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We were getting ready for sex when my wife said, “We should try anal again.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. She nodded yes.

In the past, our anal play had been limited. I had stuck a finger in her ass before on numerous occasions, which she always enjoyed. So, a few months prior to this, we had tried the real thing. That, unfortunately, had a different result.

We were all lubed up and ready to go. I penetrated slowly, just the tip at first. But as soon as I started to push the shaft in she cried out in pain. I pulled out and comforted her. Then, after removing the condom I was wearing when I penetrated her ass, we had sex the normal way.

This time, though, she was serious. We were naked on the bed, liberally lubing up. I squirted some on my finger, then worked it into her tight little asshole. That brought a few moans from her lips. When we were both suitably slippery, I asked if she was ready.

“Yes,” she said, a little nervously. Then she stuck her tight little ass into the air.

I scooted closer, then gently guided my penis in. I slid just the tip in at first, then paused before slowly pushing the shaft in. She moaned loud and grabbed the sheets.

“Oh yeah,” she cried. “Keep going!”

I pushed the rest of my shaft in, then slowly began to thrust. The tightness was intoxicating. Her moans of “Oh, yeah,” and “I like it,” and “Keep going,” kept it beyond hot. I held her hips and pushed in and out, feeling her muscles tighten with orgasmic pleasure. That pushed me over the edge for my own orgasm. My body tensed as I pumped cum into her ass!

I slowly pulled out, then lay down next to her. She was still whimpering in her orgasmic afterglow when she kissed me.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful wife willing to try new things, even if they don’t work the first time.

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7 replies
  1. Tohimbetheglory says:

    I love the fact that your wife was the one that brought up the thought of trying anal again, and that this time it worked out for both of you. That is extremely 🔥 🔥 🔥. I'm still working on the first time. Wife seems to be loosening up on the idea, at least. Yes, I believe I'm a huge fan of anal. I know I love to look at it, touch it, kiss it and lick whenever the occasion arises.

  2. 76servant says:

    So happy for you too! Getting to the point of her finally making the invitation and releasing her inhibitions with good communication works I’ve heard! I’m still in the warm up mode with much stimulation, slim vibrating toys, one finger intro to two at times and well as rimming. Hoping within time she as well will make a invitation! Thank you so much for sharing know we are not alone!!😉

  3. snagd says:

    It is a nice feeling once you get into it. But precautions are most important, so if it’s anal let it be anal and always use a condom. Don’t attempt anal to pussy or ass to mouth. The risk of infection is too great.

  4. 1blessedman says:

    The time to get some anal is when she is 100% ready. And, if she suggests it, you will know it is likely to turn out great for both. A lot of guys hope to convince their wives to do anal. I think guys should take whatever they are proposing to give to make it fair! That is when guys will learn that size really does matter. At any rate, great story. Anal is always super thrilling, especially if she gets really into it and twerks and/or gets her Kegel exercises going.

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