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After a long search for a new secretary, I felt very confident I’d finally hired the right one with Laura. She was smart, yet very attentive. Confident, yet submissive. The only issue that I could foresee was that she was VERY attractive and dressed somewhat seductively. I could already see there were going to be some jealous looks from some of the other female employees in the office. And even during her three interviews,  I had a hard time looking her in the face. My eyes would wander to her large natural tits and her wonderfully curvaceous figure every time I could sneak a peek.

I felt confident I’d successfully interviewed her without her noticing my gazes though.

On her first day, I sat her down and explained that I am a very fast talker and fast thinker, and that she’d be wise to keep up with me and always be on the same page as me. I told her she would need a to be a quick thinker as well, and if she wanted to be really valuable, she needed to get to a place where she is able to sense what my needs are before I even express them. At this point she gave me a wink and a smile, and went on to assure me that I’d hired the right girl for the job. Up until that point, I had been very disciplined and not allowed her beauty to distract me during this first day, but I have to admit that just that little wink alone sent my mind wandering away from business. To make matters worse, during the rest of the day, she walked in front anywhere we went through the building, which displayed her big beautiful ass perfectly, further sending my thoughts spiraling!! Luckily, it was a Friday half-day at work, and I went straight home to take care of the massive erection she had given me.

As I lay on my bed stroking my cock, I imagined Laura on her knees with her big beautiful ass in the air and beautiful natural tits hanging as she stroked, licked, and sucked my cock in ways it had never been worked over before. After that, I imagined her begging me to do things to her that only a sex-starved little slut would do!! It didn’t take long before my cock was spraying a huge load of cum, which I imagined shooting all over Laura’s big tits.

So now that I had that out of the way, I figured I would be good and over this fantasy, able to move forward and not be distracted by Laura at work. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Monday was my birthday. When I arrived to work that morning, Laura was sitting in my office. She was wearing high heels, stockings, and a very short little blue skirt!  As my eyes traveled upward, I saw she had on a sheer white button up blouse, and she wasn’t even wearing a bra!! Not only could I see the impression of her hard nipples poking through the shirt,  I could see the color and size of her absolutely perfect nipples.

I stood just inside the doorway, completely shocked, as my cock quickly jumped almost fully erect. Laura looked me in my eyes, got up from her chair, and slowly walked over to me without breaking eye contact. Then she walked right past me, closed my office door, locked it, and shut the blinds.

She must have been creeping on my Facebook, because as soon as I turned around, she looked me in my eyes, and and said, “Happy Birthday, big boy. By the look of that big bulge in your pants, I think I’m, quote, sensing EXACTLY what your needs are without you having to tell me.”

Before I could even mumble a reply, she reached out and started rubbing my cock through my pants while simultaneously planting a very wet and erotic kiss on my lips.

In the time it took for me to realize what was happening, Laura had my pants down to my feet. Continuing to kiss me, she rubbed my balls with one hand and stroked my cock with the other. She then dropped to her knees. Looking into my eyes, she slowly pumped my cock and licked my balls. She then ran her tongue all the way up the length of my shaft, stopping at my frenum and tickling it wildly with her tongue before licking all of the pre-cum from the head of my cock.

“Would you like to fuck my mouth with that big cock, birthday boy?” she said.

Without even bothering to answer her, I grabbed her by her hair and slowly slid my cock deep into her mouth as far as she could take it. The way her warm mouth felt was absolutely indescribable. This woman knew exactly what she was doing, yet managed to take a break and look at me in my eyes to ask, “Am I doing a good job sucking your big cock, boss man?”

Again, I didn’t reply; I just thrust my cock back into her mouth, showing her exactly what I wanted. This little slut had talent!! She would spit on my cock and stroke it at a perfect pace, then switch it up, alternating between sucking on the head and licking on my balls. It was the perfect combination, way better than what I had imagined just three days ago while I was jerking off. I could have filled her mouth up with an immense amount of cum right there on the spot, but I wanted to make sure this amazing experience lasted as long as possible.

