A Walk on the Beach (L/A/F) ~ Ignite Story

This story contains strong language (L).
This story mentions anal play (A).
This story involves a fantasy scenario between spouses (F).
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I walked along the beach, more than aware that numerous eyes were on me as I moved briskly along. My body is not a youthful, lithe, or fetching one. I’m much farther along in life than that. But I could still see that I turned the heads of numerous men as I walked by various places where people were relaxing on the sand. I’m used to that because most people erroneously think I’m much younger than I happen to be. Much of this is due to the fact that God has blessed me with (I’m told) an awesome body; a minor part is my lifelong diligence to put in the necessary time to keep this God-given body in as good condition as I am humanly able to do. I am a near-vegetarian for health purposes, having experienced a degree of kidney failure in the recent past, a failure that has been completely reversed by my dietary regimen, plus the grace of God. Regardless, for most of my life, I have exercised vigorously with my now-aging husband, in recent years under the guidance of a personal trainer, utilizing weight training and cardiovascular workouts as a means of staying optimally fit for my age. My hero is Dolly Parton, who looks in her forties, even though she’s almost as old as I.

The beach where my husband and I are staying tails away to the south along a series of high and pristine sand dunes where no development is allowed. These dunes are spectacular, and their separation from human development requires a bit of walking or running to approach them closely. As the beach crowd thinned out significantly with the distance from the condo section, I was mesmerized by the height and diversity so apparent in these massive natural structures.

Just at the end of the crowd, an elderly gentleman sitting alone on a large beach towel caught my eye, his silver hair and deeply tanned and toned body standing distinctly apart from the rest of the crowd. I couldn’t help but stare at him a bit, though I tried very hard not to make it obvious. That he was very interested in me was more than apparent, as, unlike me, he made no effort to hide his fascination. Whether it was my body, my stride, or something else that interested him, I couldn’t tell at the time. Just for the fun of it, I gave him an extra wiggle of my well-toned ass as I passed, and though I couldn’t see his reaction, I assumed it probably gave him some degree of thrill.

I was soon past that last gentleman, and began enjoying what I’d come to see—towering sea sculptures covered with exotic, and many times rare, vegetation that had survived many a hurricane or lesser storm. These stood at attention today as a grand tribute to the power that had created them, in all their fantastic diversity and grandeur. I slowed my pace significantly, captivated by the surrounding magnificence and its ability to survive all the development in the area surrounding it. In my state of enchantment, I almost didn’t notice the subtle sound of footsteps behind me. Alone in a world apart, I should have been alarmed by any such intrusion, but for some reason, this one didn’t bother me so much. I whirled to face my follower, and I was a bit pleased that it was the last gentleman I had passed, the one with the impressive silver hair, just before I entered this unlikely paradise.

“Hello,” he said, his tone a little muted, perhaps a bit startled by my quick turnaround. The big beach towel he’d been sitting on shortly before was neatly rolled up and tucked under one arm. “I’m Jack; I sure hope you’re not angry with me for being here.”
“No, just surprised. Can you tell me why you’re following me, Jack?”

“I somehow knew you’d ask that. Two reasons come to mind. First, you’re in my territory. I’m an expert on these dunes and the ecology they represent. They’re a microcosm of where our species is going, and are supremely important. Second, at the risk of being overly frank, you’ve got the best ass I’ve seen all day. I’ve seen everything from teeny-boppers to mature women like yourself, and you strike me as the class of all of them.”

“Well, what a nice compliment, Mr. Jack!” I replied, ignoring the rather base nature of his last statement. “My name is Lori. So, where does that lead us? And what can you say that backs up your claim to be a dune expert?”

“I’m a professor at the university, and I teach marine biology. And believe me, without these dunes, there wouldn’t be enough left to have a discipline of marine biology. These mounds are the essence of what makes the world tick, joining the watery deeps with the similar diversity that inhabits the land. I’d be privileged to show you through them if you’ll allow me.”

“So you’re Doctor Jack, I presume.”

“You’ve got it. I’ve been tenured for some forty years now, and I’ve produced numerous graduates who are now leaders in this field. Let’s start with the tiny plant on the slope in front of you. Do you know what it is?”

