What Happens in Vegas

It was our first trip to Vegas. We had both worked very hard to lose weight and get into better shape before this trip. The excitement of being away and feeling better due to eating clean and losing weight had gotten us quite horny.

Having our teenage son along with us made it a bit difficult to have fun, but we were able to have some alone time now and then and were quick to take advantage of every opportunity.

On this particular morning, we had booked ourselves to do a CSI crime scene game. We had awakened in the morning horny and wanting to have some fun, but time was short, and our son was already up and moving around the condo, so it would have to wait.

We showered together and had a bit of fun in the shower, then got dressed and had a bite before heading to the strip. Walking the strip was exciting in itself. It was hot out, so there were plenty of scantily clad young people mingling around, and the air felt charged with sexual energy.

We walked hand in hand down the sidewalk, looking at the sites and stealing every opportunity to kiss and fondle each other discreetly. By the time we got to the hotel where we were to have our game, we were both so turned on that we were looking for any way to enjoy each other.

We signed in and got the list of game rules. Then, we gathered in a small room with about ten other players. A few benches were facing a screen, and the host told us to have a seat and view the opening scene of the game scenario.

There were not enough seats for everyone, so I let C sit while I stood behind her. The lights went off, and the 10-minute scene introduction began. I pressed my semi-hard cock against C’s back, making sure she knew how hot I was for her. She was responding by rubbing my bare legs to indicate that she was there as well.

Then, her hand slid up higher than usual. She slipped her hand up inside my shorts and moved it around until she was able to grab my cock. She wrapped her hand around me, and I instantly grew hard as rock. She began stroking me slowly while a room full of strangers was watching the screen. She was squeezing and stroking me as discreetly as she could, and a soft moan escaped my throat. She paused momentarily to make sure nobody heard, then she continued stroking my hard cock.

I was nearly at the point of cumming and didn’t know quite how to handle that. But just then, the introduction ended. C quickly pulled her hand out of my shorts as the room lights flickered on. I had to press against her back again to hide the bulge in my shorts while the host explained how the game would proceed. She finished her speech, and the people began filing into the first room of the game. I held myself against C as long as I could and then followed her into the room. I was still quite hard, but I think I was successful in keeping it hidden.

We finished the game but didn’t score very high, probably due to being quite distracted. We left the hotel after the game and spent the rest of the day touring the strip and getting hotter by the minute.

We made arrangements for our son to go for dinner that night with his grandparents, so we had the room to ourselves for a few hours. We made good use of our alone time and fucked like newlyweds.

There were a few other adventures that week that I will share another time. It was a very memorable trip, though.

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  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. I love those times when my wife and I spend the day together building that excitement, taking every opportunity to play and tease, especially when it’s on a vacation.

  2. LovingMan says:

    When our kids were little we went to Las Vegas with our then two kids. We had dinner at Excalibur’s Jousting show. We all loved it! Then we shared a hotel room. After the kids fell soundly asleep in the next bed we made quiet love for the rest of the night. On our drive home we had to tag team drive all the first day of our drive so our spouse could nap.

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