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This is a story within a story, so to speak.   We had a conversation about our fantasies, which led to me telling her how I longed to watch her masturbate for me.   Though outside of her comfort zone, she said it would be easier if I “directed” her while she did it.  So I decided to set things in motion.

A few days later, I gave her this instruction letter:

Finish all your tasks by three this afternoon, then draw yourself a bath. I’ve left lavender bath soap and candles for you to use.  Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, play some music, and spend the next 30 minutes or so unwinding in the hot water.  When you are completely relaxed, but no later than four, go dress in the lingerie and panties that make you feel the sexiest.  Then head into our bedroom and get comfortable on the bed, propping some pillows behind you. 

I want you to begin by remembering some of your favorite times of lovemaking.  Then place the magic wand between your legs, outside your panties, and snap a close up.  Text me the pic. 

Next, I want you to open the envelope I left with this note and read the story inside.  When you finish, send me another pic of your choice.  After I receive the 2nd pic, I’ll arrive shortly; but until I do, you are to remain on the bed with the wand and your imagination running wild.  You have my permission to enjoy yourself however you desire.

This instruction letter is very similar to the one in the story which you are about to read.  After she read the story and texted me, I showed up, and we recreated everything that was in the story.  All I can say is, “Wow!” What an amazing way to push both of our boundaries.  It was easier for me to express my fantasies by writing them out, and it was easier for her to act them out when she knew she knew I was “telling her” to do them.

I wrote the story as if fictional, but there were enough details that she knew it was me communicating my desires.  The effect was to really turn her on in preparation for a night of lovemaking. It also opened doors of communication that have served us into the future.



The Letter

She smiled to herself as she pushed the shopping cart through the store.  She couldn’t stop thinking about the letter her husband had left with her coffee this morning.  She had been expecting to receive something like this for the past several weeks after their conversation. But now that she had read it, she was surprised at how eager she was to follow his instructions.

The letter was short and to the point.  It read:

Finish all your tasks by three this afternoon then draw yourself a bath. I’ve left lavender bath soap and candles for you to use.  Pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, play some music, and spend the next 30 minutes or so unwinding in the hot water.  When you are completely relaxed, but no later than four, go dress in the lingerie and panties that make you feel the sexiest. Then head into our bedroom and get comfortable on the bed, propping some pillows behind you.  I want you to begin by remembering some of our favorite times in Cabo, such as when we made love on the beach, what we did in the car after dinner at Madre’s, and what happened in the Airbnb shower.  Then place the magic wand between your legs, outside your panties, and snap a close up.  Text me the pic.  After I receive it, I’ll arrive shortly; but until I do, you are to remain on the bed with the wand and your imagination running wild.  You have my permission to enjoy yourself however you desire.

His commands were slightly out of her comfort zone, and at first, she was hesitant to follow through. Still, her thoughts kept returning to the letter, and she felt a stirring she had not felt in a long time.  As the day wore on, anticipation began to build for what she was sure would be a memorable evening.  What did he have in mind when he arrived, she wondered?  She trusted him, but this whole thing had a bit of edginess to it, and the butterflies in her stomach attested to this.

As she passed through the produce aisle, she placed a cucumber in the cart. Rather than check it off her list as she usually did, she remembered the time he had used one to pleasure her during a lovemaking session.  The same thing happened when she passed the chocolate in the candy section.  Thoughts of him using a truffle to coat her nipples when they were first married flooded back.  And she actually blushed in the wine section when memories returned of how he had once slid a nearly empty bottle into her pussy then lapped up the excess as it ran past her lips.

Enough of this, she thought.  Time to get home.  It was only 1:30, but he didn’t say she couldn’t begin things a little early.

The bag boy finished placing her groceries in the trunk, and she handed him a couple of dollars.  She was shocked when he said, “I sure appreciate your tits.”

“Excuse me?” she gasped.

He looked flustered then repeated himself. “I sure appreciate your tips.”

“Oh,” she stammered, turning beet red. “You’re, uh, you’re welcome.”

She hopped in the car cringing, then began to giggle.  Wow, I guess I’m looking forward to this more than I realized, she thought to herself.

She arrived home and puttered around, trying to tidy up and kill time until three. Finally, she gave up when she found herself staring blankly into the refrigerator, daydreaming about her husband kissing all over her body.

