Gina’s Magical Experience (L/A/F)

Hey, y’all! The story I am going to share with you is strictly fictional and a fantasy of mine. Let me say that this story isn’t for everyone. I hope those that do read it keep in mind that it is only a naughty fantasy of a naughty girl and nothing else. Ben has helped with the “conversation” segments between him and me in this story. Thank you, babe!

God Bless y’all and Stay Horny!


I can’t help but smile as I pick up the strap-on harness from the floor next to our bed. I think back to the night before when Ben and I enjoyed a pegging session.

My dear husband had requested that I peg him that night. Usually, I am the one who initiates pegging, believe it or not. I enjoy the feeling of being the dominant one and pleasing him. Not to mention, it turns me on to wear the strap-on and be able to penetrate him.

” You want some of this dick, baby!” I said to him as I slowly applied a generous amount of coconut oil to the shaft of the fake cock.

Ben lay on his back slowly, stroking his hard cock. He grinned and said, “Shut up and just give it to me!” He then lifted his legs and bent his knees, giving me a good view of his asshole.

Ben groaned deeply as I began to apply more of the tropical oil in and around his “man-pussy,” as I like to sometimes refer to his asshole. He continued to stroke his cock as I prepared him for pegging.

” Don’t you dare cum!” I said to him as I worked a well-oiled finger in and out of his ass. He absolutely loves for me to finger him there.

When I finally had us both ready for action, I moved up between his legs and positioned the fake cock at the entrance of his tight anal opening. Ben groaned again as I slowly pushed the head of the fake dick into his ass.

” Damn, baby! Your man-pussy is so tight!” I say as I slowly pushed deeper.

Ben moaned and continued to jerk himself off as I slowly began to work the fake dick in and out. The look of pleasure on his face blessed me and turned me on tremendously.

” Oh, fuck! Go easy, baby! Fuck!” Ben growled in a deep, gravelly voice.

” You like it, baby! You like my dick in your ass! I wish I had a real dick and could feel the pleasure of your man-pussy gripping it!” I said, continuing to hump his butt slowly.

” Fuck! Gina, I’m going to cum! Fuck!” Ben bellowed as he stroked his cock faster. Then he began to ejaculate ropes of his thick creamy cum onto his groin, stomach, and chest.

I snap out of my daydream and put the harness back into its proper place in our toy box we keep under our bed. Then I lie back on the pillows and jill off with my fingers to a very satisfying orgasm.

It is a lovely day out, so I decide to sit by the pool and do some reading while also getting a little sun. I am nude, of course, as Ben and I have transitioned to a nudist lifestyle.

I read for a while, then take a quick dip in the pool to cool my sun-warmed body before going back inside. The water feels so good against my skin and so relaxing.

After getting out of the pool, I dry off and walk back indoors. I make myself a sandwich for lunch, then decide to take a little nap. I just love a good afternoon siesta whenever I am not working and have the opportunity.

I’ve slept for what seems like only a few minutes when a strange sound awakens me. It is a loud, humming noise that I’ve never heard before, and it reverberates throughout the house.

” What in the world?” I say as I get out of bed. I grab my robe and slip it on just in case I have to make a quick exit. I pick up my cell phone to call Ben, but can’t get through. I have a good signal and charge, but can’t call out.

Suddenly the house begins to shake, not very violently, but strong enough to scare the living daylights out of me. The thought of an earthquake entered my mind. But earthquakes are not frequent where we live in the South. I try another call to Ben, but once again, my attempt fails. The whole situation starts freaking me out.

“Fuck this! I am out of here!” I say to myself and begin to make my way to the front door. Just as I am about to reach for the knob, a blinding white light fills the room. The humming and shaking stop as quickly as they started.

“Hello, Gina!” I hear a soft feminine voice say as the bright light begins to fade away.

I turn to see a beautiful woman standing in the middle of my living room. Her hair is white, almost glowing, and she wears white lace lingerie, garters, and white stockings. Her breasts appear very prominent and pushed up, almost overflowing from the top.

“Who are you? And what are you doing in my house?!” I exclaim.

The woman smiles, then says in a very soft, almost comforting voice,  “Why, I am your fairy godmother, child.”

” Fairy godmother! You mean like a Cinderella-type fairy godmother? Fairy godmothers don’t exist, and if they did, I doubt they would look anything like you,” I say.

The woman smiles and says, “You were expecting a much older woman with a magic wand, I suppose.”

“Well, if fairy godmothers existed, then yes, that is what I would expect,” I reply, then suddenly noticed that I had let my gown fall open. I quickly close it.

“I completely understand, dear. And theirs no need to cover yourself. The unclothed body is a beautiful thing. Why don’t you have a seat,” the woman says, then settles on my couch.