Pulling her up to me, I gave her a nice, wet, erotic kiss and then told her that I needed her down on all fours and that I wanted that big beautiful ass on display for me. “YES, SIR!!” she said as she spun around and got down on her knees. As I pulled the little string of her thong to the side, she immediately started rubbing her clit, and I could hear how wet she was already.

“How do you like that view, birthday boy? Does my ass turn you on?” she asked.

I still didn’t find any verbal reply necessary; I just knelt down behind her, spread her ass cheeks apart, and slowly started licking the folds of her delicious pussy. She tasted absolutely amazing! Using one hand to hold her ass apart with my thumb pressed against her tight little asshole, I slid two fingers of the other into her wet pussy, stroking and rubbing on her G-spot and just enjoying the beauty before my eyes. She was rubbing her clit and moaning like a sex-starved little slut. “I need more of you. Take that tongue and lick my little asshole,” she demanded. This woman was reading my mind!!

Wanting to tease her a bit, I slowly circled her hole with my tongue. “What was it you wanted, Laura?” I asked.

Even louder this time, she said, “Tongue-fuck my little asshole, birthday boy!!”

After all of my fantasizing about this woman, just the sound of her talking so slutty made me want to cum—but I again held back.

“Give me that cock!! I need my holes fucked NOW!” she shouted.

On my knees behind her with one hand wrapped around the base of my shaft, I rubbed my cock all over her pussy to get its nice and wet. Then I used the head to tease the entrance of her ass with it.

She moaned with delight, and judging by all of the squirming she was doing, she was dying to have me inside her. So, spreading her apart as far as I could, I plunged my cock into her soaking wet pussy. I pushed it in as deep as possible and just held it there, letting her feel the throbbing of how hard she had made me.

She was absolutely soaking wet. As I fucked her pussy nice and slow, I used my finger to gather the wetness from it and then slowly started to finger her tight little asshole. With each one of my thrusts, she would bounce her ass back toward me, pushing my finger even deeper into her tight little ass.

“Yes. Yes, fuck my pussy with that big cock, Boss!!”

As amazing as this felt, I could not stop thinking about  filling Laura’s tight little ass up with my cock. After applying a dollop of lube, I started slowly rubbing the head of my cock on her tight ass.

“What are doing back there, boss?”

This time I felt a firm reply was necessary, so I gave her ass a light little slap and said, “Whatever I want, you little slut; it’s my birthday, and I’m the boss!” I then slid just the head of my cock inside her, and she let out a yelp.

“Oh, my god, it’s too big for my ass. Baby, please go slow.”

Her ass was so tight. “Back that beautiful ass onto my cock, little girl,” I told her. Laura was reversing into me before I could finish my sentence. As I fucked her nice and slow, going just slightly deeper into her unbelievably tight ass with each stroke, she played wildly with her pussy.

“Oh, my god, you’re making me cum so good, baby,” she screamed.  The combination of all of her slutty talk, the amazing view of her body, the feeling of her little asshole wrapped around my cock, and her cumming so hard was all I could stand.

“Yes!! Yes!!” she shouted as I exploded into her. “That’s it! Shoot your big load in my ass, birthday boy!!”

Only because experiences like this can I be okay with getting another year older!! Lol! For almost 19 years, Heather and I have had an amazing, monogamous marriage and a great sex life.

Within the last couple of years, we’ve begun to slip in a little bit of role-play from time to time, and it’s proven to be a pretty erotic experience that has accentuated our love life.

So I’m sure right now you’re asking; wait, who is Heather, and who is Laura?!

Laura is who Heather “becomes” when she gets into character, and she plays the role to perfection!!

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  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Amazing story. So hot. You had me wondering until the end……. We have also gotten into role-playing. She has a Wonder Woman costume that's hot, for example. Lately, she's enjoyed role-playing as a call girl. We've also been simulating MMF sex as she really likes that. Role-playing is fun and exciting.

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