She shut the door and headed to the bathroom to begin drawing the bath.  It was only 2:30, but an extra 30 minutes soaking was fine with her. As the water ran, she synced her phone to the Bluetooth speaker and began playing her favorite romance playlist from Pandora, then undressed.

She paused in front of the mirror.  She wasn’t 20 anymore, but her husband assured her constantly that he found her beautiful and sexy.  And considering the way he looked at her when she came to bed naked, she believed him.

Lavender filled the air as she emptied the soap flakes into the steaming water, and she sighed with pleasure as she slipped below the water’s surface.  Sipping a glass of Moscato while the music played,  she allowed all of the daily stress to melt away.  As bubbles popped and continuously released fresh perfume into the air, she began to think about Cabo.  His letter had told her to wait until she was in the bedroom, but after a day of trying to remain focused, she relaxed and let her mind go where it wanted.

And it wanted to go back to Cabo.  She thought of the late-night stroll on the beach that ended with heavy petting and French kissing in the sand.  And dinner at Madre’s, filled with flirting as the sun set. She remembered the passionate lovemaking that had ensued when they returned to the hotel.  Soon she started thinking about the hike through the jungle.  Halfway there, they had branched off the main trail and followed a small path that led to the river.  As they admired the view, he had grabbed her and begun kissing her, and she smiled as she remembered how she had slid to her knees, lowered his swim trunks, and taken his manhood into her mouth. She’d kissed him until he erupted all over the trail, and he had repaid her in kind later that same night.

She was a bit surprised when she realized her hands had been caressing her body through the silky water moisturizing her skin.  She marveled at her softness as her hands passed lightly over her arms, tummy, thighs, and then breasts.  It wasn’t often that she took the time to luxuriate like this and even rarer for her to enjoy her own body.  She sighed in contentment and just went with the feelings.  Her hubby had TOLD her to enjoy this.  Who was she to disobey, she thought with a wry smile.

She was a bit startled when the alarm on her phone chirped, alerting her that it was 4 PM. Wow, that went by quickly, she thought.  Rather than being disappointed, however, she felt butterflies in her stomach again.  She began to rise from the tub, but just before she got out, she spied her razor, and a thought leapt suddenly to her mind.  She felt herself grow warm as she contemplated the idea.

I’m sure he won’t mind if I’m a little late when he discovers this. She grinned as she took the razor and began to shave her lower lips.  The combination of the hot water and lavender soap had prepped her delicate place, and when she finished, she ran her fingers over the bare skin between her legs.

“Oooh,” she cooed.  That not only felt good, but she didn’t think it had ever been smoother.  She wasn’t sure what he had planned, but if he ventured down below, he was in for a pleasant surprise. Finally, she climbed out of the tub and wrapped herself in the softness of the cotton towel.

She had already laid out what she felt was her sexiest teddy and panties.  She knew he loved them, and they made her feel nearly as good as his compliments when she had worn this particular number in the past.

It was 15 minutes after four when she finally lay down on the bed and skootched to the headboard.  Using three pillows, she made herself comfortable in a quasi-sitting/lying position.

Now for the part that made her slightly hesitant.  She wasn’t used to using a toy on herself, but as she reached for the wand, she rationalized that she just was doing what he had asked her to do.

She pressed the button, and the solid rumble sent tingles through her hand and arm.  With some hesitation, she placed the head of the wand up against her panties and slowly began to relax and allow herself to enjoy the sensation.  She pressed the button several times, cycling through the different patterns until she found one that elicited small shivers through her whole body.  At first, she tensed and had to force herself to relax.  As she reached for her camera to take a selfie, she knew that this would get her hubby’s heart racing like nothing else.  She was doing this for him, so she might as well have fun with it.  He sincerely wanted her to enjoy it after all.  Besides, he had put a lot of effort into this day. She ought to at least enjoy all that he had prepared.

She snapped a close up selfie that showed the wand nestled up against her panties and, with just a moment’s hesitation, hit send.  Well, no turning back now, she thought.  She felt her heart beating a little faster, then realized she didn’t know how long she would have to wait before… before what?  She didn’t know.  He said he would arrive shortly. But was that five minutes?  10?  30?  And then what was he going to do when he got there?