“So what exactly are you doing here? Are you going to grant me three wishes or make me a pair of glass slippers or something?” I say as I sit on the opposite end of the sofa.

The woman laughs, then says, “Oh no, my dear! I deal in much more personal and intimate things. You see, I am your godmother for sexual fantasies and desires. ”

“Sorry to say, but I think you are full of bologna!” I reply. “If you are who you say you are, then prove it! Do some magic or something! I should call the police, but my phone doesn’t seem to be working. ” I mutter.

The woman smiles, then adjusts her breast in her top and says, “Your doubts are fully understandable, darling, and don’t worry about your phone. It’s fine. You may call whomever you wish. However, I must tell you that I can only be seen and heard by you.”

“So basically, you are a figment of my imagination. This is unbelievable! I am obviously losing my mind!” I say with a laugh.

The woman laughs too and says, “No, dear, you are not losing your mind. You see, I am here to fulfill a desire of yours. Let’s just say it’s a gift of sorts. But this gift is only yours for twenty-four hours. Once given, it cannot be reversed until an entire day and night have passed.”

I laugh and reply, “Really?! Well, what is it? Sorry, but I am fresh out of pumpkins. Is it supposed to self-destruct or something after twenty-four hours?”

“In due time, child, and let’s hope not. But first, you must relax. I want you to close your eyes and picture your husband,” she says.

“This is totally crazy! But okay.” I say, then close my eyes.

“Are you picturing your husband? Let everything else go and focus only on him,” the woman says.

A smile crosses my lips as I picture my handsome husband in my mind. It isn’t hard to do, as I think about him all the time.

“Ok, now what?” I say.

“Sssssh! Don’t speak. Just concentrate on your love for your husband, the man joined to you in love and marriage. The man who loves you and pleases you in your marriage bed, a deep love granted to you by the grace of God.” I can feel her move closer to me, then touch my shoulder.

I begin to feel a bit emotional, and a tear runs down my cheek. Then suddenly, a warm feeling of arousal comes over me. My nipples start to stiffen, and I can feel myself getting wet.

“What’s happening to me? I feel so, I feel so… Ohhhhhh, God! I think I’m gonna… Ohhhhhhh!” I squeal as a very intense orgasm washes over my body. It spasms with pleasure as my toes curl, and my hand reaches down and cups my pussy.

As my orgasm subsides, I lay back on the sofa, breathing heavily. My robe is open, exposing my nude body except for where one hand remains covering my pussy.

“Are you alright, child?” the mysterious woman says with a smile.

“I am so sorry! I don’t know what came over me. I mean, I know, but that has never happened to me before. At least not without some sort of physical stimulation. Wow!” I say as I put my hands over my face.

“The power of true love is an amazing thing. Why don’t you rest now,” the woman suggests softly and gently squeezes my forearm.

“Wait a minute! Don’t tell me that was the gift. I don’t have problems with my orgasms!” I say.

“No, child. That gift was given to you by a higher and more powerful authority than me. You rest now,” the woman replies as I drift off to sleep.

When I finally awake, I am in my bed. I rub my eyes and looked around the empty room. The house is quiet, and my robe hangs on the closet door in its usual spot. When I pick up my cell phone, it seems to be in good working order.

“What a weird dream!” I say to myself and stretch. I then notice a strange sensation between my legs and an odd lump under the blanket and sheet over my lap. I reach to feel.

“What the fuck!” I say as I kick away the covers. I scream at what I find.

I have a dick! Not only a dick but balls as well.

“No way! This can’t be real!” I say as I touch my new appendage with my hand. I then walk to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror and am amazed at what I see. I am the same Gina in every way except for what hangs between my legs.

Then I remember the dream. Or was it a dream? Is this the so-called “gift” the mysterious woman had mentioned? Was I still asleep?

“Okay, very funny! Haha! I don’t know if you can hear me, but the joke’s over! Can you fix this, please?” I say.

Suddenly I hear that familiar voice say, “Twenty-four hours, dear. Remember, it won’t reverse until the time has expired.”

“But I have a husband! How in the world am I going to explain this? What if he wants to fu…I mean, make love? This will freak him out!”

“Do you not remember the last time you two were intimate? Did you not say you desired to have a real cock to satisfy yourself while satisfying him?” the voice asks.

” People say a lot of things in the heat of passion,” I retort but get no response.

I go back to the bedroom, “my cock” dancing with each step. I laugh as it reminds me of how Ben’s cock moves when he walks. I sit on the edge of the bed, trying to figure out how in the world am I going to explain this to Ben.

“Hi, babe! My fairy godmother dropped in today. And look, now I have a cock and balls for twenty-four hours! What do you think?” I say, then laugh. It sounds so ridiculous that I still can’t believe it.

