Falling Into Love ~ Ignite Story

Based on the poetic version of Seasons, posted Nov. 23, ’20

I will remove the veil from your wood, your protection and comfort over me, while I display my treasures before you. Your desire will drip like honey when I spread wide the gates to heaven.

I will smother you with my breasts. You will eat of their fruit. Between my hips, your horn will rejoice. Your fingers will play the harp and bring pleasant music to your ears. Your fountain will burst forth and fill my well; your shouts are a quiet joy to me.

Norm sat on the edge of the bed. A photo album on his night table caught his attention. He picked it up and began to thumb through it. It opened to a picture of three girls, taken 10 years ago, at a college retreat. He had just returned from the funeral of the one on the left. Once full of life, now she was gone after losing a battle to cancer. The one in the middle, the one who turned the head of every guy that walked by? She was living alone now, after a bitter divorce. His eyes lingered on the girl on the right. He had met her the day previous to the photo being taken.

His eyes drifted upwards to a photo on the bedroom wall. It was the same girl, but topless in this photo. He continued to stare at her boobs, barely aware that the girl in the photos had quietly entered the bedroom and was climbing onto the bed. “Here’re the real ones, if you want them. It’s my turn to be on top. I want what’s in the photo next to the one you’re panting over.”


Norm had vacillated for several weeks about whether he would attend the college student beach retreat that his and several other churches were sponsoring. He wasn’t a great fan of beaches and crowds. Several friends prevailed upon him. Somewhat reluctantly, he agreed to go, determined to enjoy the weekend and participate with the others rather than sitting in a beach chair, reading another crime novel.

The first test of his resolve came as soon as he arrived at the beach. The first scheduled activity, after registering at the hotel, was playing some games designed to break the ice, so the students from the several churches could get to know each other. He soon found himself assigned to play volleyball—a co-ed match, at that—which stretched his comfort zone even further. Each position alternated, guy and girl.

He introduced himself to his teammate on the left. Beautiful; the engagement ring on her finger paled in comparison to its wearer. Her charm, poise, and a smile lit up the world. He turned to greet the girl on the opposite side of the net. It was difficult to focus on the volleyball when her bikini-clad body was several feet in front of him. It likely wasn’t fair of him, but the word Jezebel came to mind. She was highly desirable, but for the wrong reasons and, therefore, represented forbidden fruit.

The girl on his right held his attention. Her beautiful smile hinted at something other than merely a gracious acknowledgement of his presence. Whether she felt that way or not he could not know, but outwardly, she displayed a confidence that said the player opposite him did not threaten her.

Her one-piece bathing suit was still wet; “Must love the water,” he concluded. She also knew how to play volleyball. She could easily have given the other team a challenge by herself, yet was a good team player, letting those around her, including him, enjoy the game as well. The ball came over the net, high, and was coming down between the two of them. Norm was willing to defer to the better player, but Rachel encouraged him to take his turn.

What happened next was a bit of a blur. Why did Rachel fall to the sand? Why was he on top of her, his face buried in her cleavage? Her arms wrapped around his torso. A thigh was sandwiched between his two bruised and bloodied knees. He looked up and saw her smile. “Norm, this might be fun, but it’s probably not the time or place. Perhaps we need to find somewhere a bit more comfortable.”

At another time, it might have made for a good wet dream. Now it was his worst nightmare. Somehow, he managed to muster up a bit of graceful awkwardness and help her stand up and offer a few mumbled apologies. It didn’t help that his mouth felt like it was full of cotton. The wounds on his knees needed attention, which gave him a convenient excuse to leave and not help her brush the sand off her ass and thighs.

He made his way to his room to clean up. Though completely embarrassed, the memory of the few seconds of her breasts cradling his face brought another reaction. He wanted to see her again. Did he have the courage? Falling on top of a girl, while perhaps unique, was not in the top 10 list of how to meet a woman.

A campfire and picnic of hot dogs and s’mores distracted him and raised his spirits. He was in the company of good friends, none of whom mentioned the afternoon’s incident. The fire turned to glowing embers, and a moon rose over the ocean. Some of those friends paired off as couples, and others retreated to their rooms. His melancholy retuned.

