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A few years ago a therapist suggested that I keep a sex journal.  I have complied.  I don’t write about EVERY lovemaking or sex session that my wife and I share… but I do write about many of those fun times.  This has helped me to appreciate just how blessed I am in my erotic life that I share with my wife.  The following are two journal entries from last month.  I modified the entries to make it easier to read for the MH audience.  My journal app has me make a title for each entry.


Spot Vibe part 1, from April 16, 2020

We had a kind of different lovemaking session today.  It was one of our planned lovemaking days.  My wife, Melodie, had snuck into my bathroom as I was showering and grabbed one of her rechargeable vibrators. She took it into our bedroom and used the purple rechargeable bullet vibe a bit before I got out of the shower.  When I stepped out of the shower and saw the empty vibrator charger, I was turned on by the thought of her getting ready to make love to me in our lovemaking session.  

When I came into the bedroom my cute wife was laying stretched out on the bed, beautiful and nude in our halite lamplight along with a river scene and water sounds playing on the bedroom flat screen.  That’s gotta be one of my favorite sights!  Not the river scene, the sexy nude wife being buzzed by her vibe.  

One of the things about married sex sessions is there can be interruptions and that’s OK.  I couldn’t find a AAA battery for our G spot vibrator.  I had bought it last year and our first experience with it had been an epic failure.  It hurt my wife when I turned it on and put it up inside her.  So we had not used it again.  But I wanted to try using it again.  

So, this morning, my wife was a trooper and got her sexy body up to help me search for a new battery.  She found it right where I had been looking.  I remembered a late-night comedian saying once that wives must have a finder-scope attached to their uterus.  Anyway, Melodie handed me the battery and I put it in the curved G. Spot vibrator. 

I got in bed next to my stunning wife and I started palming her beautiful full breasts.  Then I remembered that there was a medical item I had to order.  Another great interruption.  Melodie was cool about it.  After all, she’s in favor of me staying alive and as healthy as possible.  

So I ran back to the bathroom to get my cell phone and called up the home medical supply company while sitting on the bed watching my sexy wife’s beautiful body.  I ordered what I needed and then I returned to the business of loving my patient wife.  

We kissed deeply, then she again applied her regular vibrator to her clitoris as I applied my mouth to her nipples.  But we only did this for 20 seconds before I kneeled up on the bed and she opened her legs for me to apply coconut oil and vanilla flavored aloe lube.  

Next, I turned on the G spot vibrator.  I remembered that it hurt her the last time we used it.  But that had been on a high setting… so I only turned it on low power.  That turned out to be a stroke of genius!  This little vibrator is only about 5 inches long and it is bulbous and curves on one end to stimulate the G spot.  I pushed it gently into my wife’s beautiful love tunnel.  Then I angled it so the bulge pushed against her G spot.  I asked if it hurt and she emitted a pleasurable sigh.  That was a very good sign.  She said that no, it didn’t hurt, so I suggested that she use her other vibrator on her clitoris. She did and I could tell at once that this was going to work this time. 

I reclined on my left elbow and kept my right hand holding and angling the G spot vibrator so it would stay on her G spot.  Then I began to suck and lick and tongue flick her right nipple.  She stretched out her legs like she does when things are feeling sexually very nice.  I love how she looks when enjoying sexual ecstasy.  I felt and saw her body tense up, her back arch and she began to shake in sexual bliss.  As usually happens when she comes, she gasped out, in a sexy husky voice, “I’m coming!”  She then had a powerful (& fast) first orgasm.  This had only taken 30 seconds from the moment I inserted the G spot vibrator.  

Then Melodie  said, “I want the real thing!”  She reached out and stroked my hard erection.  “I need Tom inside me NOW!” she pleaded… or maybe I should say demanded.. So of course I granted her wish. 

We did missionary position as we looked into each other’s eyes and then switched to our X position where we lay at right angles with her on her back and me on my right side.  This position leaves my hand free to fondle and pinch her nipples as my erection dives deep inside her love tunnel.  We made love this way until I came inside her very nicely.  It was one of those orgasms that feels like a lightning storm inside!  Then I slid out of her and moved up beside her and we cuddled and I started to rub her breasts and nipples.  She said she didn’t need a second orgasm but I could tell her body disagreed.  