I look down at my new appendage and touch it lightly with my fingers, tracing up and down the shaft. It begins to respond to my touch. I like how it feels to caress it this way, to take it in my hand and rub it as it begins to stiffen.

“Oh, wow! I am actually getting hard! I am getting a hard-on! Shit!” I say with a laugh as I continue to play with my new body part. Soon it is standing fully erect.

Taking from what I have seen my husband Ben do,  I spit some saliva into my hand, apply it to “my” rock hard cock, and begin stroking it.

“Oh, that feels nice! Oh, yes!” I say with a laugh as my excitement grows. After only a few strokes, I feel my orgasm start to build up inside me.

“Ohhhhhhh, God! I’m gonna cum! Ohhhhhhh, shit!” I exclaim. I look down and watch as my sex juices spurt from “my dick” onto my hand, groin, and the floor.

“Wow! I have semen too! This is too wild!” I gasp.

“Your orgasms and juices are your own, my child. Only the physical way you experience your orgasms has changed. It does not change who you are inside,” the woman’s voice says.

” You mean to tell me that this is my actual juices and not semen?” I ask as I examine the sex fluid on my hand, then give it a taste. “Well, it definitely puts a different twist on female ejaculation,” I say as I stand and walk to the bathroom for a damp rag to clean myself and the floor.

I try to go about my household duties like normal, but can’t keep my hands away from “my” cock and balls. Soon I become fully erect again, and my desire grows.

“How do guys accomplish anything with one of these distracting them all the time?!” I say as I grab a couple of paper towels and sit on the sofa. Once again, I spit into my hand and start to “jerk off.”

I last longer this time and am lost in my pleasurable activity when suddenly the front door opens, and in walks Ben. I cannot cover myself quickly enough, and his jaw drops at what he sees.

“Oh, shit! Ben! Your home early! I can explain!” I say as I finally manage to cover myself with a cushion, but it’s too late.

Ben shuts the front door and stares at me for a moment in total shock. “What tha…? How tha…? Gina, you have a cock! Or am I just seeing things?” Ben says.

” I know, and you’re not seeing things! Babe, if you sit down, I will try to explain this whole situation, though I still find it hard to believe myself,” I reply.

Ben sits in his recliner dumbfounded as I start to explain about my fairy godmother and how I ended up with a cock and balls. The more I explain it to him, the more ridiculous it sounds.

“So you’re telling me that this situation will only last for twenty-four hours, then you go back to normal?” Ben asks.

” That is what I was told by the woman—or fairy godmother,” I answer.

We sit silently for several minutes, and it starts making me a bit nervous. Finally, he says, “Gina, I have to ask. When I walked in, were you masturbating?”

I look at him and smile. Blushing, I say, “Busted! Yes, I was. How do you go about your day with this thing getting hard all the time!”

We both laugh, and it seems to break the tension a bit. Then he says, “So you can have an erection. Can you ejaculate as well?”

“Yes, I can ejaculate. But here is the weird part,” I say.

“Oh, it gets weird, huh?” Ben says with a laugh.

“According to what I was told, I don’t ejaculate semen. Instead, it is my own natural juices. The only thing that’s changed, aside from the visually obvious, is the way I physically achieve my orgasms. It does not change who I am inside,” I reply.

“So, you’re saying you ejaculate your pussy juices?” Ben says with a chuckle as his eyes drift to my now softened appendage.

“You could say that,” I reply.

“Wow! Well, I guess we will have to deal with it for 24 hours then.” Ben’s eyes once again drift to “my dick.”

We talk for a few more minutes; then, he leaves to take his shower. He returns minutes later, nude and looking clean and refreshed with his dark hair combed straight back. He looks simply delicious.

We sit and eat sandwiches since I don’t feel like cooking. After eating, we retreat to the living room to watch some television. He sits in his recliner, and I lie on the sofa. Occasionally, I see him glance over at me, then quickly avert his eyes back to the tv.

“You know it isn’t fair, don’t you?” I say.

“What isn’t fair?” He replies.

“You have a bigger dick than I do!” I say with a grin.

We both laugh, then I tell him that I am going to take my shower and go to bed. I get up from the sofa, walk over to him, and kiss him.

“I love you,” I say.

“Love you, too,” Ben replies as I once again see him gaze at “my” cock.

After my shower, I walk nude to the bedroom and see Ben’s naked form bent over his bedside table, clearing the clutter. He looks so sexy, and my desire for him begins to grow. “My cock” begins to respond to the visual stimulation as well.

I walk over to my husband and kiss him lightly on the shoulder. I then reach down and begin to fondle his cock. He looks over at me, and we kiss as his cock starts to swell.

“I love you so much and want you so badly!” I say as I take his hand and place it on my own growing erection. He doesn’t remove his hand, and my heart pounds with excitement.

