The Dancer (L)

This story contains brief strong language (L). You can read more about annotations here.

You have some work to finish up after dinner, but that’s all right. It’s not often this happens, and I’m happy to sit quietly and read a few MH stories while I keep you company. It has the unfortunate effect of getting me quite turned on, but I know you need to get this project done tonight. You’re looking awfully good today – so close, yet just out of reach. I can’t in good conscience distract you right now. Eventually, I can’t take it anymore; I give you a quick kiss and head to the bedroom on my own.

I put in my earbuds so as not to disturb you and start up my playlist of sexy songs. It’s hard not to move to the beat, and I find myself dancing as I change out of my clothes. My hips swivel as I put my hair up; my hands slide along my legs as I remove my jeans. I pretend that I’m giving you a striptease, laughing at some of my own moves while filing others away for future reference.

Suddenly I notice a bit of movement through the door that I left slightly ajar, and I catch a glimpse of you watching from the hallway. Feigning oblivion, I begin to play up my movements to give you a show. I run my hands over my breasts, unhooking my bra but turning away before you have a chance to see anything. For a moment, before I turn back towards your line of vision, I twist my nipples and simply enjoy the sensation, the attention, and the music.

There’s no discreet way to see if you’re still watching from where I’m standing now, but I don’t have to look to know you’re enjoying this impromptu performance. Now wearing nothing but my favorite thong, I make sure to bend over at just the right angle to give you an eyeful as I gather my clothes off the floor.

Are you going to come join me, or are you just going to watch today? You’re still hiding in the shadows, but I don’t know how much longer you’ll be content to leave me alone.

I lay on the bed and lift my hips to remove my panties. As I begin to circle my clit, I close my eyes, losing myself in the moment. I slide a finger inside, ready to feel you, my dear husband, filling me up. I play with myself for a few minutes, gradually working my way closer to the edge.

When I open my eyes, you’re standing over me. You’ve already stripped while I was otherwise occupied, and you’re casually stroking your cock as it stands at attention.

“I need you to fuck me.”

You laugh. “Oh really? I never would have guessed.”

“I’m not joking!” I mutter. “Please fuck me now.”

You play at my outer lips with the head of your cock, driving me crazy with desire. I pull you down onto me and swirl my tongue around yours. I know you want the same thing I do, but my begging only encourages you to take even longer.

Finally, I can’t take it anymore.

“If you’re not gonna put that cock inside me, I guess I’ll have to do it myself!” I scoot out from under you as you roll onto your back.

Climbing on top of you, I straddle your hips and position your penis at my entrance. As I sink down and finally feel the fullness I’ve been waiting for, a slight moan escapes my lips. I’m grinding on you now, enjoying the clitoral stimulation combined with your hard cock inside me — it won’t take me long to reach orgasm this way. I feel your hands on my waist and tits… suddenly, I’m over the edge. I look deep into your eyes as my breath becomes ragged, and my pussy tenses on you in waves of pleasure.

I collapse onto your chest as I regain my ability to formulate words.

“I love you. Even when you take forever to fuck your wife, you somehow still manage to be unbearably sexy.” I kiss you once more and get ready for your turn.

We roll over together without you slipping out, and I wrap my legs around you to pull you deeper into me as you begin thrusting your way to your own orgasm. Soon I can tell you’re nearly there.

“Cum for me, love. I want you to cum in me now.”

And cum, you do. You look so sexy as you finish deep inside my pussy, and I thank God for giving me such a hot and generous lover.

You roll off of me, whispering how much you love me, and I curl up with my head on your chest. Together we enjoy the afterglow, thankful for each other and for sex!

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3 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    This was so hot and super erotic! I remember vividly how I would masturbate as a single, longing and fantasizing of that amazing cock-in-pussy union. It was also hot to learn that my GF (and FW) was also masturbating several times a week. Two singles in different towns enjoying toe curling orgasms… all while thinking about us fucking. It is a sexy, hot, unifying experience. This took me back to those days of yearning! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. LovingMan says:

    I love it when my wife does the sex dance! I can relate to your husband; love teasing my wife when she’s anxious to have me inside her. This story is well written and fun to read.

  3. SamtheMan says:

    Well written. I can picture the whole scenario and it sounds as if you're relaxed and you enjoy turning your husband on. My wife is very attractive and a great body even after 30 yrs of marriage and numerous kids but has only mustered up the desire to do a strip tease once. You're a good woman to recognize what turns on her husband.

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