A Story For Kathy

I don’t remember very well when I found it; I was fishing and came across it while hiking around the lake. It was an unusually shaped rock with strange markings. Time had worn them away, making it difficult to tell if they were supposed to be drawings or writing. I wondered whether it might be ancient or something carved by another camper and dropped by the lake. I pocketed the rock and turned my attention back to fishing.

Days later, I discovered the rock again while cleaning out my backpack. I had dropped it into the top of the pack and forgotten its existence. It again went into a pocket, then deposited it in a drawer when I went to bed later that night.

Several weeks went by before the rock was seen again. This time, my beautiful wife discovered it in the drawer while I was on a business trip. She was looking for a battery in the drawer around bedtime. I didn’t know that she had touched the rock, but I felt a sudden jolt while taking a shower in my hotel room. Kathy felt the same jolt instantaneously. We then both felt a tingling sensation throughout our bodies. Wow, what an incredible feeling. I nearly needed to sit down in the shower, and Kathy stumbled back and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Wow, that was a crazy feeling,” we both thought, but it soon passed. I finished my shower, and Kathy went back to the drawer and found the new batteries she needed. But her attention was drawn to the strange rock she had touched that gave her the shock and the peculiar feeling inside.

Later, after we had talked for some time on our phones and said goodnight, Kathy lay in bed thinking about the rock. We hadn’t discussed our experience with each other, neither of us thought much of it, but now the image of the rock would not leave Kathy’s mind. Finally, she got up and retrieved the rock from the drawer. No shock this time. As she lay there holding the rock in her hand, she started to have the strangest feeling, like someone else was in the room. She stared into the dark, almost fearing that someone else was present. Hesitantly, she called out, “Who’s there.”

“What?” I answered in my hotel room. I had just heard a woman’s voice that sounded suspiciously like my wife’s. I had also been feeling the presence of someone in my room as I lay on the unfamiliar hotel bed.

Kathy was shocked to hear my voice answer. “Sam, is that you?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“I thought you were on a business trip!”

“I am. I’m in my hotel room. How did you get here?”

“I’m at home. How are we able to talk to each other without the phones?”

“I don’t know,” I answered.

Talking to me made Kathy want me even more, so she let her fingers slide over the outside of her pussy. The sensation was incredible.

I was stunned. I shared the sensation hundreds of miles away in my hotel bed. Instinctively, I put my hand on my rapidly hardening cock and rubbed the head.

“What are you doing?” Kathy asked.

“Rubbing my cock,” I replied. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

“How am I feeling that?”

“I don’t know.”

Kathy looked at the rock in her hand, then dropped it on the bed. The connection severed instantly, and she only felt her fingers rubbing her wet pussy. I could only feel my hand around my hard cock. Kathy picked up the rock, and I could immediately feel the sensation of Kathy’s fingers playing with her clit.

“It is the rock,” she reported.

“What rock?”

“The one I found in your nightstand drawer. Somehow it has created a connection whenever I hold it.”

“Well, keep holding it,” I begged.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” Kathy replied. “I need more.” She rolled over and started going through the sex drawer.

I realized that I had rubbed myself a little raw. I remembered the little bottle of hand lotion in the hotel bathroom, so I ran and got it while Kathy gathered her sex equipment from the drawer.

I lay down naked on the bed and rubbed cream over my throbbing cock while I waited for Kathy to pick up the rock again. When she picked up the rock, I felt her presence and the sensation of her tingling pussy and nipples before she said anything.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“Very much.”

Kathy turned on her wand vibrator and began massaging her clit. The feeling was incredible and intense. I couldn’t help stroking my cock to increase the incredible sensation for both of us. Soon Kathy experienced a series of small orgasms. I was only used to one intense orgasm, so this was all new to me. It was an incredible experience having several smaller orgasms originating from a new source.