” I love you too, my sweet Gina. I want you too, but this is really awkward, you know?”

I kiss him again and say,  “I know it is, babe. It is for me as well. Tomorrow everything will be back to normal, and we can make love normally as man and wife. But I want to make love to you tonight! I don’t want to wait until tomorrow.”

I have Ben sit on the edge of the bed and stand between his legs. As his eyes again alight on “my” hardening cock, I can’t help but smile. I get down on my knees and admire his thickening meat before kissing the head and flicking my tongue teasingly around the tip. Then I take him into my mouth.

Ben groans as I begin sucking his dick and places his hand on the back of my now bobbing head. “Yes! Suck it! Suck my cock!” he groans.

I continue sucking him for a minute or two, then much to his displeasure, I stop. His dick rock hard, my sexy husband gives me a quizzical look.

“What did you stop for?” he asks.

I rise to my feet and stand before him. “My dick” is rock hard as well and juts out from my groin like a spear. “Babe, you know how the thought of you sucking your own dick excites me?” I say.

Ben smiles. “Gina darlin’, we have been down that road before. It was years ago and not gonna happen again, believe me!”

“Oh, I know! However, would you consider possibly sucking mine?” I say as I move closer to him. “My dick” now stands only inches from his face.

“Gina!” Ben laughs, then sobers, and says, “Are you serious?”

“Why not? I am still the woman you married and stuck in this situation till tomorrow. Might as well explore all the naughty scenarios,” I say as I run my fingers through his hair.

“Gina, you are crazy! But I love you just the same,” Ben replies, then puts his hands on my hips and, as if in slow motion, takes the head of “my dick” into his mouth.

He only has it there for a few seconds, but the feeling and erotic visual quickly become too much.

“Oh, Ben! Ohhhhhhh, Ba-baby! I’m gonna cum! Gonna cu-cummmm! Fuck!” I cry as I push his mouth away and explode onto his face and chest. My legs quiver and I almost lose my balance as “my cock” throbs and expels my sex juices.

I step back and gaze upon my loving husband as my juices drip from his chin and run down his chest. His cock is in his hand as he rapidly beats himself off, using my juices for lubrication.

“Ahhhhhh, Fuck!” Ben growls as he begins to ejaculate in strong spurts that mix with my juices.

“Well, that was different,” my loving husband says moments later as he slowly milks the remaining cum from his cock.

I laugh and say, “Yes, it was! I think a shower is needed, don’t you? Thank you for granting my request. I know this whole ordeal is quite mind-blowing. I love you so much!”

“That would be an understatement! I love you too. However, I must admit that I will be so glad when I have my sweet, beautiful wife back to normal again.” Ben takes my hand, and we walk to the bathroom for a shower.

After we’ve cleaned up, Ben and I lay in bed together, not saying much. Ben clicks on the television since neither of us feels sleepy. Naturally, he puts it on the History channel. As he watches the TV, my eyes are on him, and my desire for him begins to grow again. I move over next to him and lightly kiss his cheek. He smells so good, and I can feel “my cock” starting to rise with my desire.

I nuzzle my face into his neck and kiss him. I nibble at his ear lobe, then throw a leg over his and put “my cock” against his warm thigh, slowly humping at it as it grows harder.

” I want to fuck you! I want to put “my dick” inside your tight man-pussy and fuck!” I whisper into his ear.

Ben looks at me and says, “Already! It hasn’t been that long! I am in no way ready. ”

” Well, I guess I don’t need much recoup time! Remember, I am the same on the inside, so my horniness is the same as before this,” I reply.

I kiss and suck at his nipple before getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom to retrieve the coconut oil. My cock dances and sways as I put a little more emphasis on my hip movements.

Ben laughs and says, “Gina, you are unbelievable! This whole thing is unbelievable! Are you sure about this?”

“Don’t I look sure!” I reply as I wrap my hand around  “my” swollen cock and hold it as I get into bed. “Now spread and lift your legs!” I demand.

Ben lifts his legs and pulls his knees to his chest. I pour some coconut oil into my hands and oil them up, then apply a generous amount in and around his tight asshole, just like last night. He groans slightly as I finger him. I then use some on his cock and balls, massaging him for a few moments. His dick slowly begins to show signs of life.

“Rub your cock for me while I oil up,” I say. I lubricate “my” erection as I watch Ben play with his slowly stiffening dick. My slick hand feels so good wrapped around the shaft, but I don’t linger long as I don’t want to cum and spoil this moment.

I move in between his legs and tickle his balls with my fingers. He groans in approval as he continues to stroke his now semi-erection. I take a couple of deep breaths to try and calm myself, then guide the head of “my cock” to his anal entrance.

” Are you ready, babe?” I ask as my heart pounds from excitement and desire.