I had to admit I’d never even noticed it before. It looked so—so unimportant. But after Jack’s detailed explanation, plus dissertations on several other visible plants in the ecosystem, I was tremendously impressed.

While he was still talking and standing quite close to me, I had the sensation of something touching my bun. It felt pleasant, so I tried to be a good student and said nothing. The touch gradually became more firm as Professor Jack talked until finally he was quite openly caressing my mostly exposed right cheek. But he never slowed down his speech. Nothing besides that roving hand revealing what his intentions, and soon it had wandered forward and eventually slid underneath my skimpy waistband and down into my well-preserved bush, which I consider one of my most important sexual organs. By this time, I should have called a halt to his lesson and fled, but before that thought materialized, he put his other hand around my waist and, in one motion, had me face to face with him. He was ruggedly handsome, about my age, and apparently more interested in me than his learned teaching would let on. Our eyes met, and a deep, tongue-twirling kiss followed. His mouth was sweet, absurdly intoxicating, and I felt a little faint when he ultimately pulled back.

“Sorry, Lori, I couldn’t help myself. You’re a rare find. I see so many young girls coming through the university and plenty here on the beach, but none with the maturity and poise or even anything more than superficial resemblance to the magnificent body you have. I hope you’ll cut me a little slack for this indiscretion.”

“Well, Jack, that was a pretty amazing kiss! I could write you off as just the classic dirty old man, but I sense much more than that old platitude in you. But I’d bet you fuck every co-ed you can get to take off her clothes.”

“Oh, don’t pigeonhole me. I might be tempted by an occasional co-ed, but I never take advantage of one. One would have to demonstrate that she wants this old man—and not just the good grade I might be able to deal her.”

“You’re obviously quite virile and interested in the girls. Do you do sexy field trips with them?”

“Not often. There’s no reason to go out of your way for sex if you’re a college professor. But I will tell you; we have had a few very sexy field trips over the years.”

“That’s what I thought,” I said, just as his folded arms enveloped me again, and he planted another of his astounding kisses on me while his talented hands explored ever deeper into my womanhood. As his hand slipped ever closer to the center of my sexual universe, I could feel a tingle in my clitoris that indicated colossal excitement and my love juices building far beyond what this impromptu encounter should have created. But that he was a master at this craft was becoming evident. His middle finger quite quickly found that pulsing point, and he was on the verge of driving me wild, as another talented finger slipped into my increasingly moist cunt. Still another finger probed a bit to the rear of this, into that area between my overly sensitive asshole and my cunt. I was rapidly losing control, and the thought wasn’t lost on me as my knees buckled ever so slightly, and I humped his busy hand involuntarily.

“Jack, you’re driving me wild,” I exclaimed. “Either stop what you’re doing or give me some direction from here!”

“Well, Lori, luckily, I’ve planned ahead. These dunes are intimidating to most and seldom ever entered by anyone, so we’re in fading light, and there’s nobody around. Why don’t we just spread out my towel, lie down, and see what happens?”

“Okay,” I replied, my better judgment unnaturally pushed into the background. “Wow, your fingers are amazing!”

“No lack of training, I assure you,” he said as he released me and began spreading the huge beach towel on a flat spot, well hidden from any passing beach traffic and practically the perfect place for a quickly made bed.

We both lay down on the towel, which had to be as big as a king-sized bed, and he went to work in a fashion I really shouldn’t expect from a man his age. He first did a complete feel-up, stoking my fires to red hot, from tits to clit, adding another several of his tongue-dancing kisses in the process. He seemed fascinated by my female parts, though. Soon he left off the kisses to divest me of my bottoms and begin an intensive survey of the terrain down under. He didn’t fail to give sufficient attention to my ample (though truthfully, long-ago augmented) tits, which naturally had both nipples standing at rapt attention. Overall, he was driving me completely insane, and I’m sure my low and repeated vocalizations told him this as well.

It came as no surprise that his tented swimsuit showed distinct evidence of a substantial penis. I couldn’t believe a man his age could develop a massive hard-on without outside help, considering the recent problems my husband had developed, ones that even the best ED drugs on the market could scarcely overcome. I was always shy about touching a man’s private parts, but I steeled my mind and, as he stroked my now-bare but classically hairy pussy, reached for his cock. First, I felt it through the fabric of his suit, then probed up one leg to touch the steel-like shaft. I gently stroked his dangling and improbably large pair of swinging balls.

