The Beginning Of A Long Hot Night


My name is Isabella, and I’ve been writing for my own personal enjoyment for a little less than a year. And while my stories and experiences are true, I have found that I’m far more comfortable writing as if it were fiction.

Here’s the first I’ve ever shared here. It’s called “The Beginning Of A Long Hot Night.”


He’d been working all day, the hot sun beating down as he labored to build onto their barn. After all, her prize mare was due to deliver in the dead of Winter.
But Jedediah would do anything for his wife Isabella. She needed a better place to take care of their small herd. And while he struggled to share his feelings, he made this a labor of love in hope that his feelings would somehow be seen in his work.

She was in the kitchen when he walked in the backdoor, tired and sunburned.

“How is it going down there?” She asked, before noticing that he’d closed his eyes for a moment when she spoke.  “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just adjusting from the sunlight to the house is all.”

He didn’t admit that he was captivated by the sound of her voice. It was soft and gentle, full of reassurance, and the sweetest thing he’d ever heard.

And when he opened his eyes and smiled, she was looking up him with the prettiest eyes imaginable—blue with little sparkles of white that only showed in certain light.

He leaned to kiss her. But that was all. Between the sweat, the dirt, sawdust, and mud he was almost afraid to touch her.
But he did anyway, just a touch on her cheek as they looked into each other’s eyes for a moment and then a kiss.
It wasn’t a “movie kiss” but soft and slow.
She parted her lips a little as he brought his lips to hers. With his right hand on her cheek she felt safe and content.  And he could read the message in her breathing that she wanted more.

She looked so good with her jeans, white t-shirt, and boots. Sexy didn’t begin to describe her appeal to him—He’d married a cowgirl and couldn’t be happier.

He was torn for just a moment. Should he take her in his arms? Or should he wait until later, and try to control his thoughts until he had made himself fit to touch her?

Just a few minutes was all it took to make his way to the shower. The water was hot and soothing to his sore muscles. On days like today, he felt every past injury-—muscle tears, sprains, strains, and plain overwork caused the pulse of the water to feel even better than usual. Days like today he left the lights dim as he felt every muscle relax under the flow. Just as he was straightening and stretching, he heard her voice.

“You didn’t even hear me sneak in did you?” Isabella said, almost laughing as she slid the curtain back and said, “Let me get your back for you.” And with that, she stepped in.

He turned to look at her, and as always his heart raced a little. She was perfect to him. Her neck was soft and graceful; it seemed to flow to her shoulders after meeting with her collarbone. He reached to touch her there, trace along it with a finger as he slowly moved his other hand down her side, feeling the curve of her body fit perfectly to his palm.

But she laughed and pushed his hand away, saying, “Not now, mister. Turn around; I’m here to wash your back.”

Jedediah chuckled and spun around to face the shower. He put his hands against the shower wall, stretching and almost bracing himself.

Behind him, Isabella took the bar of soap and began to rub it across his shoulders, working her way slowly down.

She loved his back. Long and lean, he was a bit taller than her, and she had to reach up just a little as she half-washed and half-massaged down the sides of his spine—long slow strokes followed by gentle brushes to each side. His back regained flexibility as every pain left his body.

Reaching around his waist, she pushed her right hand toward his lower stomach tracing a circle with her index finger as she slowly moved her hand to the middle and downward. Just as she felt the bend where his thigh met his body, she felt his muscle twinge. Knowing that she was arousing him, she smacked his butt with her free hand.

“We’re done in here,” she said.

At that moment, Jedediah turned and looked at her. His left hand lifted to cradle the back of her head, and his right resumed the exploration of her body’s contours.  He kissed her slow and passionately as his fingertips trailed up the inside of her thigh and around the curve of her hip.

She gasped a little as he took a single finger and began to trace a little circle just below her belly button, working in slow spirals downward.

Feeling her body shake just a little, he looked in her eyes and said, “Are we? Because I don’t think so.” Then he kissed her again and just looked at her.

She wasn’t smiling, but looked peaceful.
Her eyes seemed full of questions and curiosity. She knew what he wanted and turned her face upward as his lips decended to hers again. It was a slow, passionate kiss—Jedediah never rushed anything—and as his mouth found its way down her neck to her breasts, her heart began to race.

On his knees, he sucked her right breast as his hands found their way up the inside of her thighs, gently tracing and touching. Jedediah could tell she was already wet as he slowly pushed one finger and then two inside her while kissing and sucking her nipple.

Her hips shifted a little as he moved his fingers inside her and almost all the way out. Then, he moved each finger in perfect timing as he turned them sideways while pushing deep inside her.
And as he continued with his fingers, he began to kiss his way down.

He loved Isabella’s stomach and took his time going lower and lower until she quivvered and shook when he began to lick and then gently suck her clitoris.
It was then that she realized that the shower was still on.

And his hands were working magic, one on the inside of her thigh and the other speeding up. Two then three fingers stretched her just enough to almost hurt but throb with pleasure. And his tongue and lips continued their assault on her clitoris while the water pummeled her breasts, then ran down her stomach to meet his lips.

The pleasure almost sent her into convulsions! She held his head—partly to embrace him, but also to keep her balance as her knees became weak and her legs shook uncontrollably. She grabbed his shoulders and steadied herself as the orgasm started to fade.
She had never felt one so full and complete. Isabella shook gently as her breathing returned to normal, and her heart slowed down.

Jedediah stood up, and she reached up to kiss him, knowing that their evening was just beginning.

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