Ben nods his head and begins taking slow deep breaths. Putting one hand on his knee, I slowly push the head of “my dick” into his tight man-pussy. Ben groans deeply and stops stroking his cock for a moment.

“You’re so tight! Baby, this is so hot!” I say as I push deeper into him and look upon our connection.

Ben groans again and resumes jerking his cock. He is now almost fully erect as I slowly pull back, then push in. I am now fucking my husband in slow, deliberate strokes.

“Oh, baby! Your man-pussy feels so good!” I say as my thrusts slowly increase in tempo. The tightness of his ass and the overall horny excitement soon get the better of me as I feel my orgasm starting to build.

“Baby! Ohhhhhhh, Ben! I’m gonna cum! Baby, beat your meat faster and cum with me! Ohhhhhhhhh, Ben! I’m gonna cum inside you! Fuuuuuuck!” I squeal as “my cock” throbs and begins pumping my juices into his ass.

A couple of minutes later, Ben groans and ejaculates a gusher of his cum while his man-pussy clenches around “my dick.”

“I love you so much!” I say.

“I love you too!” Ben replies.

As promised, everything returns to normal the next day, and Ben and I make love as man and wife with his dick in my pussy. As we fuck, I catch sight of my fairy godmother standing at the foot of the bed. She smiles at me, then vanishes.

“Thank you!” I say.

“What did you say?” Ben says, stopping his thrusting.

“Thank you for loving me and making all my dreams come true!” I say.

We cum.

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30 replies
    • Cuddles says:

      You sure have GG! Loved every bit of it!

      Your writing skill is outstanding as is your imagination.

      Being a very late bloomer, I have wondered how it feels for a man to make love only a few times, all recently. I reckon you've taken our thoughts to a whole new planetary level. Well, you did mine at least, and, wow, did I enjoy the trip!

      And the conversation was natural, humourous, altogether just right. Thanks, Ben!

      More wild, crazy, out there stories please, GG!

      Cuddles xxxx

    • Cuddles says:

      So now that I've calmed down (haha! really? who am I kidding?) after reading Mrs GG's ripper story I had better address MH's request.

      Thanks for the privilege to feedback to you. This Australian considers it to be an honour.

      Firstly, the concept of Fantasy 2.0 is a good one to explore. I'm pleased that you proposed your idea Gina, and as a result even more pleased that MH is facilitating this experiment. Some boundaries need to be kicked down!

      All the sensible and reasonably required boxes are being ticked – opt-in opt-out capabilities, clear labeling of Fx A L, (along with a keen nose for other new labeling needs), and, naturally, always within hot monogamous marriages.

      You have my vote of approval. All good here!

      Cuddles xxxx

  1. coboy78 says:

    I mean, it’s definitely out there, but I’ve read “weirder” elsewhere? I think having some sort of opt-in probably makes sense. There are people here who have issues with pegging let alone magical one night swaps. Though I do have to say that would be legitimately hot.

    Thanks for the story.

  2. jasonrose says:

    Your fantasy was very hot. Fantasies like this are probably a good addition as special content as long a they focus on marital sex and not sex with aliens or other third parties. I liked it.

  3. gcms says:

    Mostly hot thoughts as I read this very hot, different story. The only negative is I am not a fan of fuck, shit words other than used in a sexual way during sex. Its just my preference in life.

    Now for the good. The story, although very different, was a huge (no pun intended, well maybe a pun) turn on to me. I guess it allowed for some bisexual thoughts (which I have from time to time) without down the real road of doing wrong. It allowed for some big adventures in the proper context of fantasy between a husband and wife.

    All in all, different, and very hot.

  4. Southernheat says:

    That’s is intriguing fantasy. Way out there for sure. If we are honest I think we’ve all wondered what an orgasm felt like to our spouse. Would be interesting to know what a Bj feels like to my husband and him know what my gspot orgasm or oral orgasm feels like. What intercourse feels like to him etc.

  5. funcouple says:

    This story was truly out there, even as a fictional fantasy. I think, if readers have a option, they can make the choice read or not read this type of story. It is ok for a husband and wife to explore their love and sexual desire to their comfort level. I will do my wife desires between us to please her.