For the second time that day, she had another idea that sent shivers down her spine and straight into her pussy.  She felt heat down below. It was so unlike her, but the thought seemed to take over, and it was as if she had no control over her actions.  I can’t believe I’m doing this, she thought as she reached into the bedside drawer where they kept their bag of toys.  Pulling out the vibrator that he had purchased for them, she pulled her panties to the side and slid the slender toy inside.  Then, using one hand to hold the wand on her clit, she snapped another closeup pic.

She hesitated just a moment once again, then hit the button and sighed. “In for a penny, in for a pound. Now, if that doesn’t get him hard, I don’t know what will.”

She removed the vibrator but kept the wand where it was and sank back into the pillows.  What she had done was way out of her comfort zone, but now that she had sent it, she felt a real sense of freedom and excitement.  She had no reason to be nervous.  She knew her husband would love it.  He would more than love it—it would drive him absolutely nuts! After sending that text, it wouldn’t be long before she heard tires squealing to a stop in the driveway, she thought with a grin.

As she lay there, she closed her eyes and allowed herself to give in to the feelings that the wand was creating.  She sighed in pleasure as she began to feel the slight pulses of her pussy that were the precursor to orgasm.  It usually took considerable time for her to climax, but after a day of anticipation, the warm bath, and all the thoughts that had been running through her head, she felt the crescendo approaching.  Quiet moans began to escape as she edged closer and closer.

She was startled when she heard a sultry voice say, “That’s the sexiest thing I’ve seen in my life!”

Her eyes snapped open, and reflexively, she pulled the wand away as if caught.

“No, keep that right there until I tell you otherwise,” said her husband, now standing at the foot of the bed.  So wrapped up in the feelings, she hadn’t heard him arrive or come into their bedroom.

At first, she was embarrassed, but then she noticed the hungry, lustful look in his eyes.  It was as if he was devouring her with a stare, and in that instant, she realized what a gift she was giving him.  The passion and love on his face said more than words ever would, and immediately, she relaxed back into the pillows. With a lascivious smile, she said, “I take it you like what you see!”

“Oh, babe!  You have no idea how sexy you are. Don’t you dare move that wand,” he said. He pulled his shirt off over his head, immediately followed by unbuckling his belt and letting his slacks drop to the floor. There was lust for his wife in his eyes as he growled, “You are mine and are going to do whatever I tell you to do for me.”

Her pulse raced even more.  She loved it when this strong side of him came out.  She knew he loved her completely and that her pleasure was more important than his own, so it felt so natural and fulfilling when she could give herself to him completely.  She also loved that she held this power over him, that he desired her so much.  The extent of that desire was obvious as his briefs hit the floor next to his pants.  He was standing as tall and as hard as she had ever seen him, the head of his penis nearly purple with pressure.

“Take your breast out.  I want to see you squeeze it and play with your nipple.  Tease me,” he commanded.

Her free hand pulled her teddy aside, and she began to run her hand over her soft, supple mound, pausing now and then to brush her fingers over her hard nipple.

“Now close your eyes. Let your hands wander and just enjoy how it feels.  Tease me, show me your sexiness.  I want to enjoy watching you.  You are the sexiest thing ever!” he continued.

She closed her eyes and put aside all other thoughts except the gift that she was giving him.  Though definitely out of her comfort zone, she knew this was a longtime fantasy of his, and she was more than happy to fulfill it.  She took a deep breath, let it out, and then gave herself to the moment.  If it was a show he wanted, a show he would get.

Gripping the wand between her thighs, she began to use both hands to roam her body, first over the silky lingerie, then occasionally dipping her fingers below the fabric.  Her nipples hardened in response as she lightly brushed over the areolas, then the nipples themselves. She gently tweaked one pointed bud while allowing her other hand to slide down her belly and trace the hem of her panties. Sliding her fingers over her moist slit, she moaned as the silk pressed against her clit. She couldn’t help but raise her hips and press against her hand.  She was thinking of how her husband loved to touch her and lost herself in the moment.

She jerked in surprise when she felt the warm kisses that started at her ankles and made their way higher.  Opening her eyes, she saw her husband’s head as he reached her upper thighs and continued to kiss her soft skin.  The top of his head pressed against the wand, moving it higher until it was pressing against her vulva, causing her to gasp from the sudden increase in intensity.

