Anniversary Fun ~ Ignite Story

This past summer, 2020, my wonderful wife and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary by taking a short trip to our usual timeshare resort. ¬†We had a fantastic experience that I want to share. ¬†Our actual wedding date is the 12th, and it fell on the first day of our week-long vacation‚ÄĒas it happened, on a Sunday. It was God’s day and so appropriate for a Christian couple to celebrate a long marriage so blessed by our Lord.

Our condo unit was small, but adequate for two people.  There was an entry area, then a queen size bed in the middle of the room, and a sitting area near the windows and sliding door to the deck.  Of note, we were on the top floor, so the view was nice; more importantly, the height meant total privacy as no one could see into our unit.

As we have become slightly older (and wiser), my wife and I don’t usually eat a big or rich meal late in the evening, choosing a late lunch or an early dinner to avoid feeling so full at bedtime. ¬†So on our anniversary, we enjoyed a late lunch at the resort’s nicest restaurant, at 1:30 or so. ¬†After lunch, we walked some scenic trails around the resort before returning to our condo.¬† By then, it was after 4 PM, so we changed into some lounging clothes (essentially, nice workout clothes). ¬†I made sure to wear Janet’s favorite shirt, a “performance” type tee that is slippery-soft and clings to my chest.

We settled on the couch and opened our iPad to a favorite computer game of ours, a crossword-type word scramble that we can snuggle up and play together to find the solutions to a series of puzzles. We sat snuggled up to each other on the couch with the iPad shared on our laps. ¬†Playing the game is intellectually stimulating to us, and working together to solve the puzzles will many times serve as “foreplay” for our bedtime sexual activities.

I assumed we would make love on our anniversary, but I expected we would wait until bedtime to enjoy each other’s bodies on our wedding day. However, because of the nice time we had enjoyed and the excitement of solving the games, Janet started our “physical” activities much earlier than I anticipated. ¬†While playing the game, my wife pressed in closer, and after a bit, she lowered her left hand from the iPad and let me take control of the keypad. ¬†As I filled in the letters, she slowly slid her hand upward, along my torso. I felt her fingers start to trace over the right side of my chest.¬† My wife’s talented fingers have “radar” when it comes to my erogenous zones, and it wasn’t long before her fingers began circling their target.

“Mmm, I really like this shirt on you…” Janet whispered, her fingertips very lightly scratching the shirt over and around my areola.

“Hmmm,” I murmured back.

She was obviously interested in starting our anniversary “celebrations” early, and I was more than content to surrender to her wishes. My fingers were still resting on the keypad, but my concentration was now totally gone as I was soaking up her affection. ¬†Her fingertips worked a little harder, touching all around my erect nubbin. ¬†I gasped lightly, letting my hand fall into my lap. ¬†My wife kept going, moving her fingers from my right nipple to the left, giving it a little attention before returning to the right. ¬†She began using her thumb and finger to flick and tease my nipple through the thin fabric of the shirt.

“Ooh, Ho!” I gasped, mesmerized by her constant playing, my body shifting under her exquisite touch. ¬†I moved the iPad aside, and she just kept her fingers and thumb moving, until I was breathing harder. ¬† I knew she was thoroughly enjoying my responses as she played with my chest.

“You really like this, ¬†don’t you?” Janet murmured, softly demanding an answer.

“Uh-huh,” I groaned in surrender. ¬†I could only sit there, my arms limp at my sides, moaning constantly, ¬†melting under her sensual assault.¬† I wanted to touch her, but I dared not move.¬† Her relentless teasing of my nipples was so intense, so pleasurable, that I did not want to break the spell her fingers had placed on me!

After a couple more minutes, my wife mercifully decided it was time to change gears. ¬†“I think we need a break from the game,” ¬†Janet said, breathing into the side of my neck, making me tingle with light kisses on my skin.

“Ooooooh, yeah,” I sighed in agreement. ¬† I tried to reach up and touch Janet’s chest, but she said, “Not here… We need to move to the bed!”

My wife’s initiation of daytime lovemaking on our anniversary was so extremely exciting, I was nearly shaking with desire. ¬†Then Janet advised, “Before you come to bed, make sure the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is out and the door is locked.¬† We won’t want any interruptions!”

