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A Little Something New

My wife and I have enjoyed close to two years of marriage, but only this week did I see her at her hottest—when she put on that sexy new lingerie!

We had planned a weekend getaway for later this month, but with the current stay-at-home order, we had to cancel. Then, just the other day, I found a package in the mail addressed to my wife. I didn’t remember her buying anything, so my curiosity was piqued. When I opened up the parcel, I found lingerie that she had purchased for our trip. I suddenly remembered how excited I was when she ordered it, but I couldn’t remember what it looked like.

I brought the outfit into our bedroom and dropped it on the bed next to her. It was still in a clear plastic bag, so all I could see was magenta lace. She took it into the bathroom and came back out five minutes later, looking DAMN GOOD!

Her lingerie set consisted of three sexy pieces: crotchless panties, a cupless bra, and a string that wrapped gently around her throat—I was never sure how I felt about chokers, but seeing her in one now has me sold. Then it ran in between her perfect breasts, hugged her waist, then led to a garter belt style band around her upper thighs. My beautiful wife’s boobs are on the smaller side but are absolutely gorgeous. They are everything I hoped my wife would have, and her new lingerie held them up exquisitely. A longline band of lace with underwire held them up while a thin string cupped them. Likewise, her panties and garter created a beyond-sexy frame for each ass cheek.

I stood up from the bed to get a better look at her. We embraced, then I twirled her as if dancing. My gaze went back and forth between her and the mirror, getting a full 360-degree view of her perfect body. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned her so that her back faced the bed and pushed her onto it. Even on her back, her breasts were perky and framed incredibly by her bra.

I climbed on top of her, and our lips met passionately. I kissed down to her neck and back up to her ears, ravaging her with my mouth. She loves when I kiss her neck; her breathing intensified.

As soon as we started kissing, I knew that I wanted to go down on her. I would get my pleasure later, but for now, it was time to satisfy her. No way could I resist diving between her legs to lick and suck her to a body-shaking orgasm. So I kissed my way down her body, passing over her pussy to tease her, and nibbling her inner thigh. Every time I got close to her pussy, a sharp gasp escaped her lips. She needed my mouth on her hotbox, sexily exposed between the strings of her those crotchless panties.

When my tongue finally met her lips and ran up their length, she let out a high-pitched moan. I knew at this moment that I had her. I stroked her pussy with my tongue a few more times before going in to suck on her shaved, pink pussy. Drawing her labia into my mouth, I ran my tongue in between her lips, and eventually worked my way to her clit. There I loosely pursed my lips, pressed my tongue against it, and shook my head laterally to run my lips and tongue over her most sensitive spot. Once I’ve warmed her up well, this move really gets her going. Soon, she was thrusting her hips against me as I continued to go to work. I went back and forth between this and rapidly licking up and down her clit.

She went wild with pleasure but not quite to the point of orgasm, so I inserted a finger into her pussy and thrust in and out while continuing to suck on her clit. Her moans got longer and louder. Her hip-thrusting intensified beyond her control. Then her breathing quickened, she let out one final groan and pushed my head away, then collapsed back on the bed. As she calmed her breath, she asked for a drink of water. Then she drifted off to sleep, still wearing her new lingerie.

I’d get some more fun later when she woke up, but that’s a story for another time. And I think there will be many more stories to come with her in that incredible sexy lingerie set!

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