The slow build that had been growing all day increased with the vibrations and his continued kisses, suddenly exploding through her whole body.   She cried out in ecstasy as her climax flooded her being.  The intensity was almost too much, and she tried to push the wand away, but he had it now and held it firmly in place between her legs.

“Too…too.. much,” she finally gasped and felt the vibrations diminish as he pulled the head of the wand back.  She moaned in pleasure, twisting and curling as her husband continued to stroke the soft skin of her legs that were still clamped together.  She allowed them to fall apart at his insistent touch, and when she did, he reached up and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, slowly stroking the soft flesh hidden underneath.

She gasped, “Oh, I want you inside me,” as his fingers explored her drenched slit.  He pressed one, then two fingers inside her, pumping them in and out as he circled her clit with his thumb.  Suddenly, she gasped as he placed the wand on top of his thumb.  At first, she thought it was too much too soon, but to her surprise, she felt the fading climax quickly build once again.  And as it did, so also did her moans. Before long, her high pitched squeal filled the room, and she shuddered her way through another monster orgasm.

It seemed as though she had just barely recovered when she heard him order her, “On your hands and knees.” He nearly ripped off her panties before she was even in position, and soon she felt his strong hands kneading and massaging the flesh of her backside followed by soft but impassioned, wet kisses being placed all over her bottom.  Then a hand slid between her legs and drew moisture from her sopping pussy to rub over her small opening, still pulsing with pleasure.  Moments later, she felt the head of his manhood pressing against her lips.

She was so wet and ready that there was barely any resistance as he slid the length of himself inside of her.  She moaned in pleasure and relief.  Finally, she felt complete, filled by her man.  She pushed back into him as he grabbed her hips and started thrusting gently at first but progressively harder and deeper.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned, “Go deeper.  Oh, yes!  Just like that.  Ooooooh, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

His moans filled the air along with the slapping sounds of their flesh. He continued to thrust himself in and out of her until suddenly, with a sustained growl, he withdrew himself and nearly collapsed across her back, willing himself not to climax too quickly.

“Wow, that was close,” he moaned, “but I’m not done with you yet.  Turn around,” he ordered, guiding her head to the edge of the bed and placing her face directly in front of his slightly softening manhood.  Then he began rubbing himself all over her face, first one side then the other. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensation of being used by him, the soft skin gliding over her cheeks, nose, eyes, and lips.  He held himself in his hand and, after several minutes of rubbing, finally guided the tip to her mouth. It slid back and forth over her parted lips before he pressed it gently into her mouth.

“Kiss me!” he commanded. “Take it in. That’s it,” he instructed as she felt his thick shaft pass by her lips and slide along her tongue.

She sucked and slurped like never before.  She had given him many blowjobs over the years, but this time she couldn’t get enough, wanting to provide him with the same pleasure he had given her.  First, she swirled her tongue around him, then sucked on the head while twisting her mouth back and forth.  Grabbing his shaft with one hand, she began rubbing his balls with the other, all the while continuing to suck.

He had never finished in her mouth before, but she had almost decided to let him when, with a spasm, he jerked his hips back. He lifted her at the shoulders and nearly threw her onto her back.  His arms scooped underneath her knees, opening her up to him completely.  Somehow, he guided himself into her without using his hands and immediately began thrusting with abandon.

“Oh, Babe,” he moaned, “You feel soooo good.”

“Pound me!” she answered back. “Pound my pussy.”

Those words were more than he could take, and he began jackhammering into her until, with a massive shudder and groan, he climaxed. He filled her with his cum until she could hold no more, and it began running out from between her lips.

They lay there, entwined with one another, savoring the feeling of the other’s flesh.

“Babe, that was amazing.  But this night is just getting started.  Now get in the shower with me.  We need to get cleaned up because I’ve got dinner reservations at your favorite place, drinks and dancing at the club, followed by the best dessert of your life.

He wasn’t exaggerating – the dessert proved to be as mind-blowing as the appetizer!

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  1. Cuddles says:

    That was so HOT!

    It's Friday night here. I'm off to bed to use my Magic Wand and Sona 2 Cruise and I'll be thinking of my man who's on his way to me.

    Thank you for getting me in the mood 😊… ni-night

    Cuddles xxxx

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