dick?”

She smiled as she shook her head. “Now, now. We have all evening.” She ran her tongue under his balls and up his shaft. She batted his dick under his hood on the front. He groaned, and his dick stiffened up so much it bounced. He shook his body. “Oh, that was so delicious. More, please?”

“Oh, you’re going to get more. A lot more!”

His warm mouth and tongue went around her pussy lips. They sank deeper and deeper into her, like water funneling down a drain. When he hit her G-spot, she moaned.

She licked his dick’s head until it grew purple and hard. He bucked his hips toward her, but she kept her lips where they were just covering his head.

The energy ran through him, as he appeared to vibrate with each swipe of her tongue across his member. Then she let him further in. She inched down his dick, bobbing her head as she went down, down, and yet further down until she reached his balls. He pulled and pushed, in and out, while she matched his movements with her head.

He ran his hands over her hip and down her back, his fingers and her hair intertwining. “Ohhhhh, that feels so great, babe. So great!”

All the while he ate her pussy. He dug deep with his tongue one minute, then ran it up to her clit to suck and flick it. A climax built within her body, causing her to spasm. Huge waves of pleasure vibrated through her body.

She picked up the pace on his dick, sucking it in and pulling it out in a rapid fashion. She stroked the exposed part of his penis with one of her hands. He tensed up with her attack. Her orgasm began to kick in with renewed excitement, threatening her with a big release. She pulled his dick out of her mouth. “Honey, I’ll cum if you keep up this pace.”

His tongue slowed its movement across her clit. Her orgasm still felt as if it was coming in for a landing. It may have been too little, too late. She responded by focusing on his dick, and she plunged it until her lips touched his balls.

“Oh, honey! So, so, good!”

She pulled back out, popping his head through the corner of her mouth. Examining his veins protruding along the length of his member, she marveled at the design of God.

He pushed her head toward his penis. “If I’m going to come, you’ve got to do more than stare at it.”

She giggled, then plunged it between her lips, over her tongue, and down her throat in one quick swallow.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, now that’s what I’m talking about.”

She rose to the tip of his dick before plunging back down again. She continued that action until he started to tense up. Then she extracted it one more time, stopping at his head, and held it there.

He would end up cumming before her! She slid his dick out of her mouth, but that alone appeared to be enough to send him into orbit. As he tensed up, she wrapped her lips back around his head.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” he yelled out. Cum filled her mouth in rope after rope until it started to leak out the edges of her lips.

She swallowed his cream down her throat. Then she opened her mouth to show him the remainder of his cum sitting on her lips and teeth.

However, he had focused on her pussy. He lapped at her like a dog in heat. She groaned in response. In no time at all, his sweet tongue on her clit returned her to the edge of an orgasm.

She arched her back. “I’m going to cum!”

He dug into her pussy deeper. Then she yelled out “Shit!” as the summit of a climax rolled over her body. She shook with the energy flowing through it. Then she collapsed as her intense orgasmic bolt morphed into a contented buzz.

He sat up and gave her a long kiss. “We got close; you came shortly after I did.”

She nodded. “Seems like it may be harder to have a simultaneous orgasm than we thought. When you have an orgasm, you tend to stop stimulating your partner.”

Jason smiled. “I did say it would require some work. I’m sure we’ll have fun trying to get it just right!”

“Yes, we will.” Gayla nodded. “But now it’s my turn.”

He smiled. “Fair enough.” He grabbed the note she had written and read it. “My dear, though you have fulfilled so many of my fantasies, there is one that we shouldn’t fulfill. I’ve had it, though, since I was a teen. The fantasy involves us having sex while someone else watches, or in a way that it’s possible for them to watch. That, or having sex on a nudist beach somewhere. I know both are generally illegal, which is why we shouldn’t do it. But that has always been a fantasy of mine that has, and probably always will, remain unfulfilled.”

Jason met her eyes after reading it. “You horny thing, you!”

Her face flushed.

He laughed. “You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about.”

“I know. But I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone about that fantasy before. Not even God.”