  6. hornyGG says:

    Thank you all for the comments! I realize this is a stretch for MH and I appreciate the admins for putting my fantasy out there.
    Several of you have stated that this story is out there. True! But it is a fantasy, and fantasies are limitless.
    I was extremely nervous when I contacted MH admins about this fantasy of mine and of course how it might be recieved.
    Granted this fantasy runs in my mind in different ways. And definitely not as long or as detailed ( lengthened for the story).
    I have other fantasies ( not as controversial) that I plan on sharing soon.
    Once again, thank you all for the comments. Thanks also to my husband Ben for helping with this story ( conversations). Without him there wouldn't be any stories for me to write.
    Thanks to my Lord and Saviour for his love and Grace. I praise him!
    God bless you all and Stay horny always!
    ❤❤❤❤ GG

  7. Upcomingauthor says:

    See, I'm the opposite.
    I do have a desire to feel what it's like to be made love too but I would want my fairy Godmother to switch our bodies.
    This was definitely a lot, still got all the right things pumping…to an extent.
    Always well written GG. I agree with most others, there needs to be a disclaimer about the nature of the story. A lot more men out there are into pegging than I initially thought. Not for me, but to each their own. You two love each other and that's what matters.
    MH will make the decision, but again, GG your stories are always well crafted and I enjoy them 😄

  8. Flying Hubby says:

    Fantasy’s are fantasy’s and you made the sex hot in this story. I’ve always wanted to switch bodies with my wife so we could experience what each other experiences. This one had a different twist but it certainly went along with your lifestyle and story lines. I love the fantasy theme, I like the thought of privileged access also, makes me part of something special. Always love your stories and thank you for this one. Thank you MH for experimenting, my vote is that it was a positive outcome.

  9. PatientPassion says:

    I must admit, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside at being asked for feedback and input as an Ignite member! It's a little silly, but it makes me feel special, haha!

    I'm just now seeing this story, but better slightly late than never! Wow, I really wouldn't have wanted to miss this one! Well done, Mrs. G! I really liked it, especially the idea of exploring "out there" fantasies together! More than anything about this specific fantasy, the biggest turn-on was the idea of a wife who has such a sexually adventurous and naughty mind! It helps that I have many ideas for fictional stories in this general category myself, including this very same fantasy. Obviously fantasies come in a very wide variety, but mine also involve extraordinary and impossible circumstances, mostly in science fiction situations.

    On a bit of a tangent, I have to agree with Upcomingauthor that a full-body-switch fantasy would be amazing. I know that might seem even more extreme than this story, but I wanted to put it in perspective. It's a simple desire, as a male, to experience sex and sexuality from a female perspective. It's not out of a discontentment with what God has given me, but out of an adoration of his vast creation and wanting to experience more of it! Don't all of us think that way at some point? Especially when we are young, don't we fantasize about what it would be like to fly as an eagle? Or sprint as a cheetah? Or swim as a dolphin? I don't think it's any different to want to experience the wonderful gift of sexuality as a member of the opposite sex, and grow closer to our spouse by experiencing what they do. Does that make it seem a little less bizarre?

    I don't see anything clearly wrong with fantasies like this, though I'm aware of certain dangers or unhealthy things it could bring up. There have been certain erotica series I've read in the past that I had to abandon because I felt they were beginning to be unhealthy. Engaging with the overwhelming attraction of certain fantasies felt like it might numb me to the more "vanilla" real experience with my future wife. That's a potential danger I've noticed, but it might not apply to everyone.

    I need to think about it more, but I don't see a reason why fantasies like this would be inherently unbiblical. I suppose one argument could be that it's too far outside of the realm of God's intent for our sexual experience, and it could be seen as a rejection of his awesome gift of sex in discontentment. I'm not convinced of that, I'm simply considering potential concerns at this point. (And as I said earlier, I think these fantasies can even stem from admiration for his gifts, rather than rejection of them or discontentment.)

    I think it would be great to have more "out there" fantasies like this on MH, and I would certainly be interested in seeing more like this one! However, I do think the suggestions of an opt-in system are wise, since MH already pushes the boundaries of what many Christians are comfortable with. Perhaps only those who are really interested and ready for this kind of thing should have access. With an opt-in system, there's less risk of someone stumbling across something they didn't want to read. It could also be put under a new annotation, or included under an expanded version of the existing (F) fantasy category, but that wouldn't be as solid as an opt-in system.

    Those are my thoughts for now! I'm excited to be a part of this interesting new development! 🙂

  10. Tazman64 says:

    The story was a little more edgy than I like but was very hot. I'm with Upcomingauthor, switching bodies would be my wish like many other couples. The fantasy and pegging warning need to be added so people have a choice if they want to read the story. Well written…

  11. PatientPassion says:

    After reading some of the new comments that have come in, I find it fascinating how many people share the body-switching fantasy! Somehow I didn't expect that, even from our adventurous MH community!

  12. ClimaXX says:

    How honest can a man be?
    My immediate reaction was that I was not going read it, because I do not hold on to stuff like Santa and fairies and dwarfs and all that #$%^…… but my inquisitive nature is a real monster so I started reading. It was excellent and I ended with a massive erection that needed some serious attention. With the correct 'warnings' I believe it can be a great story, but I fear for MH taking a wrong decision and losing what they have right now.