After the volleyball game, Rachel returned to her room to shower and change for supper. The shower took more time than she anticipated, and while she was now running late, she didn’t regret the delay.

“Linda, it’s so good to see you. I wondered when we’d run into each other here.”

“Hi. Rachel. Wow! You look radiant. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’d just been laid.”

“Considering that I don’t even have a boyfriend, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.”

“Something else then,” Linda’s voice trailed off.

Rachel’s blood rushed to her face. “Never could keep a secret from you, could I? You’re only partly right. I don’t have a new toy, but I did meet a guy this afternoon, rather unexpectedly, and I’m afraid I scared him away.”


“It was at the volleyball game. I bumped into this guy, literally, and he fell on top of me.” She paused, wondering whether she could trust her friend with more information. “Instead of paying attention to the game, I was paying attention to his abs.”

“And I’m guessing there was more, like his package, perhaps? That would explain why you look so radiant.”

“Okay. Yes, maybe I was admiring his package. However, there’s more.”

Linda halted mid-stride. “More?” She arched her eyebrows.

“When he fell on me, I felt it pressing into my thigh.”

“That would get my motor running. Why do you think you scared him away?”

“I think he was embarrassed that he was face down between my boobs.”

“Oh, in that case, his soul is condemned to eternal damnation.”

“Stop teasing, Linda.”

“It’ll be alright. Maybe you’ll have opportunity to see him again this weekend. Let him know it was just an accident; no hard feelings. Wait, that may be a poor choice of words. You’ll think of something to say.” Linda waved goodbye.

“You okay?” He looked up to put a face to the soft voice. It was the volleyball girl.

“Hi. I’m sorry about this afternoon. I didn’t mean it. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I’m going for a walk down the beach. When I saw you, I thought I’d see how you were doing.”

“Thanks for asking. Enjoy your walk.”

He watched as she turned and took a few steps. The ache in his heart returned. She paused and turned her head to look at him. He saw her smile again, the one that had intrigued him all afternoon since meeting her at the volleyball game, and a small wave of her hand. It was a gesture of invitation.

He jumped up and ran to catch up with her. “Would you like some company? I promise, no more resting my head in your boobs.”

“I would like that very much. The company I mean. Don’t worry about this afternoon. Perhaps if I had been paying attention to the game, instead of looking at your…” This wasn’t going in the right direction. “Instead of admiring your way of setting the ball up for a spike, I wouldn’t have bumped into you like I did.” She turned away slightly to gaze at the setting sun. “It’s beautiful, don’t you think?”

“I agree.” They continued to walk in silence. He was comfortable in the silence, in her presence. He thought she was comfortable in the silence and his presence as well. The limpness in his shorts seemed to be waking up.

Sounds coming from the other side of a sand dune disrupted the silence. As they crested it, they saw a small tent set up between the dune and the ocean. The sounds were louder now, and more distinct.

“I’d say there’s more than a tent that’s erect down there.”


“I recognize those voices. If I’m not mistaken, I think my good friend is riding her husband’s erection.”

“What makes you so sure that…,” his voice trailed off.

“That she’s screwing her husband? First, it’s Linda’s voice. Linda is the leader of a woman’s Bible study I attend back at school. She told me she couldn’t wait for the weekend to come to the beach and was looking forward to a weekend of riding her husband.”

“Her talking like that doesn’t embarrass you?”

“Oh no. Several times, we’ve talked about what happens in the marital bed.” Was this a good time to talk about the elephant in the room? “Thanks for walking with me. I know things got off to a hard start,” she paused, wondering whether it was a pun in poor taste, “but your head between my boobs and your erection pressed into my thigh felt good. Please don’t feel ashamed.”

They turned back toward their hotels. When they reached the dying campfire, they stopped to enjoy the little heat it still provided. In the silence, Rachel rested her head on Norm’s shoulder. Their rising heat went unmentioned, while each wondered whether the other felt it also.

“May I have your address and phone number?”

And it was good.

