Love Under the Stars ~ Ignite Story

Previously I wrote a couple of stories about our current love life, so this time I decided to write about an experience we had early on in our marriage. I’m calling myself Tom and my wife Melodie.  The names aren’t real, but the story is!  

This episode happened many years ago.  Melodie and I had been married a little less than a year.  It started with an early spring invitation to visit my older brother.  He had just gotten a new jacuzzi that he highly recommended.  We lived up north, where winter often lingers well into spring.  My brother lived in a southern state, where it was already in the 80s (27 degrees Celsius).  So we took some time off work and made plans to head south.  

It is always nice to drive south when it’s cold up north. Because we live in the Northern Hemisphere, heading south generally means warmer temperatures.  It was a 14-hour drive, so we got up obscenely early to make the drive in one day.  Back then, we were a lot younger and a lot healthier.  Nowadays, that same trip would take us two days, with a night’s motel stay in between driving days. 

When we arrived at my brother’s farm, it was dinnertime.  He had friends over who were also from out of state.  They had the guest room, so we were relegated to a sleeper sofa in the living room.  We didn’t complain, but my brother knew that Melodie and I were crazy in love with each other and still in the honeymoon phase of marriage.  

So, after dinner and visiting with everyone, then playing with the kids, my brother and his wife insisted that my Melodie and I go use their new saltwater jacuzzi out in their backyard.  He said that the saltwater doesn’t irritate your skin the way chemicals do.  Knowing about the jacuzzi in advance, we had brought our swimsuits.  

My brother Dan and his wife, Leslie, lived on a small farm outside of a small town that was a somewhat distant suburb of a large city where Dan worked as an architect.  He had quite a commute, but it was worth it to him because he liked the more rural setting to raise his kids.  Dan and Leslie had two teenage girls and three young boys.  Dan worked the farm as a second job, and I think the farm work helped him unwind.  Dan, our siblings, and I grew up on a farm far away from city lights, so the stars were numerous and bright in our growing up years.  

Dan and Leslie had a huge fenced-in grassy backyard for their younger kids to play in safely.  The jacuzzi was way back in one corner.  The yard wasn’t rectangular, so the jacuzzi was in the furthest corner from the house.  Dan pointed out the jacuzzi to us from the kitchen window.  The backyard lights were on at the time.  

Melodie and I got into our swimsuits and went out to the jacuzzi at around 10:00 p.m. Dan shut off the outdoor lights as we went out.  It was already quite dark outside in the backyard, and it was especially dark in that far corner.  We walked holding hands and strained to see where we were going. We loved how walking through the green grass felt on our bare feet, but we didn’t want to trip over a toy dump truck or something. The lawn where we lived was still dormant and had patches of snow, so this felt extra nice.    

We found the large jacuzzi or hot tub and removed the cover. The water was warm, but not blazing hot.  We climbed in and turned on the jets and the bubbles, but we left the jacuzzi lights off.  We wanted to see the stars and didn’t want any light interference.  The moving bubbles and liquid massage felt great.  We sat opposite each other and leaned back to look up at the beautiful stars.  It was a clear moonless night, so the stars and the Milky Way were out in their glory, testifying of the greatness of God. We were far enough away from the city to have minimal light pollution.  We both loved the stars, and living in a big city meant we didn’t have nearly as many stars visible at our house.  

I’m an amateur astronomer, so I was in my element. But Melody had a plan, and soon I was going to be thinking about reproductive biology instead of astronomy.  After a very few minutes of talking and identifying constellations and planets, Melodie, without standing up, moved sexily across the hot tub towards me.  As she glided over, she slipped the straps of her red and black one-piece swimsuit off of her shoulders and pulled the suit below her full, shapely boobs.  (I haven’t seen that swimsuit in decades now, but this memory is still so vivid to me that I remember the design.)

My wife has had full beautiful breasts since high school. (I’ve seen her high school photos, but I lived in a different state during high school.) After she glided over and pulled her swimsuit down, her breasts floated half-exposed in the warm water.  I could just make them out by the starlight and the distant lights from the farmhouse.  She has Swedish heritage, so she is very fair-skinned; she looked beautiful in the starlight.  She sat in my lap, and then her beautiful breasts were available for loving. We kissed hungrily as I fondled her lovely breasts, and I then craned my neck to suck on one of her raspberries.  (I’ve mentioned before that her beautiful nipples, when aroused, look like perfect raspberries.) We both had thought that we’d be more or less celibate while staying at the farm, but this situation was looking very hopeful to me.  Still, I didn’t know how far this was going to go.

Melodie, as she sat on my lap, could feel my hardness and wiggled her buns against my growing erection.  Then she slid off of me and drifted to the center of the hot tub.  I was fairly surprised when she slid completely out of her swimsuit. “Out of your swimsuit too, Tom!” she ordered. 

I looked over at the farmhouse. Melodie had not exactly whispered this.  But we were quite far from the house, and between the darkness and distance, we felt completely private.  I willingly and enthusiastically complied. (I’m not stupid.) Melodie sat down on the submerged bench seat as I was removing my swim trunks.  

I was pointing up at the constellation Virgo, high in the southern part of the sky—and my finger wasn’t doing the pointing.  I mused that my beautiful and eager wife wasn’t a virgin anymore because she had given me her virginity the summer before, on our wedding night.  

She motioned for me to step forward, then she wrapped her hands around my shaft and slid one hand down to the base, then removed that hand as the other hand slid down.  Then the first hand would return to my tip and slide down.  So she stroked me, alternating her hands as she looked up at me with a coy smile.  I could see the starlight and Milky Way reflected in her eyes.  