I moved from using my manos (hands)  to using my boca (mouth) on her beautiful raspberries, (her hard nipples look like perfect raspberries).  Then I moved to her other side and used the G spot vibrator in her again.  As I held it I sucked her raspberry on her right breast and she soon came again.  (Orgasm #2 for her) Then we went back into X position and with some very pleasurable thrusting, I came in her again.  

Next, I grabbed the G spot vibe and we mimicked what we had done with it and the other vibrator half an hour before. (Or maybe it was 45 minutes before.). I held the G. spot vibe in place as I licked and tongue flicked her nipples.  She was progressing nicely and she looked so lovely in her aroused state.  (You may not believe it, but when aroused, my wife looks like she is in her 20s. She appears that way to me, so I actually think that this is a spiritual gift that God gives to loving married couples.)  In any case, she had orgasm #3 for her. That is, orgasm #3 for this lovemaking session. 

After more cuddling, I felt like #3 was possible for me as well.  She loved on my nipples with her lovely mouth and tongue as I masturbated to MY orgasm #3.  We were both sated and happy.  We moved to our go-to cuddling position with me resting my head on her arm and my free hand stroking and cupping her beautiful full Scandinavian breasts. I love how my darker-skinned hand contrasts with her porcelain breasts. (I’m half Welch and part Native American so my skin is way darker than my wife’s Scandinavian skin.)

 As we cuddled I was feeling very grateful for what I think was inspiration to try the G. spot vibe again and to turn it on low.  I strongly believe that a married couple can receive inspiration about how to please their spouse.  And I think that when a married couple makes love we are, in a way, praising God.  And of course, I was also feeling very grateful to God for putting us together to share our lives, our souls and our bodies. We did our customary post-coitus talking as we snuggled.  We always check to see that our spouse enjoyed the loving.  We were both glad that we had given the G. spot vibrator another try. 

The moral of the story is:  if a sex toy doesn’t work for you as a couple the first time, be willing to change some variables and give it another try.  You might even be inspired about what to do differently.   


4 + 3 and G. Spot Vibe part 2 from April 20, 2020

This is part two in our experience with our G. spot vibrator.  Those numbers in the title represent the number of orgasms we had in our lovemaking session this morning.   We are elderly with some pretty serious health challenges so sex in the mid-morning, before eating breakfast, is best for us.  I usually wear supplemental oxygen too.  I don’t need the supplemental oxygen all the time, but our sex sessions tend to get rather rambunctious!  So this morning I was wearing my supplemental oxygen in bed for today’s lovemaking session.  

My wife wore something much cuter… a semi-sheer purple lace teddy.  She is so beautiful in lingerie and so I opened the curtains but left the blinds down.  We live in the Northern Hemisphere so our South facing bedroom window, even with closed blinds, was lit up nicely by the bright spring sunshine.  I even took a quick video of her with our private photos/videos app.  Then I commenced touching my sexy curvy wife’s beautiful full breasts that were semi-hidden by the sexy lace.  

She wanted me to do that later and told me so. So we did some deep kissing next.  Then, she loved on MY nipples with her mouth. We often do this at the start of our lovemaking sessions.  I mean that literally because she stimulated my nips with her lips and tongue while I masturbated to full staff.  

Next, she laid back and asked for her rechargeable bullet vibe.  I handed it to her.  I then applied some coconut oil and some aloe vanilla lube.  I pushed the not melted blob of coconut oil way up inside her love tunnel.  I love doing that.  Her hot lady parts melt it quickly every time.  

Then I couldn’t resist taking a few nice licks on her beautiful clitoris.  What a beautiful little organ women have!

Next, she got started with her vibe on her clit as I pinched and stimulated her nipples through her lace teddy as I watched the show.  But within a minute I surprised her, I think, by once again producing the G, spot vibrator that we successfully used five days ago.  I pushed it up inside her.  It is curved and a bulb is on the far end. THIS time I had her close her legs to hold it in.  Then I laid down and went to work.  The G. spot vibe actually stayed in place at exactly the right place inside her pussy..

I pulled each full breast out of the lace teddy separately and sucked the nipples.  Then she pulled the teddy down so I had full access to her full and shapely boobs.  But after a few minutes, I stopped licking and sucking and I kneeled by her and I rubbed some coconut oil and vanilla lube on each of her nipples.  Next, I began rubbing my hard erection’s tip on her right nipple.  I masturbated as I did this little trick.  My free hand was stimulating my wife’s left nipple.  She was using her bullet vibe on high power and the G spot vibe, on low power, was also stimulating her on the inside. 

