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Full Face

Maybe I’m crazy, but I try sex everywhere—well, everywhere at home, that is.

Greg came home and found me in the shower, where I just felt like giving myself a good solid orgasm. He loved seeing the expression on my face as I maneuvered the dildo in and out of my pussy, feeling ecstasy at every point.  As he watched, I slid the toy up onto my clit and came with a robust orgasm before I went limp. Greg just stared at me wild-eyed before he undressed and joined me in the shower.

With the water pouring down on my head as I knelt, I grabbed his erection and slipped it into my mouth.  “Mmmmm,” I moaned.  Letting go for a moment to look up at him, I asked, “Give me a facial, please.”

Greg pushed in and held my head tightly. He was giving my mouth sex, and I enjoyed it.  I widened my lips when he pushed his cock in and tightened them as he pulled his shaft outwards.

Then there came a turning point for Greg. His facial expression changed, and he uttered his familiar, “Yes, yes, yes… NOW!” as he pulled out and sprayed my face with cum. It went all over my cheeks, forehead, hair, and everywhere. I let it ooze over my lips and drip down my chin with droplets falling onto my breast. After the last squirts, I licked and nibbled on his penis, tasting the last bit of his cum. My finale showed him how bold I could be. I rubbed his cum all over my face, taking some in my mouth and rubbing the last bit on my nipples.

Afterward, I switched off the shower and got out.  While getting dressed, still smelling of sex, it occurred to me that the scent might make him ready for more a bit later. My idea was to be taken missionary on the dining room table, but I had to wait for his cum to fill up again.

“Do you want to go for dinner?” he asked.

I was a bit hesitant at first but eventually decided. “Yes, if you don’t mind me smelling like sex.”

“Not at all. And oh, put on that yellow mini dress—no panties.”

“Deal. Maybe if you fondle my pussy under the table at dinner, it will drive us so wild that…” I stopped.

“What? Tell me.”

I could not resist. “When we get back, I want you to screw me on the dining room table.”

“It is a deal.” He said as we made our way out of the house.

“Hey!” I protested, “You only put on shorts and a T-shirt.”

“Yeah, I know. Now let’s go, babe.”

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8 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    Way to go and make shower time fun! Nice!!
    We have never been big with facials, but have had a few that happened in the shower!
    We are like LovingMan, and had many accidental ones. Fun for a laugh, and to kiss afterwards!

  2. TLC2383 says:

    I give my wife facials regularly, but it's always so much hotter when she asks for them. Hearing her say something like, " I want your cum all over my face," always makes me erupt. So glad to hear there are others who enjoy this fun, dirty sex act as well. If you have other stories about facials I would love to read them

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