I immediately got up and performed the tasks, and when I turned back around, I was rewarded by the sight of my beautiful wife of forty years stretched out on the bed. ¬†Janet had tossed her clothes away and was lying on her side on the bed, covers pulled back. ¬†The afternoon sunlight streaming through the sheer curtains of the large doors and windows caressed every wonderful curve of her body. My eyes drank in the sight of her. ¬†She knows how much I enjoy making love to her with some lights on, so I can fully appreciate the visual treat of seeing her body. ¬†This was beyond all that. My wife’s sensual act of putting herself “on display” made my libido skyrocket.

I walked over, slipped off my shirt and shorts, and slid onto the bed beside my wife. ¬†On her right side, Janet’s lower arm was extended toward me, her upper arm resting along her torso and hip. ¬†Her large breasts hung from her chest, creamy white torpedos of flesh. ¬†The right one rested on the bed, the left one sitting up a little higher. ¬†Her light pink nipples were already hardening, reaching out for my attention.

My wife looked at me with loving, ¬†hungry eyes. ¬†“Happy Anniversary,” she said.

“And to you,” I replied, leaning closer and giving her a sincere, passionate kiss, my hand reaching behind her neck to steady her head.

Between kisses, Janet murmured, ¬†“What would you like for your anniversary?”

My hand roamed along her shoulder and arm and found its way to her beautiful chest. ¬†I fondled and hefted her heavy breast, just barely grazing her nipple with the web of skin between my thumb and first finger. ¬†“Take a guess,” I half-whispered, kissing the outer boundaries of her plush mound.

“Oh, my!” Janet chuckled. “You are a boob man!”

“Not true!” I stated, kissing her right breast. “With you, I am an everything man!”

My wife laughed lightly. “Now that is definitely true!” She exclaimed. ¬†I continued my advances, but she gently pushed me away, and said, ¬†“Hey, this is my anniversary as well, and I have something I want to do!”

“Anything you wish,” I answered.

“Turn over,” Janet directed. ¬†“I want to give you a really nice back rub in return for all the ones you give to me.”

“Sure,” I agreed and turned over onto my stomach.

My wife straddled my hips and began giving me a firm, steady massage. ¬†After a few minutes, she asked, “How’s that?”

“Feels good,” I sighed.

She shifted sideways and began running her hands along the back of my thighs, then massaged my buttocks. “I love your legs and your tight little butt!” Janet stated. ¬†It’s true‚ÄĒI have a few extra pounds around my middle, but my legs and rear are firm from exercise and favorable genetics.

“Mmm,” I murmured. “Do whatever you want!”

She stopped massaging and began lightly tracing her fingertips over my thighs and butt cheeks. “Oh, no,” she responded, “I’m going to do what you want!”

My wife then trailed her fingertips up and down, giving me familiar tingles of delight as she sensually traced all over my back, buttocks, and thighs.  My sighs and gentle squirming gave away my weakness to her actions.

“You like it light and ¬†‘tickly’, don’t you?” Janet smiled, knowing very well how my body becomes very sensitized with increasing arousal.

“Ah, yeah,” I gasped in response. ¬†My penis was now very erect but trapped under me between my body and the mattress.

My wife again straddled me, this time over my thighs, so her fingers could continue all over my back. ¬†“Are there any special spots where you’d like me to play?” she asked.

I didn’t hesitate to reply. “That spot on my right lower back!”

When we are making love, Janet many times strokes a spot on my back just above my butt.  It is a playing-card-sized minefield of extra-sensitive skin in the small of my back,  and her caresses there always supersize my erection.  Usually her playing there was an afterthought or accidental motion.  Knowing she was going to intentionally target that area really heightened my excitement.

I prepared myself mentally to feel her fingertips, ¬†but instead, ¬†I was surprised when I felt the warm, wet tip of her tongue running lightly over my special “hot zone”. ¬†The exquisitely light touch of her tongue was incredibly arousing, and I gasped and squirmed in response.

By sitting on my legs, ¬†Janet had the leverage of her weight to prevent me from “getting away” ¬†from the intense sensations. ¬†“Is this the right spot?” she teased, ¬†now skimming her fingertips over the area.

“Ho, Yeah!” I exclaimed.

My wife lightly kissed the sensitive flesh, then resumed tantalizing me with her tongue.   I moaned and squirmed under her touch, causing more friction against my penis.

Janet then shifted herself forward. ¬†“I know some other good spots,” she announced. ¬†She then ran her hands up along my sides, her fingers caressing into my armpits and the underside of each arm.