Then she held my shaft with just her right hand and pulled me forward.  I knew what was coming.  She flexed her small mouth wide and then engulfed the head of my erection with her sexy lips.  Gently, she pumped my shaft as she bobbed her head forward and took me deeper within her mouth.  Her tongue stroked the underside of my tip with every engulfing thrust.  

After about a minute of this, we switched places, but she wanted the real thing in her soon!  First, Melodie stood up in front of me and cupped the sides of one breast, offering it to me.  It tasted salty and wonderful.  (Remember, this was a saltwater jacuzzi.). Soon she switched sides, backing up briefly and then stepping forward to offer me the other breast.  I felt so blessed beyond my wildest fantasies.  Melodie is usually a very conservative woman.  

As I loved on this breast, she reached down with one then both of her hands to stroke my stiff erection under the water.  I reached down too and felt her wet love tunnel.  It wasn’t just wet from saltwater; my finger slid inside on the slickness of her natural juices.

She sighed, “That feels so nice!” Then her big Scandinavian eyes went wide, and she said, “I want the real thing NOW!”

I was still sitting on the underwater bench seat, so she came closer and straddled me with her knees on either side of me as she knelt on the bench.   She lowered herself down on me, and I felt her vulva embrace my erection. I had her two beautiful breasts in front of me, with two hard raspberries to feast upon.  As she rode me, I took turns sucking each raspberry and flicking them with my tongue.  It was incredible!

Eventually, I could hold off no longer.  I exploded inside her, as my orgasm flowed throughout my body.  A lot of cum pumped up into my wife’s “happy to receive it” vagina, I have no doubt. 

She never stopped moving. She kept riding me and caressing my erection by using her Kegel muscles.  Back in those days, I often didn’t have much of a refractory period after one orgasm, so I did not slip out.  As she rode me, I rubbed on her clitoris with the side of one index finger until she also came,  which she announced with a husky and terribly sexy whisper, “I’m coming!”

What a great blessing, having such a beautiful, kind, and sexy wife whom God gave me to love like this.  I will tell you that my first wife was not kind.  The kind and sexy woman of this story has been my wife and lover for decades now.  

Next, I had Melodie stand and lean over to grab the edge of the jacuzzi.  I moved in behind her and slid inside her love tunnel.  The cum from my first ejaculation provided some natural lube to offset the drying effect of the water.  I gazed at my wife’s beautiful buns.  We both liked this position and frequently had shower sex at home this way.  But when she’s incredibly aroused, Melanie loves to be absolutely pounded in this position.  Soon I was ramming into my wife’s pussy with all my might, and she rocked back to receive me!  

I guess we should have thought about being a little quieter, but by then we were lost in our passion for each other.  I know that my wet balls were slapping loudly against her buns and outer lips.  But we just didn’t care.  We both came together in a celebration of our love and passion for each other.  Then we sat down and cuddled on the submerged bench seat.  We told each other how happy we were that we had found each other.  Then we kissed and cuddled some more in the starlight.  

I guess we should have felt bad for the mess we made in my brother’s jacuzzi, but I don’t remember feeling guilty.  In fact, not until I started recounting this experience in writing for all of you did I realize the consideration my older brother and his wife showed when they sent us out there in the dark.  I now realize that they expected my wife and I (more or less still newlyweds) to make love in the jacuzzi. I suspect that Dan and his beautiful wife Leslie had it placed far from the house so THEY could have some private fun while their five kids were asleep.  

Amazingly, Melodie and I still wanted each other the next morning.  We woke up early, horny for each other.  Despite our living-room location, we made quiet love on the sofa-bed before anyone else in the house woke up or came downstairs.  I think we got away without being caught both times.  I should also add that as much as I love the wonders of God’s universe, His greatest creation is His children.  And I am particularly grateful for this beautiful, sexy, kind, loving, and faithful woman He created for me.  

That’s our memory of love under the stars. I’ve changed some details to protect the innocent—although what we did in that hot tub wasn’t innocent.  Then again, maybe it was.  Heavenly Father WANTS married couples to have wonderful sexual relationships.  That includes times when the sex is tender and loving and other times when the sex is rip-roaring and very passionate.  God really does care about married couples’ sex lives!  After all, His first commandment to Adam and Eve was to multiply and replenish the Earth.  That means God-sanctioned, pure, and innocent married sex!  Married sex IS innocent because when making love to our spouse, we are not breaking commandments, we are keeping them.  

Thank you, MH, for giving us a forum to share and celebrate married sex stories and to discuss this important topic.  I pray that some of our experiences and our fantasies can provide many of you, my fellow MH readers & writers, ideas to enrich your love life with your spouse.  Your stories have certainly influenced us!  And to our unmarried friends, may the stories in MH give you hope for your future or spark memories of your past life with your spouse.  For my wife and I, many of the MH stories we read remind us of things we have done or still do with each other.  And the stories sometimes give us some good ideas of things to try with each other in our own marriage heat!

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3 replies
  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Excellent. The detail in your writing painted a nice picture and I could visualize this oasis in the middle of married life on the farm for just what you two used it for. Salt water is something in a hot tub we've never experienced and I bet it made of an easier bout of love making. Keep up the writing and I liked your giving praise to marriage and God. Keep writing.

  2. Realman says:

    Might have worked when i was younger. Thanks for sharing this hot story. We make love most times while visiting extended family because why not?
    We did try it in a sauna once. Nearly died. Finished in the pool. Forgot they probably had security cams. Chlorine isn't kind btw.

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