Aircraft Solo

It was about hour four of a 10-hour flight. My husband and I were seated on the very last row of the aircraft, both exhausted after our overseas mission trip. He dozed as I settled into a “Calm” app selection, hoping it would help me get a little rest.

As I put my head back, closed my eyes, and relaxed my muscles, I honed in on the gentle voice speaking through my earphones in an almost melodic whisper. Suddenly, I was very aware of the cool air blowing on my cheeks and on my chest. I thought about my breathing; it slowed. My mind drifted to the motion of my chest rising and then falling. I began to feel so restricted by my bra, so I slowly reached my hands behind my back and unclasped it. With a few wiggles, it was off and under the blanket in my lap. My nipples became erect and pressed against the soft fabric of my top.

As my left hand pulled at my blanket to drape it over my shoulders, my right hand slipped under the hem of my shirt. My right nipple tingled as my chilly fingertips began to pinch and gently tug her.

I glanced around to see if anyone noticed what I was up to. The lights were low, most passengers were resting, and the attendants were huddled in the back, so I continued to explore my soft breasts. My left hand found it’s way to my other tit; my nipples were being extremely naughty. They begged to be tugged on a little harder, and I gave in to their needs. Twist. Pinch. Tug.

The soothing voice continued to instruct me in the art of relaxation. My panties were beginning to dampen as I breathed in deeply and turned to my husband to see that he had fallen asleep.

I tried to resist the temptation to pleasure myself on a giant plane FULL of people. My skin tingled, and my pussy began to pulse.

“Is this really about to happen?” I thought to myself. “Am I really going to do this?”  I glanced around the plane a second time. Just then, a passenger walked past our aisle and my swollen clit pulsed at the thought of being caught! That was it; I closed my eyes.

My left hand continued to tease my titties as my right slipped under my waistband and plunged into my pussy. Mmmmmmm. That felt so naughty, but so yummy. She was already so wet. My middle and index fingers worked in and out of my little lady, only breaking to circle my clit.

“Mmm, yes, my clit,” I told myself, after about the sixth circle, “YES, work that clit.” I applied more and more pressure as my orgasm began to build. “Mmmm,” I accidentally said under my breath, twisting and tugging at my nipple.

The sweet voice in my ears told me to breathe in deeply and focus on my midsection; I did. I noticed how it tensed as I gave my pussy what she wanted. The more the intensity built, the tighter the grip on my titty became, and the faster I pet my clit.

I was reminded of the crowd that surrounded me when a crew member passed by, but I thought about the possibility of him knowing what was going on under that thin blanket and that sent me over the edge. An orgasm washed over me, and my pussy gushed the sweet juice that my husband loves so much. I imagined him lapping it up as my heart raced, and I began coming down off that euphoric high. Best. Plane ride. Ever.

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19 replies
  1. wfewtchr819 says:

    Oh My! This was so erotic on so many levels, the slow seduction of yourself with the removal of your bra and how you described your nipple play. Giving in to those feelings kept me on edge as I read wondering just how far you would go and you certainly didn't disappoint, the fact that you were in public brought it to such a naughty daring level and I thank you for sharing.

    • Georgia says:

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, my nipples are so sensitive and stiffen very easily. It’s a large part of our erotic play. I definitely felt naughty.. I’ve fantasized about masturbating in public before, but this was my first time! Although, I have sat on my husbands cock under my skirt beside a public lake. Both very thrilling experiences!

  2. jasonrose says:

    Georgia, thanks for sharing this intimate and sensuous experience. I can picture the scene and I am sure your husband enjoyed the story when he awoke.

  3. PacMan says:

    Thank you Georgia! Writing is sometimes giving a gift. And you gave us readers quite a gift today. Just to return the favor, reading about your sexy flight made me go solo-pilot as well. Your amazing storytelling and sexy attitude brought an amazing climax to me 🍆💦💦💦. Just imagining your stiff nipples and you playing with them took me to 30,000 feet!! I love that it was your own naughtiness that caused you to orgasm!! So hot!! Thanks you for inspiring me!!

    • Georgia says:

      So happy I could help! I’m pulling on my nipples as I type this as I imagine this hot experience again… I’m sure I will remember and be inspired by it for years to come.

  4. HappyHubby says:

    Fantastic story. You write effortlessly and it so easy to imagine what you described happening next to me on a plane. What an erotic experience. Please write more.

    • Georgia says:

      Thank you! It definitely would’ve been a sight to see! Although.. I don’t *think* anyone knew what I was up to 👀🤷‍♀️

  5. ClimaXX says:

    "my nipples were being extremely naughty." This was the best line in this story and I loved it AND EVERY OTHER line as well. Great story. Hot, Hot, Hot.

    • Bjlove says:

      Great story. It reminds me of us, also on a long-distance flight. We were the only two on our row with one seat empty, and we were both under the blanket. My husband was busy fondling my clitty and I was soaking. Next, I orgasmed, but I tried to do it soundlessly. A few minutes later, his cock was in my mouth as I gave him a quick suck under the blanket. His seed spurted into my mouth, one of the fastest quickies he's ever encountered.

  6. Joespirit101 says:

    We loved this story, my husband and I travel a lot and every time I leave I get so horny. maybe I might have a play on my next flight home
    thanks Lauren

  7. Texashmom says:

    Ooooh yes!!! I loved the imagery! I teased myself right along with you and had a delicious orgasm as you did girlie! Hugs. Thanks for the fun 😁

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