“Oh My! Oh MY!” I blurted, twisting under her pleasurable attack.

My wife moved her fingertips into the hollows of my sensitive pits. ¬†Her light, feathery touches became firmer caresses and much more intense! ¬†Janet was sitting on my lower back, so I couldn’t move enough to disrupt her playing, and the sensual ticking sensations were overwhelming me! ¬†I was caught in that sweet zone of “hellish” pleasure; It was too intense to withstand physically but I didn’t want it to end because it felt soo good!

Janet had me moaning and gurgling in delight in a deliciously aroused state, but I couldn’t take any more! ¬†I was able to raise up slightly on my extended arms, my hands bracing my upper body slightly above the bed. ¬†This at least blocked my sensitive armpits and underarms from her relentless fingers.¬† My devious wife just reached around my torso through the gaps between my limbs and sides and teased my erect nipples.

I howled in pleasure and writhed under her, collapsing on the bed to escape the sensations of her magical fingers on my chest.  While I caught my breath, she mercifully shifted off of me so I could turn over.

“Oh, my word!” I panted, trying to calm down after that intense experience.

Janet smiled at my erection.¬† “Wow, that sexy tickling really gets you going!”

“Uh-huh,” I sighed, reaching for her.

My wife quickly turned over onto her stomach. “Now it’s my turn for you to torture my back!’ she stated.

“My pleasure!” I answered and initiated a nice massage, soon adding kisses and caresses all over her smooth skin. ¬†I went up and down her back, skipped over her butt, and gave her thighs and lower legs a firm massage. ¬†Once at her calves, I nudged, and ¬†Janet moved her legs apart so I could kneel between them.¬† From this position, I ran my hands up the back of her limbs, kneading the smooth muscles, letting my thumbs trail up the inside of her thighs. ¬†Once I reached the crease where her butt started, I slid my hands into position, and my thumbs gently explored the soft, tender area where her vulva started.

“I need some coconut oil for this next bit of ‘torture’.” I stated, my voice husky with excitement. I reached for the small jar of coconut oil and dipped my fingertips and thumbs into the substance.¬† Then I straddled her left leg and used my left hand to stabilize and spread her butt cheeks just slightly. ¬†I made just enough room for my oiled fingertip, and I lightly touched her perineum, the ultra-sensitive area between her anus and vulva.

Janet gasped sharply at the new sensation, her rear end squirming just a little under my touch.  I stroked gently toward her vulva, feeling her tremble under my hands and fingers.  By sitting on her one leg, I kept her from shifting fully away from the sensation, but with the right leg free she could move just enough to make my playing tolerable.

“Does it tickle?” I asked, looking at her face to gauge her reactions to my stimulation.

Janet’s head was turned toward me, resting on her arm. ¬†Her expression was one of pleasant concentration, her eyes closed, obviously content to just absorb my intense, play. ¬†“Uh, huh,” my wife murmured.

“Like it?” I asked nicely, my fingertip still caressing her very sensitive private spot. ¬†I knew the answer from the look on her face, but I wanted to hear her say it.

“Ooh, yes please…” Janet gurgled. ¬†I could tell she was nearing the “sweet zone” just like I was earlier‚ÄĒvery pleasurable but almost too intense to bear. ¬†The keyword was “almost.”

I kept my lubricated fingertip moving, teasing her perineum with the lightest of feathery touches. Thankfully, I was able to keep her on the edge of sensual bliss for a few minutes, enjoying her little gasps and sighs of pleasure.¬† Next, I slid my hand under her. ¬†I used my lone fingertip and touched the southernmost “V” of her vulva, ¬†nudging ju-u-ust barely into her. ¬†My reward was hearing more gasps and sighs as she shifted her legs apart to allow me more access to her most private area.¬† I added another finger, so now two were lightly caressing, each taking a side, gently teasing her moist labia open. ¬†As I worked into her warm crevice, ¬†I was rewarded by the large amount of fluid coming from her.

“Oh, my!” I gasped. ¬†“You are so wet!” I dipped my two fingers upward, exploring just inside her sopping vagina.

My wife knew she was already wet, but hearing my observations increased her arousal even further. Janet groaned in response.

I continued with my physical play while I verbally worked her into a frenzy. ¬†“Your fluid is just pouring out!” ¬†I said with glee. ¬†“The housekeeping girls will know what we’ve been doing!”