The hotel room’s door did not click shut before Rachel had lifted her shirt and pressed her braless breasts to his mouth. “Is that better? No bathing suit in the way this time to stop you from giving me a hickey.” She jumped when a tongue licked at a nipple. In response, she squeezed the wood that was again pressing against her thigh. He didn’t fall on her this time. He was humping.

After the others at the woman’s Bible Study left, Rachel stayed behind to help her friend clean up and just hang out.

“Did you enjoy the retreat last weekend?”

“Yes, very much.”

Linda noticed the twinkle in Rachel’s eyes. “Is there something you need to tell me?”

“Did you enjoy your husband last weekend?”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“Maybe wanting to confirm it was you I heard in a small tent erected on the beach, in what sounded like a woman having an intense orgasm. Were you riding him at the time or engaged in one of your other naughty escapades?”

“I was riding. What were you doing out on the beach? You said you enjoyed it very much. Have you taken to spying on your friend, or was there some other reason you just happened to be in the vicinity?”

“I was just walking along the beach. Watching the sunset. With the package guy.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” Linda handed her a cup of coffee and padded off to the living room to sit down. “Tell me the juicy details.”

“After I talked with you, I saw him sitting near the campfire. He asked if it would be okay if he joined me on my walk along the beach. And before we said goodnight to each other, he asked for my address and phone number.”

“That’s a start. Have you heard from him?”


“What’s his name?”


“Norm? I know a single guy by the name of Norm. Attended the same church my husband and I went to before we started coming to the church we’re at now. That church was one of the sponsors of the retreat, wasn’t it?” Linda went on to list several other descriptions of the Norm she was thinking of, to which Rachel nodded assent.

“He may be having second thoughts about a lot of things. Do you have his phone number? Come up with a plan or two and give him a call. Talk with him. Maybe he’s simply afraid to call, thinking he’ll be making a fool of himself for calling someone who has long since gotten him out of her mind.”

She was sincere in her desire to have Rachel make the call, but couldn’t resist the temptation to help things along. After Rachel left, Linda went into her bedroom, determined to take things into her own hands—well, two things. Her husband was waiting. Reaching between his legs with one hand, she reached for the phone with the other one.

“Hi. Is this Norm?” After he replied in the affirmative, Linda continued. “I’m Linda. For a while, my husband and I attended the same church you do. I think we have a mutual friend by the name of Rachel. You met her while playing volleyball at a beach retreat. Am I right?”

“Yes. I met Rachel. Did she happen to describe how we met? It wasn’t one of my better moments.”

“Well, she did in fact. She talked rather favorably about you. I get the impression she wants to see you again but is afraid that little incident might be holding you back. I can understand that.”

“I’d say you’ve got it figured out pretty well. I think about her every night before falling asleep.”

“I see. Perhaps you had better not share more details about that with me. However, I think you should share that information with her.”

“I will. Thanks for the encouragement. By the way, what is the possibility of borrowing your tent sometime? It looked pretty nice and cozy out there on the beach.”

“It’s a deal. I will let her know you asked about the tent. Do you want to be on top again or give her a turn at being on top? I’m just kidding. Seriously, I hope the day comes that you and she have a use for it.”

She hung up the phone, turned out the light, and turned to her husband. “I think it’s my turn to be on top.”

Norm terminated the call and dialed a number. It was going to be a challenge to be talking with Rachel with the picture of her on top still in his mind.

Like the leaves falling to the ground, the summer’s memories fell away. Fall created memories of its own: Phone calls late into the night. Dinner at his place, seated opposite each other, while flickering candles threw dancing shadows on the walls. Dinner at her place, seated next to each other, the mood set with soft jazz. Wolfing down fast food at stand-up kiosks following visits to downtown cultural centers. Slow walks in the park, talking about everything, about nothing, enjoying the silence of each other’s presence.

Norm reached for her hand, which she willingly gave, and intertwined his fingers with hers. Stopping, he turned to her and took the other hand into his. Warm. Pounding pulses and shallow swallowing of breaths betrayed the mutual desire rising within. They were fanning the sparks of their yearning for each other, anxious, yet afraid the sparks might burst into flame prematurely. Long nights, snowflakes, and bright colored lights announced more annual festivities. Rachel suggested they schedule a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city center. Norm readily agreed. The suggestion spurred on his resolve.