He slowly worked his way down my stomach, unclasping my swimsuit top as he did so, thus allowing my still beautiful breasts to spring free. He kept one hand working the globes he’d released, while slowly descending into sexual depths I’d previously not experienced with as much ecstasy. When his nose was below my bush, his tongue began to lap at my labia, eventually settling on my clit, which stood up like a tiny tin soldier. He commented through his incessant slurping that my womanhood smelled and tasted wonderful.

As his tongue probed the entrance to my vagina, he deftly inserted one wet finger into my tight, quivering asshole. I don’t like a lot of attention there, but lacking even a little seems to diminish any sexual experience. He seemed quite conscious of the need for restraint there, but his attention to my dripping cunt was nothing less than magnificent. I almost came prematurely as a result of his touch, but with difficulty, I was able to hold off, primarily because I never have multiple orgasms; instead, I have one spectacular climax, and that’s usually it for at least a short time.

“Oh-h, that feels so good! Keep it up; keep it up!” I mouthed, all the while holding back on the inevitable orgasm I felt building inside me. He did keep it up, but in the meantime, he shifted his pelvis more toward me so I could both see and better feel his manhood. I couldn’t help but believe that a good “come together” would be the appropriate finish for this encounter. Reaching for his swimsuit, I pulled it down off his firm abdomen, all the way past his knees, legs, and feet and dropped the garment onto the edge of the towel. He paused in his ministrations to me when he saw what I was trying to do.

“Wow, Jack, what a monster!” I exclaimed as his extraordinary prick sprang into view. “How many girls have you fucked with that thing?”
“I don’t keep count, and neither should you. Like it, do you?”

“What girl wouldn’t?!” I replied as I reached for his deeply veined and engorged tool, taking it by the shaft and pumping it a few times. There was already a generous pearl of pre-cum on its soft red tip, and I moved my mouth into position to take full advantage of it. His cock head was big enough that it was hard for me to accommodate in my mouth, but I did it, finding his moans and groans of satisfaction a great reward for my efforts. His pre-cum was soon flowing like a river, and I enjoyed the taste of this succulent and presently plentiful commodity, the abundance of it at our ages undeniably rare. I do not particularly enjoy the taste of semen in my mouth, but pre-cum is indeed the sugar of a man’s cock, and I enjoy its honey-like flavor to the utmost.

After a while, the light failing more and more, he rolled over on his back, depriving me of the last drops from his stiff member. I saw what he was doing and spread my legs wide over his pelvis to mount and accommodate him. My wetness made his entry the easiest I could remember, despite his considerable size. He wasn’t shy about it, either, and once he got his bloated cock past my labia and pressing hard onto my sensitive clit, he pushed rather quickly to full depth, filling me with as much penis as I could remember ever containing. Soon we settled into a gentle and comfortable rhythm, his upward thrusting met by my firm downward pressure, mostly for clit stimulation but still allowing for the evident increase in pleasure he was experiencing. In the middle of my ecstasy, he inserted his well-lubricated and most welcome finger softly into my delicate asshole, helping to trigger more serious thoughts of our unavoidable impending climax.
How long we fucked is still foggy in my mind, but I can’t forget the orgasm, which was nothing short of spectacular. Jack’s throbbing cock, the pace of his thrusting, and the quiet vocalizations he was making were my cues to let myself go entirely, and my orgasm washed over me like a flood, accompanied by my muffled screams of delight. At precisely the right moment, he shot his load up me, a tsunami of cum that filled me to the bursting point. Soon his cum was dripping out of my spent cunt like a miniature river, drenching his cock, balls, and legs, and of course, my sex organs. He reached down and harvested some of the flow, then proceeded to rub it on my swaying tits, a delightfully perverse deed he accomplished very much to my joy and delight.

After the longest time, we separated, the uncoupling somewhat anticlimactic after the experience we’d just shared. In the dimming light, I could see Jack’s face, handsome and virulent despite his age. I just passed seventy-six recently, and he had to be very nearly that same age, by my reckoning. After we uncunted, we sat upright and did our best to clean up with the edges of the now-damp towel bed.

