Late Night Picnic (L)

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We are new to MH, but wow! We are really encouraged by it. This is my first post, but I’m sure there will be more to follow. I expect my wife will contribute, as well.

About us: We are in our mid-30’s and have been married for 11 years. Sex has always been great for us, but with both of us growing up in very conservative households and churches, we had to work through the stigma that sex was bad early in our marriage. Over the course of the last year, we have had a bit of an awakening. We both have grown more open to talking about sex and what we want from it. It’s been great. I hope to share these things with you all as we grow in this new era of our sex life.

Now to the story:

We love camping; we often go—about once a month. We have been camping together our entire relationship and are happy to have added two sons to our adventures. We have a pop-up camper that we’ve pulled all over the country to find the next big road trip.

Last weekend, we went camping at a nearby state park. We spent the day mountain biking, hiking, and relaxing. It was fun but exhausting. After dinner, we make a campfire for s’mores and prayed the boys wouldn’t burn the campground down while making theirs. Once we’d had our fill, we put the boys to bed, and my wife and I met back up around the campfire to reflect on the day while sharing a bottle of wine. The fire died down, and the night grew a bit chilly, so we called it a night as well.

We went inside the camper, got ready for bed, and read a little before turning out the lights. I was nearly asleep when I felt my wife’s hand lightly graze my cock on the outside of my shorts. She gave it a few more passes before sliding her hand in, fully grabbing my slightly aroused member. That sure woke me up!

I reached over to touch her and discovered she was already naked. She had somehow discretely disrobed next to me without me knowing! If I wasn’t turned on before, I certainly was now!

I pulled off my shirt, and she took care of my shorts, then we lay close to each other, continuing to touch. My dick had gotten fully erect, with her still holding it and tugging ever so gently. I began to touch and kiss her all over from her neck to her small but perky breasts, where I licked and sucked her erect nipples. While continuing to kiss her breasts, I slowly moved my hand down to her love mound and began playing with it. Slowly and gently, I rubbed her lips and then her clit as she moaned with each touch.

She stroked my cock more urgently, causing me to become more intense with her now dripping pussy.  We both neared the edge of orgasm when she suddenly said, “I don’t want to get off like this. I want you to FUCK ME!” Finishing this statement, she gave my cock a final big tug before releasing it. I roll on top of her, but then I remembered the kids were sleeping just feet from us.

Not wanting to scar them for life, I said to my wife, “I want to fuck you too, but not here.”

“Where do you have in mind?” she replied.

I thought quickly, my mind settling on the nearest flat surface outside, about 30 feet from the camper. “What about the picnic table?”

My wife agreed. (This is not something that we would have done early in our marriage, especially her.) Wrapping up in the blanket from the bed, she tip-toed to the door. I followed her, still fully nude and stroking myself to stay hard, but the excitement alone kept me that way. We opened the door and made our way to the table.

The air outside felt chilly but not cold enough to make my erection go away. The only light available came from the bathhouse 100 yards away. It provided just enough to see but not be seen at this hour.

At the picnic table, I helped her sit on the edge of the table, still wrapped in the blanket. Then she opened the wrap, revealing all of her glory. I knelt down to her still dripping slit and gave it a few licks. But my wife pulled me up and said, “We’re past that point. Stick it in me, NOW!”

Oh man, was I ready to give it to her! I stood up and laid her on her back. There we both were—totally exposed to the world but locked into each other’s eyes. We didn’t care who saw us now. The picnic table rose to the perfect height, perfectly aligning my cock and her slit. In one gentle push, I slid all the way in, which isn’t always easy for me. As I entered her, she quivered with delight, and I slowly thrust in and out, enjoying her warmth around my dick in contrast to the cool air.

After a few more gentle pumps, she said, “FUCK ME, BABE!” I realized that my gentle approach was not what she wanted. I stood up straight, pulled her hips towards me until her ass hung off the edge of the table, and sped up my thrusting. Now she really got going. With each pound, she let out an animalistic growl, and so did I. God, did she feel good! This continued a while longer until I could tell she was close to cumming. I lifted her legs, brought her feet to my shoulders, and picked up the tempo once more. Her moans grew louder. She was nearly there, so I kept thrusting.

“Oh, God! Babe, I’m going to c-c-c-cum. OOOOH, HERE IT IS! OOOOOOOOO!” She finished, but I wasn’t done yet. Sensing that I wanted to keep going, my wife asked, “Well, what next?”

I rolled her over and had her climb to the middle of the table on her hands and knees. I followed her and met her in doggie style, re-entering her with ease, as she was completely open at this point. I knew I wasn’t too far off, so I got straight to pounding her again. Her perfect ass (she’s a former gymnast) felt amazing as it slapped against my hips. Thirty seconds of this, and I was ready to explode.

I exclaimed, “I’m about to cum!” to which she replied, “Give me that cum, baby!”

“Here it comes!” I grunted.  As it began to flow, I pulled out and exploded onto her ass. A few strong ropes of my liquid cover her cheeks. What a ride!

We both paused for a few seconds before I cleaned my spunk off of her with the blanket. Then my wife wrapped back up in it, and we made our way back to the camper. Back in bed, we cuddled and told each other how much we love one another. This was definitely an adventure I want to have again!


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14 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    Hot & fun story!!!
    We have a lot of miles on picnic tables! They are designed for eating things other than burgers!
    We like picnic tables so much, I built one for our back yard!

    Note when camping, keep track of hikers. 🙂

    • HungInAR says:

      HA! Picnic tables are very versatile in their design for many activities and positions. While we have played outdoors during the day, we have been careful of other visitors. It’s worth the extra steps off of the trail.

    • Tulsa says:

      Yes, picnic tables sure are! It's our favorite piece of furniture! Made for all kinds of sex!
      We are always careful too, but I think we have made up for the law of averages, over the years! 😉
      It's easy to miss something. All caught up in the moment an all. Sure does give us something to talk about afterwards! Those times have actually been kind of hot!

  2. LovingMan says:

    I have been thinking about your story, and it deserves more than a quick “Great story!” comment. First of all, MH that is a perfect picture for the story.
    HunginAR this is well written and a cool story. We remember traveling with two kids and trying to find a place for some private sexual loving. It can be tricky! Your solution was excellent!
    Like you, I have also found that sometimes my conservative wife wants rambunctious sex and nothing else will do. Isn’t married sex just absolutely awesome!

  3. texasman76 says:

    HungInAr: great, well-written story. Congratulations on your first one. I am so glad you and your wife have made headway in shedding your inhibitions. Sex is such a gift for husband and wife. One summer, about 26 of us (cousins, aunts/uncles) met mid-away between CA and TX in CO and stayed at a converted schoolhouse in Monarch. Everyone else was downstairs asleep besides my wife and I who were in a loft above them all. I started making moves on her and found her very willing. After making her cum, I mounted her. Like you, I am a pretty big guy and it took a while to get in. Once there, I was having a good time pumping. The excitement was so great, knowing we were getting away with something. My wife started to rock her hips to try and make me cum, but it wasn't working. She was already twisting and playing with my nipples, chest, and butt hair (such a turn on! I love missionary for that). When she saw her tactics weren't working, she reached up and sucked one of my nipples, causing me to shoot my load. It was such a memorable lovemaking session.

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