Sexting While Apart

My work occasionally requires travel, and this time, I had been away for several weeks. During these times of separation, I am helped by my collection of photos and videos of the wife and me. Sometimes when she is in the mood, we share sexy text messages. It could be a racy picture, a flirty phrase, or we mention how we were feeling horny or masturbated earlier. But sometimes, our texts become more involved. Here is a recent example:
HER: (sends me a picture of her boobs)
ME: Well hello there
ME: Feeling a little frisky tonight?
HER: Maybe
Maybe missing some warmth and snuggles
ME: Me too. Bob (her dildo) will have to do for you for now
HER: Bob can’t cuddle my boobs
ME: No but he can do other things to other parts that could distract you from your boobs
HER: (cuddling gif)
ME: Miss you too. And your boobs (winky face)
HER: Counting down the days.
ME: Your going to make me horny again…
HER: Go to bed you have work lol
ME: Your fault
Its hard to go to bed when its hard…
HER: Well fox that then
ME: I’m confused. Are you trying to say your foxy?
HER: I meant fix that then
Love you. lays head on your chest and gives you a “hand”
ME: But you are foxy
I miss you giving me a “hand”
HER: I have no pants on and this blanket is quite warm
ME: No pants eh? Slips a hand down your undies
HER: Tightens and squirms.
ME: Hehe what’s the matter?
HER: Been too long. Hmm your hand is warm (blushing smiley face)
ME: Yes. Gently rubs your lips, parting them to reveal your clit
HER: Turns, squirms and whines
ME: Kisses you and gently starts slowly stroking your clit
HER: Reaches hand back and rubs your penis while trying to focus
ME: Squirms at your touch and rubs a little faster
HER: Arches, moans
Hey don’t make a mess on the bed
ME: Why not? Kisses your neck
HER: Cause I eventually want to go to bed.
Switches hands. Tickles your balls
ME: Hey! Don’t you make a mess lol slides finger down from your clit to your hole to see if you are wet
HER: Shifts hips and slides your finger in all the way
ME: Well now. Starts fingering you slowly
HER: Moves hip to match rhythm
ME: Crooks finger to hit your g-spot. Kisses you deeply
HER: Kisses back. Deep inhale
ME: Fingers your g-spot until you squirm then pushes finger deep
HER: Not nice! Moans more squirming
ME: Nope! hits your g-spot again
HER: Squirts and squirms. Grabs your beard for more kisses
ME: Kisses back. My aren’t we wet lol? Pulls finger out spreads your legs and straddles you
HER: Grabs your shoulders
Don’t tease, come on in
ME: Teases you with the tip anyway, then enters
HER: Arches
Pulls you in with big deep kiss
ME: Returns kiss, pulling close to you while humping slowly
HER: Moans. Matches your humps and grab your butt
ME: Gradually picks up the pace. Still kissing you
HER: Says your beard is itchy lol
Holds on and strokes your back
ME: Lol pushes up to look at you and slows down, focusing on thrusting deeper
HER: Curls toes, holds in screams
ME: Hehe quick kisses then rolls over to put you on top
HER: Stretches. Mounts and leans forward. Humps then pauses
ME: Rubs your back. Tries to mach your rhythm. Until you pause of course
HER: Sprawls says you can’t make me….
Decides I can’t wait either and starts humping again.
ME: Hehe knew you couldn’t. Matches your rhythm again as my hands wander down your back to your butt
HER: Shifts from side to side.
Humps faster till I make myself cum
Lays on top of you
ME: Kisses you and grabs your hips
Starts gently pushing your hips into a slow humping motion
HER: Humps and give you a kiss trying not to knock my face into you
ME: Kisses you more and brings hands up your back to play with your hair
HER: Moans humps until a second cumming…hahah
ME: Haha rubs your back as you come down from your orgasm
HER: Comes off
Motions for you to stand up.
ME: (I accidentally hit the wrong button call her…)
HER: Can’t come to the phone right now I’m a little busy
Leans over bed
Looks over shoulder with “those eyes”
ME: Sorry lol steps up behind you and slides in
HER: Grips bed
ME: Starts going at it, quickly picking up the pace and hanging onto your hips while bouncing off your butt
HER: Turns around. Holds tight but tries to keep nails from your skin
Curls toes
Gives deep kisses.
ME: Kisses back and grabs your boobs
HER: Grabs your butt to hang on
Gives a love nip
ME: Hey lol. Squeezes your boobs
HER: Gentle now
Moves hips to get you going again
ME: Slows down and gently caresses your lovely breasts
HER: Hey now. No leaving me hanging down there you can snuggle those soon
ME: Speeds up a little. Better?
HER: Eyes flutter.
Moans a bit
Says be nice now and strokes back of your head
ME: I’m always nice. Kisses you.
HER: Digs fingernails in your back
ME: Hey now. Grabs your hips and starts pushing deep
HER: Whole body tenses
Says you miss it
ME: Yes. Squeezes your butt
HER: Says give it to me mister I’ve been a bad girl
ME: Oh? How bad?
HER: I might need to be punished a bit
ME: Smacks your cute little bum and thrusts harder
HER: You’re going to make me squirt
ME: Good lol. Keeps going
HER: Moans, says you’re not nice, grabs harder
ME: That’s not nice either. Thrusts harder
HER: Goes up on tip toes and closes eyes
ME: Squeezes your butt and keeps going
HER: Tries shifting back and forth on toes. Moans and says give it to me. I want it.
ME: I’m getting close, but I slow down, savoring the feel of your vagina around my penis
HER: Throbbing now
ME: Can’t help it. Goes faster again
HER: Holds on tight. Getting sweaty and knees weak
ME: So close. Tenses and grips you tight
HER: Nibbles your ear. Then gives you a long kiss while grabbing some butt
ME: Kisses you fiercely. Almost there….
HER: Runs hands up your back and grabs your neck. Pushes into you
ME: With one last thrust, I shoot my hot load into your waiting pussy
HER: Collapses into your arms.
Cleans up says ok now you come be my spoon and go to bed
ME: Cleans up and crawls into bed, drawing close to spoon you. Love you dear. That was fun. Goodnight
HER: Love you too. Night my love

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4 replies
  1. Waiting_Romeo says:

    Very hot story!
    Got me quite hard and… well I don’t want to bore anyone by going into details. So never mind

    Anyway though, Keep the good stories cumming! 😉

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Super fun read! We have been married 20 years and what started as phone sex in the early days turned into naughty e-mails, and then into texting and more recently into video calls as we masturbate together and talk naughty. But we still love to sext.

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