“What now, Lover?” he asked while stroking my slippery breasts fondly and with extreme gentleness.
“We plan our next fantasy, of course, Darling,” I replied. “What fun! I can’t remember our having a better screw, and neither can you!”
“Well, maybe there have been better, but I can’t remember them, either. After almost sixty years of marriage, we deserve a little fantasy break together now and then, don’t you think?”

“Of course, Dear. I love you more than ever. Let’s head back to our condo.” And we did, while we did a little planning along the way.

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8 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Fantastic story!!!! Lindy9010, I loved all the beautiful descriptions of the beach and plant life. My wife and I are really into nature and science. (We are retired scientists.). So we loved this story. Nicely done. Again, nice job on the build-up. Then the sex was described in a very sexy way. My wife is like you, (if the female in the story describes you) my wife is elderly but she’s cared for her Scandinavian skin (Good genes) very well. And she’s never smoked. People have always thought that she was way younger than her actual age. When she went to HR to announce her retirement the Human Resources Director told her that she was too young to retire. She told him her age and he was shocked.
    We eat moderately and exercise nearly daily. We also admire Dolly Parton. PLEASE write more of these excellent “fantasy ideas” stories!

    • Lindy9010 says:

      Will do, LovingMan! I just submitted a similar one involving me and the "Professor." Hope you like it. After a lifetime of excellent sex, pushed along by no small of fantasy between my husband in me, I don't think I'll ever run out of hot, biblical monogamy scenes, even if couched in fantasy terms like this story! Both my husband and I are in our mid-70s, still extremely active sexually (though not with the outcomes we used to have in terms of cumming together, though I always cum under his skilled hand (or whatever) and he does as often as his aging body will allow. Thanks SO MUCH for your positive commentary on my first attempt at doing a MarriageHeat story! So encouraging!

  2. 1blessedman says:

    We are avid outdoor people. Garden, mushroom foraging, hiking. My wife is a wannabe sand crab. She loves the beach. Loved the scene. Loved the story line build-up. Enjoyed the crescendo! I had a brief thought about the flirtatious moment of the "extra wiggle". But then I got caught up in the story and got blindsided by the bold move Dr. Jack put on you. I was thinking…what?….is this "marriage" heat?….wait a minute…..is this a side-line tryst?….then I realized this was a hot fantasy being played out by married lovers. LOL Silly me. Kudos for an engaging story!

    • Lindy9010 says:

      Love your handle, 1blessedman! My husband says that could fit him, as well! I'm afraid the blindsiding won't continue, as my future stories will probably be sniffed out and decoded before I can get through them! But I'm going to try. There's another episode involving me and "Dr. Jack" coming up on June 6. Hope you like it! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  3. 1blessedman says:

    I forgot to mention that I am glad to see our silver-haired lovers still know how to use all of their assets for sexual enjoyment. From above, "As his tongue probed the entrance to my vagina, he deftly inserted one wet finger into my tight, quivering asshole." and "In the middle of my ecstasy, he inserted his well-lubricated and most welcome finger softly into my delicate asshole, helping to trigger more serious thoughts of our unavoidable impending climax.". Get after it!

    • Lindy9010 says:

      Got to do that! I love that feel in that forbidden place, though we're not really into anal, never had anal intercourse. But just teasing it drives me wild!!!

  4. hornyGG says:

    Let me say that you and your husband are a true representation of how wonderful monogamy can be throughout our lives. This story was so hot! Thank you so much for sharing. God bless and please stay horny! Eagerly waiting for your next story!!!!

    ❤❤❤❤ GG

    • Lindy9010 says:

      Dear Horny GG:
      You're our favorite author on MH! What a privilege for you to notice our new post and comment positively on it! We wish you and Ben all the wonderful sex God will allow you to have, and we ALWAYS look forward to whatever you post next! Thanks so much for the comments, which incredibly affirm that sharing our elderly sex lives is something we are committed to doing, and will hopefully contribute to "hot and biblical monogamous sex," even for people in our age group. Blessings and good sex!

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