Kathy needed something more. She picked up her glass dildo and inserted it deep into her wanting pussy, and I gasped. Kathy started pumping the glass cock faster and faster, which caused me to speed up my own stroking. I ran my hand up and down my shaft, squeezing a little with my thumb and forefinger as they caressed the head of my cock. We both felt Kathy’s orgasm coming. We panted together as the pressure built, muscles spasmed, and Kathy squirted cum all over the bed down to her knees. Then she rested the hand holding the glass cock but continued stimulating her clit with the wand. I kept stroking my cock, rubbing up and down the shaft and twirling my hand over the head. We soon experienced another smaller orgasm.

“I love how that feels,” Kathy commented.

I paid more attention to rubbing around the edge of the head, where it is most sensitive. Kathy inserted the glass cock back into her pussy, and we began stroking in rhythm again. I soon experienced another wave of deep orgasms, the wave of muscle contractions that felt so incredible. I could feel the pressure build around the glass until Kathy had to remove it so that she could squirt again. She rubbed her clit with her fingers throughout the orgasm, enjoying the sensation on her clit as she soaked the towel between her and the bed.

The feeling of Kathy’s orgasm brought me closer to my own. I stroked harder, squeezing more around the head. Kathy lay back just enjoying the feeling of my hand stroking my hard cock. My cock got harder, bringing in a new excitation as nerves came alive. The head swelled, and the sensation around it was even more incredible. Now the orgasm began to build around the prostrate, deep down. Kathy thrust the glass cock back into her soaking wet pussy and began pumping hard, needing to do whatever she could to bring on the orgasm. I kept stroking as I got even closer. It was incredible to feel my own orgasm about to happen while Kathy was building toward another climax.

Suddenly, I got to the point of no return. I slowed my strokes to enjoy the sensation as long as possible. Kathy pumped her pussy harder, needing it to happen. As I went over the edge of orgasm, the incredible feeling started with my cock spasming and pumping out semen. This brought on another orgasm from Kathy. We both reveled in the feeling of both orgasms happening back to back.

We lay for a while, just enjoying the feeling as our hormone levels slowly settled back to near normal.

“Wow,” Kathy finally broke the silence. “You have amazing orgasms.”

“Yes, but I only get one per turn. You get to enjoy amazing orgasm after amazing orgasm, with a lot of fun little ones sprinkled in.”

We sat there thinking about the incredible feeling we had just shared until I finally asked, “What do you think? Should we try the rock during regular sex?”

“It will be pretty kinky,” Kathy replied. “On the other hand, I am curious what it feels like while I suck your cock.”

“I’m good with that,” I reply. “After all, I just got to feel what is like to experience the magic wand.”

“I can’t wait until you get home,” Kathy confessed.

“Me either!”

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6 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Great story! Really hot! Wish there was actually a rock like the one you described. It would be so awesome to feel what my husband feels and he feel what I feel during sex. Please keep writing and stay horny always darlin!

  2. LovingMan says:

    You hit on a point I think we all wonder about. “What does sex feel like to my spouse?” Nicely done, but then I’m a Fantasy and Sci Fi fan. So I especially liked your unique story.

  3. HuskyKitty says:

    This story was REALLY awesome to read! I too am a fan of sci-fi/fantasy/fiction and I thought this was super creative and sexy. Also a great premise for an erotic story! Wish more writers here would veer into fiction. Super horny now…Lol. God bless!!

  4. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Great read. Creative way to explore the desire to know how our spouses are feeling during orgasm. And great homage to Stargate: SG1 (if I’m not mistaken).

  5. Waggs1 says:

    Wow. I love it. Very similar to a plot bunny of a story that has been rattling around in the back of my head for a couple of years now. Mine was more technology based, using brain scans and computers to record and then let someone live someone else's past experience like snow skiing or race car driving. Then someone tries it for sex…. Never got to the point of it happening in real time.

    Great Story! And my first one to click the new "Favorite" button. 🙂

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