    • PatientPassion says:

      I think that's a fair concern. While I think it would be fun to have this kind of content around once in a while, I definitely don't want it taking away from the focus on real-world, hot married sex. The celebration of God's design for sex seems to be the main mission of MH, and it's a really good one that the Christian community sorely needs. So as I said before, I'm all for this kind of fantasy content, but I agree that we do need to keep the main focus in the right place.

  13. LovingMan says:

    Wow! GG that was out there! I must agree with others who say that you are a gifted writer. I’m in the “married couple switch bodies” camp. But your story was fascinating.
    MH, I agree that people could opt in or have a FF = Fantastical Fantasy section. I would like to write stories of a married couple where one member is a Fairy or a LOTR Elf etc. or say where a mortal man is married to a witch or. mortal woman is married to a wizard…. or a genie is married to her master… or even a marriage where both man and wife are magical beings. I have wondered what fun sexual things magic could bring to a marriage.

    Of course I don’t mean satanic magic.
    Some Christians are very opposed to stories involving magic… so maybe that is a reason for opting in.

  14. Martyiow says:

    Hi I think you are right to be cautious, but with the right labelling & passwords etc see no issues as it is a fantasy between a couple in Love & does not involve any third Party.
    Christians are normal people & surely what happened between two loving and accepting spouses should be special & acceptable, it will not be for everyone but then not everyone likes peanut Butter!

  15. LovingMan says:

    A couple more things I thought of: This fantasy is unusual but since all the action is between husband and wife it is NOT immoral. I would echo the comment that says the sex and sex play must all be between a married couple.
    I actually have written a non-erotic (well, it is a little erotic) …about a romance that leads to marriage between a Fairy and a mortal. So I really hope MH starts this category…probably as an Opt In option. I would love to write about married sex involving magic. Although let’s face it, married sex IS pretty darn magical anyway!

  16. Ben G. says:

    I enjoyed helping my lovely wife Gina with this fantasy of hers. I really love her imagination and way with words.
    Personally, I see nothing wrong with sharing stories like these. I mean it doesn't really stray from the husband and wife relationship and desire for one another.
    It is a fantasy that obviously can never happen in real life. Fantasies are a part of sex and will always be, as the brain is the largest sex organ.
    I am obviously a little biased, but I think my wife did an excellent job with this story. MH should be commended for having the courage to present this story on the site. I know Gina truly appreciates it.
    I don't know what MH will finally decide, but I think adding a section for stories like this would be a good thing. However they decide to handle it.
    I just wanted to say my piece on this subject, and say that I am the luckiest man on this planet to be in love and have the love of my beautiful wife.
    She is a very humble person and would never toot her own horn. But to myself and many others here, she is a " legend " and the reigning Queen of MH. I am so very proud of her and love her with all my heart.
    God Bless everyone!

  17. Waiting Hardly says:

    First of all, are you saying I don’t have a fairy godmother? Crap! I think perhaps a wild fantasy section with warnings and only access for paying members is prudent. Many fantasies are outside the parameters allowed by MH, and perhaps those can be hosted either in a password protected section or a separate web page.
    Loved the writing GG!

  18. LadyGarden says:

    Just read Gina’s story and wow, really enjoyed the creative edge to it. Nice work you two.
    First and foremost, praise God for healing from your recent illness—many were deeply concerned and prayed for your recovery!

    Now regarding your fantasy adventure—we loved it. Especially acknowledge your sense of risk taking in submitting this work. And bravo to Missy and Calvin for the courage to be open to publishing it and your wisdom in bringing it to us, this privileged group of MH readers. Think of us as your “Marriage Heat Editorial Team.” 😝

    Ken and I are cool with this fantasy adventure—especially the pegging, nudist lifestyle and Gina’s 24-hours of “manhood.” I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a dick, to jack off, and to please Ken with it.

    Honestly, from the email build-up, we thought Gina’s fantasy would even take a further leap of creative erotic fantasy by including selected MarriageHeat members as participants, Not implying an orgy or swinging, rather a fantasy of Gina and Ben making love somewhere in their home, Ken and I either spying on them or the two of us going at it upstairs, while another MarriageHeat couple did the wild thing by the swimming pool.

    Now wouldn’t that type of married fantasy scenario be hot, especially with dialogue? 😘

    Our feeling is that MarriageHeat can raise the bar and publish Gina’s wonderful story, and increase the tasteful nudity of the photo captions. We love seeing couples making love, not porn.
    Sure, this is all controversial and offensive to some readers, and that's okay. Maybe there should be a “red hot” special level room for those of us wanting to raise the temperature of red hot married monogamy with more erotic coupe nudity and extravagantly creative fantasy stories.

    Bravo, Gina and Ben, for your wonderfully creative and erotic story!

    Stay Pegging!

