Post-delivery Sex

My c-section had taken place just a few days before. I still could barely bend over and had a lot of abdominal pain, but I was extremely horny. It was quite a predicament because I couldn’t move well, but I wanted to go down on Woody so badly. I waited until he left the room to go talk to one of the nurses, then I stripped as fast as I could and got in the hospital room shower.

The hot water felt so nice and relaxing over my naked body. I couldn’t wait for Woody to walk in and see me in the shower. After what seemed like forever, he came back and it didn’t take him long to get naked. He knew I couldn’t have intercourse for four to six weeks, but we had talked about other ways to pleasure each other during recovery. And really, what man wouldn’t want a blow job in the shower after having his first baby?

Woody got into the shower and smiled at me, then we started making out. We couldn’t French kiss fast enough.

“How do you want me to go down on you?” I asked him.

“I don’t know, sweetness,” Woody said. “You got any ideas?”

“How about you sit down on the shower bench, and I’ll suck you dry?”

I went down hard and fast. When I could tell he was close, I asked him if I could swallow, and he agreed wholeheartedly.  It was the first time I’d swallowed in three years. I guess giving birth made me want to taste it.

We finished the shower quickly, and I got back into bed. A while later, one of my nurses came by for a vitals check. She said she had come by earlier but heard us in the shower. She said it with a wink, and we knew we had been “caught.” It felt a little naughty, but it exciting! I ended up giving Woody three more blowjobs in that shower before my stay ended.

Right now, six weeks of recovery time feels like an eternity. I’m so looking forward to its end, and can’t wait to share another story then!



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  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Super hot story. What do you think made you want to swallow after not doing so for 3 years?

    My wife also had a c-section and, though she's always been an eager cum swallower, it's hard for me to imagine such fun in the hospital after what she endured. But reading your story was fun and I'm sure it will provide great memories for years to come!

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