Purple-Painted Playtime

So, full disclosure…

I’m a foot guy and proud. There’s something about how sensitive they are or the way the toes wiggle when a girl is excited.

Ever since middle school, when a crush of mine played footsie with me at the movies—barefoot—I haven’t been the same. It’s one of my favorite kinks to indulge in when my partner is willing and open. Initially, my wife was hesitant for me to do anything to her paws because she was self-conscious about them. She thought she had “Hobbit Feet,” which I found ironic and pretty cute since she had on bright-green nail polish at the time! The first time I got a full view of her soft tootsies was at the beach, and she let me put my hands and mouth all over them. Needless to say, Mrs. Kitty (the wife), avidly enjoys of my foot fetish—which leads to my story:

About a year ago, I promised Kitty that I would paint her toenails for her whatever color she wanted. It was part of a “pamper” day for her. I gave her the credit card and told her to indulge in some goodies she wanted: Victoria Secret, Bath & Body Works, H&M, etc.

Kitty came back with some thongs and a bright-purple nail polish saying, “Toesies, please!” She didn’t need to ask me twice…

I put one of my wife’s favorite shows on the TV in our bedroom and let her feet dangle over the side, so I could paint them—but not without kissing every single toe first and tickling up her calves, which made her giggle with glee! I shook up the polish and used the little brush to get all corners of her toenails. Her pinky toes were somehow the easiest and the hardest because they were so small without much of a “canvas” to work with. (Ladies of MH, I have NO idea how you do that one… LOL).

I finished up and lightly blew on them so they could dry. I was sitting on the ground at the edge of the mattress as I painted, so I simply turned around to watch the TV too when I was done, her feet resting on my shoulders.

I had resorted to checking emails on my smartphone while her episode of New Girl ended, but that was when I felt a peculiar sensation—something gently caressed the backside of both my ears. I chuckled but kept checking my phone. Mrs. Kitty then scooted further down the bed so that her feet dangled right in front of me, blocking the view of my screen.

“Wanna have ‘em?”  she asked with a coy voice from behind me.

I grinned and immediately dropped the cellphone. No second invitation needed here, either! I spun around but stayed at the edge of the bed. Holding both of her freshly-coated feet by the ankles, I lifted them to my mouth. I began with the soft underbelly of her soles. I happen to know exactly where her ticklish spot is, so I stuck out my tongue and ran its tip from her heel to her toes, right along that special strip. She chirped with laughter and pulled her foot away, but I did the same thing to the other foot and she squealed even more.

“Baby! So frisky with my feet!” she cooed.

I reached for her calves and coerced her legs back over to me. Prior to me painting her toes, she had massaged a beautiful, mango/passionfruit lotion into her calves and heels, so her feet sat in front of my face again like two sweet desserts topped with purple frosting. This is what I craved, and I knew I was about to enjoy myself… maybe a little too much.

I focused first on her right foot. I held it with both hands, immediately popped her big toe into my mouth, and started sucking on it like a lollipop.

The sound she made said it all.“Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh…” It was as if I had licked her sex-bean (clitoris) or something. I couldn’t remember the last time she made a sound like then when I pleasured her paws. I do remember reading something somewhere about the nerve endings in the feet and their connection to the orgasm—acupressure and all that. I guess it could have been something similar.

I pulled her toe out of my mouth and watched it glisten with my saliva. Then I took the next toe in my mouth along with her big toe and sucked on both. Next, I accommodated the first three, then four, until I practically had her entire foot in my mouth, making them slick with love. I pulled away and watched as one of her hands began to make its way to her pussy. I decided to keep things moving for her by snaking my tongue in-between her big toe and second toe.

Her moaning volume increased. “Mmmmmmmmm…..Mmmmmuuuuhhh!…..”

I used my wet tongue to floss between her purple beauties, tickling her as well, as the spots between her toes are sensitive too! I moved in and out between each one from big toe to pinky toe and then back again. Every single toe was shown love and every single space was explored.

Time for the other foot! I began my sucking and licking process again on her left foot, but to my surprise and arousal, she used her right-foot—now fully wet with my saliva—to flick at my nipples. (I was shirtless at the time.) She let it rest on my shoulder again after she had her fun so she could get better access to her womanhood.

I used more teeth on her left toesies and even tickled her special spots again with my nose. This time though, she didn’t pull away; she simply incorporated her sensual laughter as part of her pleasure sounds—it was very hot.

