Table Top (L)

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I finished giving Greg a tantalizing blowjob that culminated in a facial for me, then we went out to dinner. Returning about two hours later, I could still smell the sweet scent of sex, and being so dirty got me all worked up again.

“Shall we go ahead as promised?” I asked, winking at Greg, who I noticed had a huge bulge under his shorts. Of course, I was still bare underneath with my short skirt, which may have made a few onlookers jealous. I didn’t care much as I was with my husband, and if he wants me to dress this way, I’m willing to take care of his needs.

I removed everything from the dining room table and grabbed the foam mattress, covered it with a linen liner, and smoothed it out, then tossed on a small pillow from the sofa. Before I climbed onto the table, I pulled his pants off and gave him a little blowjob to enhance his erection. I was surprised at the upsurge of his cock! Lifting my dress to give him a view, I signaled to him to lick it wet.

Greg’s never lazy about cunt tasting. As he parted my lips and pushed my bush aside, he started to suck at each lip and tantalize my clit before finally pushing his tongue inside.

I had promised Greg missionary-style sex with a few variants but strictly related to pussy penetration. I crawled onto the table and lay flat on my back, my legs spread wide open and my head resting on the pillow. Greg pulled himself up and got aligned, then gave me a most solid French kiss as he pushed his cock into my welcoming hole. Ahh, that was it. He started slowly at first, steadily increasing the pace as I felt him going in deeper and deeper.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me,” I urged as he pushed my dress further up and got a hold of my swollen breasts. But he let them go to grab my hips and pump furiously, resulting in my tits swaying in all directions.

I managed to bend my knees, and this seemed to give him more leeway. He pushed even harder, and with the momentum increasing, I pulled my legs so far back that they touched my breasts. Greg gripped me by my thighs, and I was now helpless as he clasped them together.

“FUCK, FUCK!” I yelled as he rammed his cock home. I felt my pussy sounding bells as I started weaving left and right. Then with one massive wriggle, I screamed, “I’M CUMMING!!! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!”

At that point, Greg shouted, “AAAH!!!” and with a final push, spewed a load into my cunt. Then he withdrew and released my legs as his next spurt landed on my bush. As quickly as he could, he rushed up, spraying my tits on the way to put his cock in my mouth. I was lucky enough to get his taste once again, and my tongue savoured what was left before I sucked it out completely.

“You were wonderful—just what I wanted,” I remarked as he slid off the table. It was only then that I realized what a sexy mess we had made all over the mattress pad. I wiped myself off, did the same for him, and cleaned off the table before I finally decided to shower and get all the sex smell off of me. Then we retired to bed naked, waiting for morning to break.

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  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This is wonderful. My wife, like you, has no aversions to semen and in fact enjoys it. It is wonderful to know other couples have similar kinds of fun.

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