Within 30 seconds of my tip on her nip she came hard.  But, 3/4 of the way through her orgasm the G spot vibrator slipped out, and her clitoris got buzzed briefly between the two vibrators.  It hurt her briefly and killed the orgasm.  But she said that it still had been a good orgasm!

To make it up to her I laid down and loved on both breasts and nipples with my hands, lips, and tongue.  A minute later she had another orgasm (with the G. spot vibe out) and this orgasm was not interrupted.  I then climbed on top and we did a very pleasant missionary position for a couple of minutes.  I loved looking into her big beautiful Scandinavian eyes as I feel my erection deep inside her.  She pulled her knees up and I could go in really deep.  

We then switched to what we call X position where she lies on her back and I lie on my right side.  We are at right angles to each other. Then I can thrust deep inside as she keeps using her vibe.  I came very nicely, thank you.  In fact, I always feel so grateful to Heavenly Father for the gift of this beautiful woman to be my wife and lover.  

I stayed inside her as we talked a little and she’d turned the vibe off.  But I was just hard enough to not pop out of her.  So I started thrusting again; slowly at first but soon I was surprised to realize that I was getting quite hard again rather quickly.  I haven’t had that quick of refractory period for 20 years.  

My sexy wife told me how good it felt to have me hard inside her again and she turned the vibe back on and applied it to her clit as I thrust away.  My hands reached up and one held and stroked the inside of her left thigh.  The other hand gently pinched and flicked her left nipple.  I eventually had my second orgasm of the session as she had her third.  Simultaneous orgasms are always fun!  They don’t happen as often as they used to when we were younger.   I moved up on her left and I started loving again on her left nipple.  But, as I’ve said before, inspiration CAN and DOES help when having God-sanctioned loving and passionate sex.  

I suddenly absolutely KNEW to switch to her right breast and nipple.  First a dip of my finger into her twice filled pussy was necessary (or at least fun). Then I applied our flavored lube mixed with our cum and coconut oil to her nipples for some yummy and erotic flavoring.  (It tasted like chocolate cream pie)  I then laid partly on and diagonally across her and licked, flicked, sucked, and feasted on that beautiful right raspberry.   My right hand continued to stimulate her other raspberry.   She soon came a fourth time!   For her, 4 orgasms in a lovemaking session is extremely rare nowadays.   

All the fun of touching and licking and tasting and seeing her come for the fourth time had me hard again.  I slid back down to our X position and I think we were both surprised that I was able to continue to make love to her and come inside her a third time.  I can’t usually get there three times while inside her because my heart can’t handle it.  

Afterward, we cuddled and we both told each other how much we loved one another.  Of course, sex is a great way to express that love in an amazing way! 

I think that starting with the G spot vibrator early on may have been the key to such an amazing lovemaking session.  And a total of 7 orgasms between us is pretty amazing for a couple of seniors with multiple health conditions! 



Both these lovemaking sessions were amazing.  A few days later I also discovered how nice it is to be at my wife’s side when she’s very aroused, insert the vibe, and lean over and tease my wife’s beautiful clitoris with my tongue.  I did this for only 20 seconds, but when she then applied her bullet vibe to her clit… as the G. spot vibe continued to buzz her from the inside.. and I was sucking and flicking her nipples… she had a very intense orgasm.  (She told me that she felt like her insides were going to explode.)

We have used the G. Spot vibrator frequently ever since.  We even used it today before we went fishing together.  (We caught 5 trout.)  We don’t always use the vibrators we own the same way each time.  In fact, today, we used a long silver vibrator deep up inside Melodie’s lovely vagina first.  Then we inserted the G. spot vibrator.  We have also found that if I come inside her first she is well lubricated with my semen and we then can then use the G. spot vibe inside her for one or more orgasms for her.   I mentioned that I had licked her clitoris, with the G. spot vibe inserted, I had already come inside her once that session.   Also, we don’t use the G. spot vibrator in every lovemaking session.  

Our shared sexual love has changed over the years.  Yet we love each other more than ever and our sex or lovemaking sessions are more satisfying than ever.  One key to that is being willing to try new things.. including new toys.   There is nothing ungodly in doing this.  In fact, God WANTS married couples to love each other in glorious erotic love.

