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I recently had the opportunity to watch the movie “The Game Changers” at a local theater.  I believe it is available on Netflix.  It explores the role of diet on the performance of professional athletes.  I know most of us do not fall in this category but are weekend warriors or enjoy hitting the gym.

One of the segments of the movie examined the role of diet on erections.  There were three college athletes that wore devices on their penises while they slept which measured the length, the circumference and how long the erection lasted.  I won’t give away the results so watch the movie.

The physician who oversaw this experiment was Dr. Aaron Spitz, a nationally recognized urologist. The book he recently authored, “The Penis Book”—available on Amazon, is a must read.  Now that I am a recent senior citizen, I want to do everything I can to be able to deliver the goods.  For those of you who are young and have no performance issues, he tells you what you can do to keep it that way.  This is a must read for those who have a penis and for those who enjoy those who have a penis.

Keep up the good work, MH.

[Thanks, OnFire. Yes, as of this publication date, The Game Changers is available on Netflix. We were also able to find the show on Google Play Movies & TV. The official website says it is also available on iTunes, Vimeo, Vudu, and YouTube—we presume as paid content.]

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  1. SecondMarge says:

    Thanks for recommending the movie. Of course, it represents one side of the argument. It would be interesting to have a debate between knowledgeable experts on both sides. I always heard soy produces estrogen and other things the documentary disputes.

    Those poor boys having their penis tested. Maybe I could be an assistant if they run that test again. lol

    If my husband were still alive, he would get a bean burrito for lunch and dinner.

    Some of the claims seem far fetched. But it certainly made me think.

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