“I think He already knows about it.”

She sighed. “I know, but there is a difference in Him knowing, and me telling Him that it exists.”

Jason nodded. “Sort of like if you don’t acknowledge it, it isn’t there—even though you know it is.”

“Plus, if I told most anyone else but you, they wouldn’t think I was much of a Christian. Can you imagine Miss Buckley finding that I had such a desire?”

He laughed. “Now, you and I both would probably be banned from ever entering that church again.”

She sunk her head. “That’s what I’m worried about most—what other people would think.”

“Really? You want to have sex while someone is watching. But at the same time, you are worried about what other people would think?”

She chuckled. “When you put it that way, it does sound ridiculous. But I’m worried more about those who would be offended. What if a new Christian who had come out of such a life found out? What if they fell from grace because of me?”

“Aren’t you jumping the gun a bit? We’re not talking about having a coming-out party, inviting all our church friends over.”

“But we are talking about letting someone watch. What if it ended up being the wrong person and word got out?”

Jason thought a moment. “What if you had total control over who saw us have sex? Who would you trust to see it without spilling the beans?”

She didn’t even have to think. “Susan and her husband.” She frowned. “Of course, even that could be problematic, if it set in motion attempts at cheating and such.”

“True. Some cheating does start that way.” Jason was quiet for a moment. “You fulfilled my fantasy. It was a very hot experience, one I will always remember. So maybe I can fulfill yours as well?”

Gayla cocked her head to the side. “How?”

“By filming us having sex.”

Suspicion filled her eyes. “You’re not planning on uploading it to the internet, are you?”

“No, no. After all, I’m sure several guys at church would see you and recognize you. Too risky.”

She relaxed. “I agree. Not a good option. So, who would see this?”

“Me. Just me. I would be the voyeur on the other side of the camera. Shoot, you could be the other half of the couple. We could have sex while watching ourselves have sex.”

Gayla thought for a moment. “I approve of that idea. It won’t be some random stranger watching. But it would be like having another couple watching us, even if that couple is us.” She laughed. “Besides, there is a risk it could end up in the wrong hands at some point, despite our attempts to keep it private. So there would always be the potential for some stranger to watch it.”

“Or more likely after we died, a relative might stumble across it.” Jason nodded.

A smile crept across Gayla’s face. “That would probably be the most enjoyable, people seeing how hot a sex life we had after we’re gone.”

Jason raised a finger. “I have an idea.” He rummaged through his bags, pulled out a camera, and set it up with a good view of the bed. He tried to angle it so that the camera would get good shots of their penetration. He motioned for Gayla to sit on the edge of the bed after covering herself up with a bathrobe. He slipped his shorts back on.

“What are we going to do?” Gayla thought this didn’t look like the set up to film sex.

“We are turning this into a teachable moment.”

Jason turned the camera on and sat next to Gayla on the edge of the bed. Then he said, “If you are watching this video, then most likely we are both dead, and you are going through our stuff. We are making this video for you. We want you to know how much we love each other and how we express it. We have faithfully kept this within the bounds of our marriage for the last forty years. If you keep watching, you will see what Christian, hot, monogamous marriage looks like.

“Know that we are not embarrassed to show how much we love one another in this way. Neither should you and your spouse be ashamed to love and be loved—in all ways, spiritually, socially, and physically. What follows is an example of our physical love, which we are not ashamed to show you. I pray you will not be ashamed to watch. I pray that you love one another as we have loved each other. May what follows be not mere titillation. Let it be a demonstration of how God designed us to love each other within the bounds of marriage.”

Jason then rose and shut the camera off. When he sat back down, Gayla grabbed him and kissed him. “That is perfect. That is the perfect way to fulfill my fantasy! Thank you.” She pushed him back onto the bed. “I love you so much.”

“As do I. But, don’t you think I should turn on the camera to record this?”

“Oh, of course.” She let him get up from the bed. They took off their clothes, then Jason turned the camera back on.