Then I went for it! I could see that she was getting worked up, so I put both of her feet together and started licking her entire row of toes, all ten, as if they were covered in peanut butter and I was a dog! Something about it made her squeal even more and had, by now, made me hard as a rock. It was time to include my husky meat in the fun!

I stood up and slid my boxers down, releasing my firm, straight cock with a bounce. While I stood up, her feet followed my face, and I let my hands drop down to my cock so that I could have the best of both worlds.

But then she said, “Give me some.”

She had her toes right in front of my mouth, so I took the hint. I let a little bit of saliva drool out over onto her toes, which she then proceeded to use as a lubricant on my dick! I was in HEAVEN. She used her right-foot as my footjob toy and her left-foot as my personal, sexy time snack.

There usually comes a moment, when I am pleasuring my wife’s feet, that I get into a more submissive role. Essentially, I like to feel her feet being used against me and be forced to pleasure them against my will, but she knows what to do too! The foot in my face started to get a little rough with me. Kitty playfully slapped my cheeks with it and would insert and pull, insert and pull, insert and pull, in and out of my mouth. She used her toes to smoosh my lips and part them again, then shoved them into my nose so I could take a sniff. (Again, no need to ask twice!)

“Mmmmmmmm. Such a boy toy, baby! You like Kitty’s sweet paws?”

All I could manage was a “Mmmmmuuuahhuuahhhuauauhuhahhhaaammm….” After all, the toes in my mouth didn’t help! Every couple of minutes or so, she would bring her right foot back up to my mouth for more lubricant, but this time when she did, I grabbed both of her feet and brought them down to my rod. I used her soaking wet soles as my humping spot and rocked my hips into her feet in tandem with the circles she was making around her wet vagina. The two of us just stared at each other, mouths hanging open and exchanging dirty talk every couple of seconds or so.

“What a kinky fetish you have, Mr. Man! You’re going to make a girl squirt all over this new bedspread.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time! You make me fetish-hungry, baby doll!”

The sloshing and squishing sounds that my cock made against my wife’s wet feet grew louder as I pumped harder and harder. The thing about my wife’s feet though is that they tend to send me over the edge pretty quickly, especially with how much she lets me indulge in my little fetish. It didn’t take long for me to send stream after stream of white splatters all over her knees, calves, ankles, and toes.

But when I did, her toes curled in unison with mine as she had her own climax on our bed. While she writhed, her legs sprang back up to my face in the middle of my cum fountain and smeared some of my own milk on my cheeks and some in my mouth. I have to say, being fed your own cum while you are still cumming is a sensation unlike any other; I promise you that! Her legs collapsed on the bed, and I leaned against the bedframe, licking my lips.

We both continued our sweet-talk as we recovered. Yet again, I saw my wife raise her foot toward my face, wiggling her toes; this was the foot that had clearly taken most of my cumshot. And that’s when she said, with that innocent, playful look, “Wanna taste the rest?”

But that’s a story for another time! *wink*

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6 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Wow! So hot! Excellent story telling, as usual; great detail. I too love sucking my wife’s toes. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but I remember early in our marriage the first time I sucked her big toe into my mouth. I thought she was gonna jump right out of her skin. It was a combination of ticklish response and sexual pleasure. It still causes similar reaction to this day.

    • HuskyKitty says:

      Thanks, StillLikeNewlyweds! It’s really cool that you enjoy your wife’s feet as well! I think it’s a common missed opportunity for a lot of arousal and exploration, sexually. It’s also very addicting if you get into it!! I can’t get enough. Stay horny. 🔥

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      As I wrote my response to LovingMan’s comment on my most recent story, I felt I just had to come back here and add more. The highlight of this story was you cumming on her feet. My wife has given me a “foot job” a few times, and I love it. She even took pictures last time for me to have. I have told her that, one of these days, I want to cum on her feet. Haven’t done it yet. At my stage in life cumming is a precious commodity, and I have to prioritize where I want to “spend” it. Your story helped strengthen the case for her feet, though.

      God bless. Keep it up!

  2. 1blessedman says:

    I realize this original story has some age, but……I think folks miss a lot of sexual enjoyment by quickly dismissing some things because they are labeled as "Fetishes". My wife has cute feet. Foot play is not #1 for me but it definitely stays in the sexual mix. Some times I will suck her toes or lick between them while standing beside the bed and penetrating her. She loves that!

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