A Seaside Romp (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and includes anal play (A).
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Nicole and I had planned this trip for years to one of the most exquisite places on earth! It required our two incomes to save up for, but with no kids yet, we had nothing holding us back. My wife is part Italian, and she looks it: beautiful skin, lovely complexion, and a kinky personality befitting a European. We wanted to visit the country where she has family ties, and boy, did it live up to the expectations! We traveled in early September, so the weather was still beautiful, but the cities weren’t overrun with millions of tourists. It was the perfect time to go.

We backpacked all over Italy, seeing a little bit of everything as we bounced from town to town on the local train. Six cities in fourteen days was a lot to fit in, so we intentionally planned to have some downtime on the coast in northern Italy for a few days. We would relax by the beach before going back to the states and the day-to-day life stress that awaited us there. Let me tell you, Italian beaches do not disappoint, but more on that in a minute.

So much sexual expectation lead up to this trip, so it’s probably no surprise that the whole vacation was basically one long fuckfest. We were so horny that we baked into the itinerary each day a time to go back to the room and indulge in a little sexy seduction. I don’t know why exactly; maybe it was the wine (oh, my god, the wine was incredible), or maybe it was the hundreds of magnificent stone statues by some of the world’s most revered artists that NEVER had clothes on. Something about standing in front of a twenty-foot-tall statue of David with his penis just hanging out got my beautiful wife into the mood. Anyway, I’m getting off track. The point is, sex was pretty much the one constant thing in each town, and that didn’t change when we reached the coast.

On our second day in the little town of Riomaggiore, one of the five towns that make up Cinque Terre, we wandered down to the waters edge after exploring the quaint little cobblestone streets. Wow! The deep sapphire sea, the waves that broke onto stone walls that almost look like someone took a knife and cut a piece of land off, and the sky that went on forever until it met the ocean on the horizon were breathtaking. It wasn’t the only amazing view, though. As we found a spot in the sand, Nicole laid out her towel and removed her coverup to reveal a body that captured every eye nearby. Damn, she does have a nice body. She wore a tiny blue triangle string bikini top and white bikini bottoms that turn slightly see-through when wet. Did she plan on getting into mischief out there, or was it just coincidence? I was in awe of her figure as we lay down on our towels.

She was like a drug that I couldn’t resist. It started slowly, with me rubbing my fingertips up her left thigh and back down again. She knew how to make me lose my mind with sexual fantasy. As I rubbed her leg, she arched her back as if she was stretching, lifting her incredible breasts higher into the air and closer toward my face. Was that a little moan I heard? At this point, I couldn’t even try to hide the growing bulge in my pants, and she knew it too, reaching to brush it with the back of her hand. That’s when things started getting a little more frisky.

To be honest, we had almost forgotten that other people were around as I grazed her breast intentionally but pretended to do it by accident. All the while, she gripped my dick over my swimsuit. Something had to change because we were absolutely going to fuck, but there were people nearby. I looked over my shoulder and saw some large rocks, and I nodded to the side while shooting her a quick wink as if to say, “Let’s take this party over there.”

We gathered our things and skipped over the large rocks, stopping only long enough to find a place to step next without getting injured. And would you believe it? We found another little pocket of sandy shoreline with a rock wall on one side and large boulders on the other. It was like the space had been carved out just for us, and it’s not like us to waste a good opportunity.

My sweet Nicole was just as horny as I was, even if she hadn’t admitted it yet, and when we put our things down, she immediately went in for the kill. She dove headfirst toward my shorts and unzipped them to find my cock engorged and very dry. Knowing what to do, she made it completely disappear down her throat and reappear over and over again; every so often, she would pause at the bottom and contract her throat to give the head of my shaft a shiver-inducing sensation.

I’m not entirely sure how long it went on like this because the feeling was so incredible that I completely lost track of my senses. When she paused long enough for me to come to grips with reality, I grabbed her ass and lifted it onto my face in such a way that I could lick her glistening pussy while she continued to worship my cock. Sliding the bikini bottoms aside, I found that she was so wet that she practically dripped into my mouth. This time, it was her turn to lose control of her senses. I danced my tongue across her clit so firmly and precisely that she lifted her face off my dick and gasped for air as if she had even forgotten to breathe. I continued for several minutes before we were both ready for more.

At this point, Nicole lifted her ass off my face and, in one motion, slid down and planted my cock in her pussy, facing away from me and toward the sea. What a beautiful place and an incredible way to get fucked, right? She slid back and forth on my cock while, at the same time, she used both hands to play with the massive titties hanging free from her bikini by now.

I got a little frisky, licking my thumb and reaching for her perfectly shaved asshole to rub it just slightly. It came as a slight shock to her but felt so good that she embraced it quickly.

“Harder,” she said, but I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant.

“Do you mean to fuck you harder or push on your asshole harder?” I asked.