Gayla lay back on the bed and caressed her pussy as Jason rubbed his penis. It excited her to watch her favorite part of his body bloom. All she could think about was his dick and how much she wanted it inside of her. That someone would probably be watching this some time in the future added fuel to her fire. Her fantasy was on its way to being fulfilled, and it would also have a godly purpose to it. It shot radiating excitement over her body to know that they might be watched for the betterment of another’s marriage someday.

Jason knelt over her, stroking his now-stiff dick. Gayla glanced at the monitor. She thought the view of him over her with his lovely cock would make anyone hungry for what they had. He continued stroking it gently while he rubbed the tip of his dick through her vaginal crevice. Every time his head rubbed her clit, it sent a wave of pleasure washing over her body. She began bucking upward, moving her hips in time with his dick’s action.

After a bit of that, he rose and positioned himself between her legs. Then he started eating her pussy again! His warm tongue and saliva ran down her cunt and mixed with her own wetness. She writhed in pleasure with each flick of his tongue on her clit.

An orgasm began building in Gayla’s groin. “Oh, baby. Yes, there’s my little orgasm!” All she could do was moan with increasing volume as each new wave built up to her climax. His tongue picked up its speed and forcefulness over her engorged clit.

Then it happened. A swelling of orgasmic energy flooded her body until she shook from the sheer pleasure. She arched her back and thrust her pussy into his face. The extra pressure sent her over with wave after wave of pure joy radiating from her body. As it died off, it left in its wake a sense of completeness and contentment.

He moved to her side. “Does this cowgirl like to ride?”

She giggled. “You bet.” She straddled his lap and guided his cock into her vagina, wet from his licking. He slid into her easily. She wiggled her hips around in a circular motion. She knew this would drive him crazy, and it did.

“Oh, oh, babe! Keep doing that.” He lay there, with his hips lifted a bit for better penetration. Her pussy went around and around his sensitive member. He watched her intently as her walls massaged his dick. He glanced up often to see her tits gently bouncing up and down and her face full of love focused on him.

Then Gayla shifted to rising and lowering herself on Jason’s member. She moved her hips forward as she rose, and back as she sank all the way to his balls. She wasn’t sure what did the trick. Was it the stimulation of her slapping her clit against his pelvic bone? Maybe it was the sight of his cock going in and out of her pussy as she rode him. Whatever it was was sending Jason over the edge. In short order he said, “I’m going to cum!”

Jason grunted loudly, and his warm cum filled her vagina. She smiled as she continued to milk his dick with her pussy. After what must have been five or ten seconds, he relaxed and sank back to the mattress. They both grinned ear to ear, and then Gayla lowered her torso onto his with his cock still in her pussy. They kissed passionately for a moment, then cuddled as Jason’s dick grew flaccid. It fell out of its own accord.

Jason looked over at the camera. “So, that is how it’s done. Nothing held back. Enjoy!” Then he rose from the bed and turned the camera off.

Gayla wrapped her arms around her husband and said, “I love you more than you’ll ever know, dear. Thank you so much for finding a way to fulfill my fantasy.”

He smiled. “Thank you for attempting to fulfill mine. And I love you too, my dear.”

She nodded her approval. “I believe this is the best anniversary I’ve ever had!”

Jason grinned. “Good! Because I feel the same. Thank God I found you, and you, me.”

“Yes, let’s thank God for all we share, including the sex.”

They knelt beside their bed and gave thanks to God for each other and forty years of blissful marriage. They also prayed for another forty should they live that long.

The next morning, they shared their marriage bed once again. They partook deeply of the wine of their union. After that intoxicating experience, they ate breakfast and returned to their everyday lives. However, they held onto the love they had, that night and into future nights too.

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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Wow! That was a surprise! I never really thought about what would happen to our videos of ourselves after we are gone… I expect since they are digital, they will probably never be seen. But if they were, would I be embarrassed about it? Nah. This is part of what marriage is for and about. If whoever goes through my stuff finds out what we like to do, maybe it will open their eyes. Especially knowing how much we love the Lord, I would hope that they'd be blessed by it.

    Great story, MaxLoving! Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming!

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