It was a cold night. Hot breaths floated upward in steamy clouds. The pair snuggled together as they commented on the Christmas displays in stores’ windows. When the carriage halted at the town square, Norm suggested they step out and walk around the Christmas tree. They could catch another carriage for the return trip.

They walked hand in hand at first, but soon were walking quietly, arm in arm. It seemed natural to both of them to seek out a place in the park away from the crowd, hidden in the shadows. This time when they turned toward each other, they held each other in a tight embrace.

She could feel his desire growing and pressing into her inner thigh. “You’re not falling on me this time, and what I feel is no accident, is it?” She felt the heat rising in her face. He pulled her head down to plant a tender kiss on her forehead. After raising her chin, and looking into her eyes, he lowered his own head into her chest.

“Seeking out the softness of your breast is no accident, either.”

His arms fell away from the embrace and for a few moments, she hoped that he would be feeling her up. His hands fumbled for something and appeared in front of her. “Rachel, despite our awkward start, my desire for you has only grown, and I want you to spend the rest of your life with me.” He paused as she opened the gift. “I love you. Will you marry me?”

Rachel had trouble finding her voice. She kept nodding her head. Throwing her arms around his neck, she blubbered, “Yes, yes. Of course, yes. I love you, too.”

The couple greeted the last guest in the receiving line.

“Honey, I need a few moments before we go to the reception.” She handed a note to her husband. “Read this before I come back.”

We’ve engaged in foreplay since the weekend retreat at the beach last summer. You falling on me was an accident. My walking down the beach, pausing to talk with you at the campfire, was seduction. Our desire has been smoldering, yearning to burst into flame ever since. In a moment, that yearning will become fulfillment; the flame will burst into fire.

And it was good.

As soon as the door to their room clicked shut, Rachel lifted her shirt and pressed her braless breasts to his mouth. She knelt before him and pulled his cock out. Soon his cum streamed between her breasts while he wiped himself off with her hair.

“I bumped into you at the volleyball game because your package distracted me. I wouldn’t have minded if you had brushed the sand off my legs and bathing suit. Let’s go for a walk along the beach. Perhaps we’ll find a deserted tent out there somewhere, and we’ll discover whether I know how to ride.”

“The beach can wait. I need more than your breasts that cradled my head. The note you gave me before the reception has had the honey of my desire dripping all day. I will find the treasure your bathing suit hid between your legs. You just removed the veil from my wood. You’ve uncovered your breasts. Now spread your legs. The wood will burst into flame. Cum will fill your cunt. Your pussy will consume me and quench the fires.”

He removed the remaining clothes and explored every inch of her naked body. His roaming hand slid below her mound and stopped, while a finger caressed a hidden treasure. With trembling fingers, she began to undress her husband.

Norm led Rachel to their bed. Kneeling before her, his eyes drank in the beauty of his bride while he approached her vagina with his penis.

Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be your name.

You alone are worthy of your creatures’ worship and praise. You alone are worthy of my awe. My mind cannot comprehend how great that awesomeness is when I look upon the beauty of the woman you have given me today. What are the words to describe something or someone beyond what is here in front of me? The tongue, incapable of describing the awe that you are even mindful of me, is by some mystery, the same tongue that my bride is craving to give her pleasure.

I am in awe of your creative power when I consider the indescribable pleasure of her breasts, these legs that are now pulling me to her, or her tongue savoring my penis moments ago. Now Rachel is anxiously waiting to welcome its arrival into her vagina.

My awe continues when I consider the music that comes from her lips when my lips lick her body, when my dick dances upon her breasts, when my tongue tastes her nipples, and when my fingers find her treasure at the entrance to her garden of pleasures. As I enter that garden, I wait for her hymn of pleasure to crescendo, in response to the pleasure you have created our bodies to give and receive.

I now ask for your blessing on the gifts you gave to us, for giving to each other: the gift of my penis, my erection, to delight Rachel and the gift of her vagina, her pussy, to delight me. May the song we sing as we exchange these gifts be a delight to your ears.

