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It’s the middle of the week, better known as Hump Day! Who named it that anyway? I know it’s about getting over the hump for the middle of the week, that much closer to Friday and all that. However, I prefer to think of humping in more enjoyable ways!

My husband had been doing some work and came home after lunch. I had just showered and finished doing my hair and makeup, but had not put on any clothes yet. He leaned in for a kiss, grabbed my tits, and squeezed them. We kissed long and passionately. Then he leaned over and kissed each of my nipples. I was now rubbing and grinding against his jeans.

He grinned and said, “I sure would love a taste of you.”

I smiled and said, “I think that can be arranged.”

As I fell back on the bed, he leaned over to kiss my wet pussy. Oh, his warm breath felt so good as he kissed my wet spot! After a few licks I had an idea.

“The house is empty,” I said. “Why don’t we take this to the living room on the ottoman?” That’s our favorite spot for hot sex. He thought that was a great idea!

We went to the living room and put a soft blanket down on the ottoman. As he undressed, I had another idea to surprise him. I grabbed my phone and placed it on the couch very close to where we would be. Without him knowing, I set it to record audio.

I sat on the edge of the ottoman and then pulled him close. I was grabbing and squeezing his ass as I licked and sucked his throbbing cock. I took his balls in the palm of my right hand, pulling them and wrapping my index finger and thumb tightly around the bottom of his shaft. Then I grabbed the middle of his shaft with my left hand and began moving both hands. With one I tugged his ball sack while twisting the base of his shaft. With the other I stroked up and down his length. My mouth licked and sucked the head of his purple cock. Oh, how we both were enjoying this!

Just before he was about to explode, he pulled away from my mouth. He sat on the floor between my legs and started to feast on my swollen, juicy pussy. Oh my, does he have skills!!

“Oh baby, I love this. Oh fuck, it feels so good!”

He licked from the bottom all the way to the top. Then he gave me those wonderful soft circles on my clit. Next, he thrust his tongue in my wanting pussy. I moaned as my first orgasm hit. Then he used his palm and put upward pressure on my mound. I was bucking my hips and grinding my pussy against him.

Now he inserted a finger, then two. He began to stroke my G-spot. “Oh, FUCK, baby! Ohhh, I’m cumming again!” I screamed.

As the orgasm subsided, I caught my breath and started to sink into a relaxed state. But soon I began to whimper as another orgasm built in me.

“Oh baby, oh baby, oh God, you’re so good. Mmmm, ohhhhh yea, right there! Hold it, now slow, now deep, more, more, yes, more! Oh, deeper, deeper, ohhhhh yessss now hold it–right there!!” I let out a scream, “ohhhhh fuuuck, I’m cumming!!”

I couldn’t stop. I was panting out, “More, deeper, oh God! Hold it!! Now move faster, faster, ohhh fuuuck!!” I grabbed his hand and held it deep inside to guide him. I needed to make this orgasm last as long as possible.

“Oh, ohhhhhh, mmmmmmm, yes, yeeeeessss!” I held his fingers deep inside me. I could feel my pussy contracting and gripping tightly around them! I was suspended in time. As my orgasm ended I said, “I want you inside me NOW!”

He climbed on in the intimate missionary position. I wrapped my legs around him and we began fucking like wild animals.

“Oh baby, your pussy feels so incredible! You’re so warm and tight!”

He kept thrusting long and hard. I came a couple more times, then I felt his cock contract as he groaned. I felt his precum but didn’t feel him ejaculate. He kept thrusting several more times.

Then he said, “Hey, I’m still hard. Would you like to jump on and take a ride?”

What kind of question is that? “Heck yeah, babe!”

He sat straight up on the couch, and I mounted my stud for a ride. I grabbed the back of the couch and thrust my big boobs in his face as I bounced up and down. This was going to be a bumpy ride, for sure! He was moaning and squeezing my ass. He thrust his hips up to meet my pussy as I came down each time.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming again! OH! Oh, mmmmmmmm, oh! Oh!!”

I rode the wave of my orgasm, then I turned around and leaned way over on the ottoman. He leaned forward with his feet on the floor while I was on my knees. My hands were on the ottoman as he began to thrust hard, pounding my pussy. I was bouncing and screaming as I rocked back down hard, meeting each of his thrusts. I don’t remember when we have gone at it this hard! Oh my God, I loved this!!!!

“Oh yes yes yes. Oh, YEESSS!” He now let out a loud groan. “Oh fuuuck, baby!”

I felt him erupt inside me, his cum bursting into my body. Once he had pumped it all into me, I laid on my back. He leaned over and fingered me with the hot cum flowing out of me. I had one last wonderful soothing orgasm before collapsing to rest.

It was then I remembered the recording! “Oh, babe, by the way, I saved this moment for our listening pleasure.”

He looked surprised and said, “You did? Wow! I’m going to listen and count how many orgasms you had today!” Both of us had lost track.

He listened right away to count my orgasms. He thinks he counted 20. I don’t know or care. I’m just so happy to have that much pleasure. All I know is it was an amazing time! I listened the next day, though, because I was curious.

I was a bit surprised just how loud I was. It was interesting that my sounds, screams, moans, and whimpers were different with oral than with G-spot stimulation. They were also totally different when we were fucking! Who knew?

My favorite part of the audio was hearing how turned on and how much he was enjoying pleasuring me. It was so sweet. I could hear my enjoyment as I moaned while sucking his cock.

We waited for a week and decided to listen together and see if it inspired more sex. We both got very turned on listening. I stroked his cock as the precum was flowing. Soon we were fucking again, and we made some more beautiful primal sounds together! Next time maybe it will be a video! Who knows?

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2 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    First of all let me say that I love the picture! Secondly, this story is HOT! Great job, Southernheat!
    As Ben can confirm and as you can probably tell from reading my stories, I am definitely not a quiet lay. I get quite verbal and at times pretty loud. Ben is quite verbal as well. He knows I love to hear his naughty talk, grunts and groans.
    I accidentally recorded our lovemaking once and was a bit suprised at exactly how rambunctious our lovemaking can often get. Listening to it later was a very erotic experience for the both of us and like you, we ended up screwing again. Don't know why I haven't "accidentally " recorded us again. 😉
    Anyway, always enjoy your stories. Keep writing, God bless and by all means Stay Horny!
    ❤ GG

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