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Our wedding day had finally arrived. It was on the Monday of a long weekend.

We had an 11 a.m. church wedding followed by photos and then the reception. It was getting dark (June in New Zealand) by the time we left for our honeymoon, and we had not booked any accommodations. But we had two destinations planned out: north to the beaches and islands where Suzanne was born and spent her childhood and south to the thermal pools. We weren’t picky about the order.

We left the reception and headed towards the northbound motorway. The traffic was barely moving as it was the end of a holiday with people returning home, so we headed south instead. An hour later, we arrived at the motel we had researched, which had a dome-covered heated pool and spa. After undressing each other while having a long passionate kiss, we changed into our swimmers and headed for the warmth of the water to soak away the tension of the day.

After a quick shower back in our room, it was time to relax and enjoy each other’s bodies completely as God intended a married husband and wife to do.

It was our first time for intercourse. Suzanne lay on her back with me on my side, one of my legs over both of hers. I played with her beautiful breasts and nipples, and when my mouth replaced my hand on them, she guided my fingers to her hairy pussy. It was moist, and I played there until Suzanne pulled my penis towards her. I rolled on top as she guided my penis to her pussy, then with increasing pressure and tiny thrusts, I finally slipped fully inside her. Though I went slowly, it did not take me long to cum.

Suzanne had begun oral birth control several months earlier, so we never gave pregnancy a thought on our first night. It was another three years before our first son was born.

The next day, after we had sex again, we showered, dressed, and drove several more hours further south to Rotorua, where we would spend the rest of the week.  We rented a semi-secluded cabin with large glass doors facing north for the sun.

That night after showering and foreplay, I lay on the bed. Suzanne straddled my body and slowly lowered herself onto my waiting mouth. When she felt ready, she moved down to my eager erection and, with her hands, spread her lips and guided me into her pussy.  With her breasts in my hands, she controlled the depth, angle, and speed.

Soon the inevitable happened again for me, and after some time, my penis returned to its soft state.  I finally slipped out of her. As she lay on top of me, the warm wetness that we had created soon started to leak onto my pubic hair and penis, and with her rubbing against me, it coated her pussy hair as well.

Each day of our honeymoon followed a similar routine with sex first thing in the morning.  Then we enjoyed the sunshine behind closed glass doors.  I went completely naked, and Suzanne would wear only her panties to catch “the messy drip.” Her beautiful, firm, and full breasts remained uncovered while we both relaxed in the warmth and sunshine. We spent the afternoons sightseeing and giving her pussy a rest as she was getting a little sore. The evenings and nights, we again spent in sexual activity as God planned for a husband and wife to enjoy.

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  1. Keystone Jack says:

    Great story! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your first experience together. My wife & I read Dr Wheat's book before we got married & she took his advice to stretch the hymen (I agreed). It was a good thing too. I'm afraid I was a bit of a raging bull that first time.

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