But we must love each other with kindness, patience, and partnership for the Eros love to work properly.   That includes being kind and patient in day to day life AND being kind and patient in your lovemaking   When something doesn’t work in our sex session we just try again or try something different.  (& sometimes things don’t work when you are older). There is no anger nor judgment.  We just feel grateful that we can still share our love in this wonderful passionate way.

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11 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Always great to here from you LM. As we also have had to adapt to my heart condition, I love hearing how you guys work things out to still have awesome sex. We too are finding that we are currently experiencing the best sex we’ve had. Your stories are as encouraging as they are exciting. Thank you for sharing

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      I was revisiting your story to give it a new rating and realized there was something I forgot to comment on. Your statement about how your wife appears to you as in her 20s rang so true to me. I feel the same way about this gift God gives us (thanks for putting it that way) to see our wives radiating in all their true beauty. I’ve struggled to explain this to my wife over the years. I think she now believes me when I tell her, although I don’t know if she really understands. But then, I don’t think I really understand. As with so many of God’s gifts, it is mysterious. I am far from being a country music fan, but I once played for her the Trace Adkins video “One Hot Mama” to give her some idea of how I see her.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Thanks StillLikeNewkyweds! I like your stories too. Marriage sex is awesome beyond belief. I think that we older married couples love each other so well and we KNOW each other so well too!
    I told my wife the other day, after a great lovemaking session, that if I’d known sex with her was going to be THIS good at our age I would have been even MORE excited to marry her!

  3. one day you are mine says:

    I never give a thought about sex toys…nor have any information on it…
    Journal keeping is a good idea, I would like to keep a journal in my future marriages…

  4. Sweetie806 says:

    Dude, you're my hero! What I wouldn't give to have a refractory period like that and be able to ejaculate three times inside my wife in one session. I'm impresed you had any cum left after the second time. Wish I knew your secret!

    • LovingMan says:

      Sweetie806: I guess it’s just genetics. I think of being a multi orgasmic man as a blessing from God to make up for being born with a scary birth defect that has affected me all of my life. I think the health challenges were given to me to keep me humble. FYI, when we were younger we once had a four or five hour sex session, and I came 9 times. Now, even on anniversary days, with lots of sex, I think 5 orgasms is my limit. My bad heart cant do more than that. That 9-orgasm session was epic, even for me.
      Some days my heart only allows for me to have one orgasm during sex. So my wife will love on my nipple as I masturbate to orgasm # 2.
      Women tend to be more multi-orgasmic. My wife usually has two orgasms in one of our sex sessions, but sometimes she has three or four. I think six orgasms is the top number she’s reached in one long lovemaking session. She has some pretty bad health challenges too so we adapt for each other. Being flexible and patient with each other is soooo important!

    • Tulsa says:

      WOW! Nine times? Amazing.
      I've done six several times, quite some time ago, but that's been it. Sometimes we get going, and keep going! 😉
      I can still do three these days, if I didn't have three the day before. 😉

      Do you find you sort of run out of cum each orgasm?
      That's what I do. First one may be a big mess, but they get—and always have—smaller and smaller with each ejaculation.

  5. PoolPerson says:

    I don't keep a journal, per se, but after my wife was diagnosed as Bi-Polar, I started noting when we were intimate.

    I note them as:

    "Adult Fun" (in the bedroom).

    There is also "Outdoor Fun" (backyard)

    and, of course,

    "Adult Swim". The latter, obviously, my favorite.

    I am putting in a new set of entry steps in the pool this weekend.

    BTW, the intimacy meter for 2020 is at 33.

  6. LovingMan says:

    PoolPerson…(great name by the way)
    So,you’re keeping track too. Some days I’ll write a detailed description (some become MH stories). And some days I just make a note that says “Quickie” or “Full sex session” and I’ll note the # of orgasms we each had… & what sex positions we used.

    By the way, what is the “Intimacy Meter?”

  7. LovingMan says:

    Tulsa… in response to your question: When having multiple orgasms in one sex session… YES, there is less cum or semen with each orgasm after the first. But the subsequent orgasms don’t feel less intense. Now days I usually just have two or maybe three orgasms in a sex session, but the second orgasm is often better than the first one!

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