“Both, dammit!!”

I was not expecting that answer, but I stepped up to the job. Sitting up, I lifted her in the air completely and placed her on her hands and knees with me kneeling behind her. I re-inserted my cock first and began rocking, her boobs swinging from the momentum of my pelvis clapping against her ass cheeks. Then I put my thumb back on her asshole and started to push.

Again I heard, “Harder,” so I applied a little more pressure. Again, “Harder, harder, harder,” until my thumb squeezed completely into her ass. She tilted her head back, moaning in pleasure.

The momentum of us fucking ever so slightly pulled my finger out and pushed it in again while my dick continued to pound her dripping cunt. She had never experienced a sensation like this. To add to the pleasure, she reached between her legs with one hand to rub her clit. Only minutes later did her body go completely still as an orgasm so intense built from deep within her. “Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed as I kept the intensity going! Remember, we were still on the beach, so there is no way that the beachgoers on the other side of the rock pile didn’t hear her. No one came looking for us, though. I doubt we would have done anything different if they had.

I continued to thrust, but now the hand that Nicole had used to rub her clit she re-prioritized to my balls. Gently, she massaged and caressed them, making me have to concentrate really hard on NOT shooting my load up her pussy. She was on a mission, though; she was going to get what she wanted—my cum. She talked dirty to me, telling me my cock felt amazing filling her pussy and that she wanted me to cum on her titties!

She had almost got what she wanted; I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled my dick out and instructed her to sit up and turn around. Sitting on her heels, she eagerly waited for my warm load to shoot all over her boobies, which she propped up with an arm underneath them. They were like a shelf just waiting to be sprayed with cum. I stroked my cock harder and harder while she used the other hand to grab my balls, and I convulsed as I climaxed. I had been on the edge for so long that a huge load of cum shot from the head of my penis, and with such force that the first bit hit her across her face. Shot after shot of cum landed either on her face, in her mouth (which was open in awe of the size of my load), or on her perfectly nested titties.

Oh, my god, that was the biggest load ever! She was covered in it! I was expecting her to wipe it off with a towel, but she used her middle finger as a shovel, pushing the cum on her face into her mouth and swallowing it. Then she moved on to the cum on her tits, wiping it up with her finger, sucking it off, and swallowing that too. And lastly, she wrapped her lips around my dick one last time to suck the few remaining drops of cum off the tip of my dick so as not to waste any.

“FUCK!!! That was hot!!” I  said as I dropped to my knees, completely out of breath.

We lay there for a little while longer, taking in the view and daydreaming about the mind-blowing fuck we just had. Then we gathered up our things, put our swimsuits on again, and skipped back over the rock pile to the main beach before heading up to our room to prepare for dinner.

Italy had some pretty awesome moments, but that, for sure, was one of the most epic experiences of our lives! We can’t wait for our next seaside romp at some point in the future.

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12 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    VERY erotic story. We have our own hot vacation sex stories. Actually we have a bunch! But we haven’t made love outside since doing so on the deck of our cabin during our honeymoon.

    • LovingCoupleTN says:

      We would love to hear some of those stories. We have more vacation sex stories that I am writing and will submit soon too. Would you like to read more about our experiences?

  2. TLC2383 says:

    Wow, that was one of the hottest stories I've ever read here! In Italy, on a public beach, oral for both of you, anal play, and cum on both her face and tits. Simply amazing, glad you shared it with us.

    • LovingCoupleTN says:

      Thanks TLC! Glad you loved it! We love that others are inspired by our passion for each other and hope you enjoy more stories from us in the future!

    • Tulsa says:

      We all have those little things that turn us on a little extra, that we love to do!
      Cumming on my wife's nipples, is one of mine! She doesn't even have to do the 'work' if she doesn't want to! (Something that gets her going)

  3. LoveMySexyWife says:

    Thanks for sharing LovingCoupleTN!

    Made me reminisce. Back in 1999 I took my adorable to Italy for her 40th birthday – left the kids behind. We fucked our way through Italy too … what is about Italy that makes hot marriages even hotter!

    I think we made love every day for ten days! Sienna, Florence, Rome, a little B&B outside of Assisi, and once in a deserted ruined house in a mountaintop village after lunch when everyone else was in siesta … it's so memorable even 21 years later!

    And I agree with you, when my wife saw the statue of David in Florence, she became hot and wet, and we immediately went back to our hotel to enjoy some passionate sex before dinner! We love Italy … we have a lot of memorable sensual sex in Italy after four trips there! Hmmmm … maybe some MH stories pending …

  4. LovingMan says:

    LovingCoupleTN… YES we’d like to hear more about your great vacation married sex experiences. LoveMySexyWife.. we’d love to hear about your European sexcation!
    I’m thinking about writing about some more of our vacation sex stories too.

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