Once Again (L/A)

This story is about anal sex (A). You can read about annotstions in the guidelines.

As much as I like it, so does Greg enjoy having a go at my ass. It seems to me that he finds my ass very sexy; the tightness gives his penis a feeling of using more force and getting deeper penetration. Of course, we try and practice safety; but there are occasions when it’s not possible. One such incident happened lately.

We hooked up the boat and went for a couple of days’ outing to a huge dam. The weather was beautiful, so we decided to cast off and make the boat our home for the night.

The first thing I did as we got underway was strip naked. After all, there’s a lot of privacy on the boat, so I thought I might as well enjoy a full suntan on my bare skin.

Greg, in the meantime, went below deck to set out various things to make us comfortable for the evening. He then joined me, and I was not surprised that he was naked too.

As it was still early afternoon, we cruised along the dam, watching some people ski, others fish, and a woman just lazing topless, enjoying the sun. We came to a nice shady spot, quiet and near the bank of the lake. Greg stopped the boat.

Tuning toward him, I saw his penis in a relaxed mode. His light brown hair covered most of his tool. One thing I love about him is that he’s circumcised; I just prefer the smoothness when I suck it.

As for me, my black pussy hair had grown into a thick bush. Greg likes that, as he feels it brings out real womanhood in me; but it’s not always overgrown because I shave it clean now and then.

We left the steering area, went on deck, and sat on the seat, relaxing. Then Greg asked me to drop anchor. I went to the railing, grabbed the chain, and released it overboard, my ass protruding out as I leaned to make sure it cleared the hull.

Suddenly, I felt a cock creaming my hole with precum. I wasn’t prepared for this as we had no lube or condoms. “Ouch,” I thought, “this is going to hurt.”

Greg was a master; he told me to move back and hold on tight to the railing. He then used saliva to lube the outer areas, and with a gentle but firm push, entered my back passage.

I felt no pain as he started to fuck me, every push going deeper. The familiar tickle of my nerve ending tickles preceed the grip of an orgasm. I let him have his was as I shouted, “FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY ASS!”

This put Greg in a frenzy. He was riding deep, and without warning, shot his load inside my ass. I shuddered as it filled me.

He was quiet for a while. and as he retracted, sperm rolled over my pussy and down the insides of my legs. I waited while he wiped himself off and went back to his seat. Then I cleaned myself up and joined him. It wasn’t until later that we both went into the head to have a wash.

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5 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Loved this story! My husband Ben loves taking my ass, and I have gotten to love it as well. He loves the tightness of it. Thanks for sharing and God bless. Stay horny!

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      This reminds me of when I asked my husband of nearly 30 years if he missed the tightness of my younger, pre-childbirth pussy. He answered that he loved it loose and sloppy, and that if he wanted tight, he'd just take my ass. Lol! Pretty sure I came on him at that; definately melts me to remember it.

  2. ParkerJen says:

    This story got me GOING. Parker and I have recently been experimenting more with my little asshole and I think I’m pretty sure I want to go all the way with it!

  3. Always Horny says:

    This story was arousing plus 🔥🔥🔥 I really hope to be able to experience anal sex with my wife in marriage at some point. I haven’t had sex in almost 6yrs since my divorce 😅 but I’m only 32 so I’m believing Jesus to help me meet the right woman 💪🏻

    Appreciate your story 🙏🏻

  4. LoveMySexyWife says:

    Great story — thanks! My beloved and I love ass play too. I find my Beloved's ass simply irresistible. Just this morning, she masturbated with her big vibe on her clit while I stroke her G-Spot. She peaked with a shuddering long, long, orgasm. I think that the female orgasm is one of the most beautiful things in this world that God created!
    Then she had a couple more "blended orgasms" – she loves the dual sensation of my cock thrusting in her pussy while I simultaneously fuck her back door with first one and then two fingers lubed up with just my saliva. After three or four orgasms and the ass play, she's super relaxed back there. It's easy to penetrate her gorgeous rose petals with my cock covered in her pussy juice.
    My Beloved is ready for me to ride her beautiful ass hard to a superb climax that leaves us both breathless. Happy Saturday! I so love my Beloved wife. God gifted me with this amazing woman, and yes, we're in our 60's, but we love to turn up the heat in our sex life!!!

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