  19. King Arthur says:

    This was a great story. Define fantasy. I like all of it and my applause to hornyGG for writing it. It expanded what I thought was fantasy, but I can see how it would be controversial. I liked what LadyGarden had to say and I agree. What fun. Define Fantasy.

  20. Wild Stream says:

    Great story/fantasy hornyGG as always your stories are GREAT.
    The fantasy of 24 hour manhood to me is a way of learning more what your man desires. How to increase his and your pleasure. To be more in tune with him. We men need to have a 24 hour womanhood fantasy to meet our wives needs better. What, when, and where to touch, kiss, etc. to know what they are feeling!
    God Bless you hornyGG and Ben

  21. TorrHead says:

    As many others have said above, I'm a hornyGG fan, big time. The adventures of GG and Ben have always been a turn on for this MH reader. The stories are consistently hot and well written. It's all good.

    Like others have also observed, thanks to the MH team for inviting us into the review room, inviting our ideas about the posting and framing of this story submission.

    "Fantasy" is a word that can describe more than one kind of narrative and storytelling. I have an excellent imagination and can imagine all kinds of stuff; my "fantasies," though, grow in the soil of what can actually happen, but hasn't. Some of my fantasies are not healthy, in the sense that if I were to act on them I would be outside of my marriage vow. Some are healthy (as in role playing with my wife). Some are things I just dream about doing with her that she is not ready to try, yet, anyway. So far, healthy (but plausible) fantasies are the kind I find at MH–in addition, of course, to the much larger catalog of sexual stories that describe what has already taken place in the real experience of real people in real time.

    "Gina's Magical Adventure" is in a different category of "fantasy." It is a story in the league of science fiction fantasy or an eroticized Harry Potter or Disney film. I have no objection to this kind of writing per se, but I think posting it would require the launch of a completely new MH section of "Supernatural Fantasy," as differentiated from the kind of "Fantasy" posts already in play (like the "I pretended to pick my wife up in a bar and take her to my hotel room" kind of storyline that could actually–and has been–acted out).

    The other controversial dimension of the story is the way it could play into someone's concerns about transgender or homoerotic experience. It is clear to me that GG and Ben are not in that game, but I'm just sayin' that there might be some pushback in the MH larger house by those who are less comfortable exploring this kind of sexual play within marriage.

    My wife and I are all in for anal play–and she is really good at massaging my prostate, fingering me, etc. (and I am all in–yes, pun intended–to getting up her butt, too). I'm not looking to be "pegged" by her, however; I'm very interested in understanding and delivering on my wife's sexual pleasure, but I'm not interested in developing female genitalia, even for a day : ). But, I'm fine with reading about it and other people's interest in it; I don't like asparagus, either, like lots of people do : ). But, the fantasy of a male dick up my rear end or me performing fellatio on another throbbing cock … well, GG's magical experience could be a step too far for some. Again, I am not offended and appreciate that the whole story is confined to GG and Ben's own bed. Cool. But, if there's an edge in the story that might slice the MH audience, this is likely it.

    My advice? Create a new class of story labelling that includes "Supernatural Fantasy" and "Pegging" and let the reader make the choice of where he or she wants to go. The present "Anal" caution label is fairly broad and (in today's context) likely suggests to the reader more "conventional" anal play (e.g. fingering, prostate massage, male penetration of female, and so on). Ben's embrace of a woman who appears female except that she has definitive male equipment and hydraulics, fairy godmothers notwithstanding, may lead some MH consumers to think all the guardrails have been taken away. There is a substantial porn market for sex with "trannies" and I suspect there will be some readers who toss MH altogether because they connect dots in this story that aren't really there. Ugh.

    Wherever MH lands on this one, I'm in for the long haul. Thanks, again, for asking. And, I remain a hornyGG and Ben champion, too. Thanks for pushing the sexual envelope in ways that make Christian marriage fun and fresh.

  22. JJ says:

    This type of fantasy is not something I’m interested in reading. No knocks against Ben and Gina, the pegging stuff and the woman screwing her husband just has no appeal to me.

    My recommendation to MH is if you want to have this type of story then have it as “Ignite Only, Opt In required.”

  23. hornyGG says:

    Thank you all for the comments. Like I stated at the beginning of the story. This story was just a fantasy that I have had for sometime. Also as I said, I realize this story isn't for everyone, I knew this before and during the time I wrote it. I was nervous about writing it and wasn't real sure if MH would allow it or not. I just decided to put myself out there and go for it. Cudos to MH for ,excuse the term, having the balls to publish it.
    I truly appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments.

    God bless you all and stay horny always!


  24. carmelsk says:

    Weird? Yes. Offensive? No. I don’t normally pay much attention to stories with the (A) tag attached to them. The sci-fi genre is not in my top ten areas of interest either. I read this one because of the specific request for some feedback. Needs a tag? That would be my preference.

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