And it was good.

“Norm, for our first anniversary, can we return to the beach where we met, and make use of my photography skills?” Numerous photos of her favorite subjects—sunrise, sunset, and full moons—littered their bedroom walls. She had an idea to add some erotic ones, with her husband and herself as subject material. A movie of their lovemaking would be an added bonus. Several obstacles, privacy being one of them, loomed as hard challenges, but Norm said he was up to it.

The following Saturday, they travelled to the beach, hoping to find a solution to the privacy challenge. While making inquiries, they discovered several furnished cabins, located in secluded coves, were available on a daily or weekly basis. They found one that met their criteria. After consulting the calendar for dates of a full moon, they completed the reservation and returned home. Two items remained on the checklist: pray for good weather—particularly high-scattered clouds for sunrise and few, if any, for the moon shots—and plan a shooting schedule.

Rachel came out of the water. The late afternoon sunlight lit up her hair; it looked like burnished brass. Rivulets of water drained from the wet cotton T-shirt covering her breasts. Her left hand groped at her left breast while her right disappeared into her bikini bottom. Her tongue rolled around her mouth, indicated that her eyes had found something quite desirable in front of her.

As Norm entered the scene, the camera focused on the package in his shorts. A few frames later, Rachel’s back and ass came into view as she approached her husband. She performed a striptease for him in the few remaining moments of twilight and then stepped up to her kneeling lover. She pressed her pussy to his face, pulled his hands up to play with her nipples, and came as a full moon rose and bathed the couple in soft moonlight. Stepping back, Rachel pulled her lover to his feet, and knelt before him. She pulled off his swimsuit and placed it next to the flimsy T-shirt on the beach towel. Norm thrust his penis through the circle formed by her thumb and forefinger. When he cried out that she needed to bring him, she captured his erection with her mouth.

The next morning, as Norm came up out of water, rays of yellow, blue, and red sunlight bathed a few high clouds. The camera swung around 180 degrees to see Rachel approaching him as her sheer negligee floated off in the breeze. The two lovers met, groped at each other, and finally collapsed on the ground in an embrace.

Capturing their lovemaking on video this time was a bit more challenging. Modern technology made it possible without having to have a third party present.

“It’s your turn to be on top.”

His balls swung above her head as he dragged his horn through her hair and kissed her checks with its tip. Precum dripped in threads to her face. Folding the fingers of her left hand around his shaft, she pulled it to her mouth and lazily traced it on the outline of her lips.

“You’re torturing me, Rach.” His begging reminded her of her junior high dance. She was her date’s first crush. At first, he had been shy about holding her hand or putting his arm around her waist. During the last dance, he pleaded with her for permission to kiss her. He promised to keep his lips closed. She leaned forward to grant his wish. She also pulled his hand up to palm her breast.

Norm’s fingers had parted her pussy lips and his tongue now danced and twirled on her clit. He knew how to tease her. When her body twitched, he lifted his head and began to kiss her tenderly on her mound. Then he returned to her clit, waiting for the twitching to begin again.

Rachel felt his ball sack tighten when she tongued the tip of her lover’s rod. Norm was teetering on the edge. She knew she would be joining him in a moment. Together, they flew into the heavens, singing their love hymns to each other.

Rachel and Norm reviewed and edited the videos during the afternoon.

She chose two “his” photos. Both were silhouettes. The composition of the first showed the lovers in profile with the tip of his penis about to enter her mouth. The second was a straight-on shot of his erection, with a drop of precum glistening in the moonlight. She was unable to capture another planned image: the moon framing his boner while it shot out an arc of his cum. Norm had been more than willing to try several attempts.

For the first “hers” photo, he selected a shot of her removing her negligee and baring her breasts to the early morning sun. The second photo captured the spread lips of her vagina and his tongue reaching to pleasure her clit.

And it was very good.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Carmelsk that was amazing! It was so fun to read! I WISH we Christians really could talk that openly about married sex. I loved how the married friend was that open to her unmarried female friend.
    I also liked that wedding night prayer!
    The sexy photos on the beach were cool too!
    Keep writing please!

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