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It was something that she still hadn’t figured out. After 12 years together, he still loved to look at her body. He told her daily how beautiful she looked, and she decided early on to “go with it.” If he enjoyed looking, she would always let him look.

It’s sort of became a thing in their marriage. She would get up before he did to begin her morning routine of getting ready—hair, makeup, the perfect outfit. He’d stay in bed and wait till the last minute to get up then scurry around before they each rushed out the door. Recently, he’d confided that most mornings, he enjoyed just watching her get ready. And this morning was no different. Or was it?

Again this morning, he awakened to the sounds of her morning routine and the beam of light coming from the master bathroom door that was open just ever so slightly. He opened his eyes to see her in the same light blue tank top she had worn to bed. It fell to just above the waistline of the black panties that she had put on after they had made love last night. She had her hands above her head, fixing her hair, and he could not help but notice the round curve of soft flesh outlining her exquisite breasts. Oh, what he wouldn’t give for that tank top to fall just the perfect way to expose that dark pink bud on her right breast.

By this time, she knew he was looking, yet she continued as if nothing was going on. She worked on her hair, put on her makeup, and brushed her teeth. Every movement drew his eyes to his favorite areas of her body. Each time she raised her arms, it partially exposed the little dimples at the small of her back that he had kissed so many times while working his way down to her marvelous ass. Every time she turned her torso, the tank top would cooperate just enough to tease his mind. Watching her get ready honestly was his favorite thing to do in the mornings.

Perhaps it was leftover passion from the night before. Maybe it was the sunlight peeking through the bathroom window illuminating her skin. Or it could have been just that he found her that sexy. Whatever the reason, he couldn’t help himself; he found his right hand, as if it had a mind of its own, working on his already stiff cock.

Still without making eye contact, she decided it was time to push the envelope. Acting as if it was time to figure out what she was going to wear for the day and padding softly as if not to wake him, she made her way into the bedroom to her underwear drawer. There she picked out a matching set of bra and panties. With her back still to him, she pulled the tank top over her head and then slowly and purposefully bent over at the waist to slide her panties down, making sure to bend over just enough that he could see the silky wet slit of her vagina between her legs. With that, she tiptoed slowly back into the bathroom with her lingerie to continue getting ready.

At that point, there was no more faking it. He threw the covers back and pulled his boxers the rest of the way down, releasing his hard dick that was covered at the top with precum.

Watching him get off was one of her favorite things. With pretense out the window, their eyes met for the first time this morning. He lay on his back in the bed, peering into their master suite bathroom, and she looked at him while rubbing her hands over her breasts. Just as her right hand started to slide down her flat stomach toward the area she had just shaved that morning, she smiled at him and, in a lusty whisper, said, “Come here.”

As if led by his hard-on, he got up and walked straight to the bathroom. She’d taken a seat on the edge of the bathtub. The shine of her wedding ring drew his attention to the hand circling her clit while the other paid close attention to her nipples. As she continued alternating between fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit, her left hand reached out for his cock and brought it to her breast.  She touched the tip of his dick to the area directly above her nipple, the swell of her bosom rising and falling with each quickening breath. A drop of precum marked the spot.

“I want you to cum right here,” she told him.

He gave a knowing look and a loud sigh, then not another word passed between them. Only the sounds of mutual masturbation and heavy breathing filled the morning.

Eventually, as they both worked themselves up to a frenzy, she broke the silence with “Oh my God. I’m going to come so hard.” She looked up at him, bit her lips, and arched her chest toward the ceiling, giving him an even better view of her soaking wet pussy. He couldn’t control himself; his hot thick sperm shot out onto her breasts and tummy as she shook from her own orgasm.

He stood there marveling at one of the sexiest encounters he had ever had with his wife, as she rose up and kissed him on the cheek. Then she leaned over and turned on the shower for him. “You’d better hurry. You don’t want to be late,” she said with a smile before she walked out the door.

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7 replies
  1. ladygarden says:

    Nicely done, great imagery. Black bra and panties usually sparks my husband’s penal engine. I love being watched especially when he thinks I don’t notice. I love being slow and deliberate, especially in front of the mirror so he can see my reflection—when he is working in the yard or clad in his boxers on the bed. Such a blessing seeing this mischievous twinkle in his eyes…


    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Agreed! Wow, I'd forgotten how hot this one was! Thanks for bringing it to my attention again so I could give it the 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 it deserves!

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