My wife moaned as my fingers slid in and out of her, releasing more evidence onto the sheets.

I added another comment. ¬†“When I’m done with you, they’ll think there were newlyweds in here!” ¬†I punctuated my statement by pressing my fingers as far in as I could go in this position, massaging every bit of her inner vault.

“Ooooh, I’ve got to turn over!” Janet groaned in response and shifted onto her back as I let my fingers slide out of her.¬† After a very brief rest, I started to advance on her, but my wife pushed me back onto the bed.

“Oh, ¬†no!” She smiled.¬† “It’s my turn again!”¬† Janet began running her hands over my chest, her fingers and thumbs flicking and playing with my nipples. ¬†She straddled my torso, leaned over me, and kept her hands going on my chest. ¬†“Stretch your arms up, so I can play with them!” Janet commanded.

Of course, I complied.¬† She rewarded me by running her fingertips lightly up and down my limbs, from my elbow, along my underarms, around and through the armpits, and down my sides a little way. Her touch was electrifying, and I couldn’t help squirming from the intense, sensual “tickling” she was delivering. ¬†When I had trouble holding still, my wife would hold one of my arms down with one hand, leaving the other hand free to play. She would then lean over the immobilized side and give my nipple some attention with kisses and flicks of her tongue, all while stroking my arm incessantly. Then she would switch to the other arm and side and repeat the actions.

I moaned and groaned in my own delicious state of ecstasy as she lovingly tormented me this way. ¬† Her ample chest was pressing against me, adding to my fire. ¬†“Raise up please,” I asked. “I want to see your chest!”

Janet smiled. “Since you asked so nicely…” she replied, ¬†raising her upper body.¬† She braced herself by holding both my arms above my head and leaning forward, pressing my arms firmly against the mattress for support. ¬†Now her beautiful, pendulous breasts were hanging over my face, her erect nipples tantalizingly close.

“Mmm, hmmm,” I murmured in appreciation, fully enjoying the view.

“See something you want?” Janet taunted, lowering her chest just a little, inviting me to taste her flesh.

“Oh, yeah….” ¬†I sighed, opening my mouth and reaching up to try to get to her.

Janet shifted her torso, ¬†keeping herself just out of my reach. I knew at once what she had planned! ¬†This was a sensual little game of “keep away” she likes to play. ¬†On top and in control, Janet could entice me with her wonderful globes of flesh but make me chase them until she decided to allow me to fully enjoy them!

Having my wife of forty years in such a seductive and sensual mood is husbandly heaven, and I was content to enjoy everything she offered.  I stretched my neck up and extended my tongue.

My deliciously devious wife let me have a very brief taste of her sensitive tip before moving away, breaking my contact as I groaned in discontent.  Then she started a side to side motion of her torso, letting her breasts sway just above my face.  Janet would allow me to get one nipple just barely between my lips before her sideways motion pulled it away.  As she moved, the other nipple would come into reach, and I would enthusiastically go after it.  My wife repeated the teasing process time after time, letting me lick and suck her hardened tips briefly before pulling away.

My breathing became harder. I groaned in satisfaction every time she let me have a taste, and I groaned in protest when she took herself away.  After a few passes like this, Janet held her upper body motionless, but again, slightly farther than I could easily reach.  My eyes were glazed in excitement and desire with the vision of her breasts filling my view.

“I’ll hold still,” my wife said softly, “but you’ll have to work for it!” ¬†I was crazed with desire as I gathered myself and grunted, strained my neck upward, and captured an entire nipple and areola with my mouth. ¬†I was only able to suck and lick the tip briefly because my neck would tire and and not hold me up any longer. Again, I groaned in anguish as I fell away from my prize.

Janet offered me the other breast, urging me on as I lunged upward for the other side. “You are really wanting this, aren’t you?” she asked. ¬†My wife’s verbal teasing was in return for mine earlier.¬† ¬†She knew the answer, but obviously wanted to hear me say it!

I relished her playful revenge and surrendered enthusiastically to her demand. ¬†“Uh-huh!” I gurgled as I suckled on her in satisfaction before falling away. ¬†I was panting in desire and fatigue, and Janet was thoroughly enjoying her sensual prowess and her ability to whip my libido into a frenzy with her voice and body.

After a bit, she decided to be very nice to me after my hard work. ¬†“Mmmm,” she murmured softly. “You’ve earned this!” Janet now lowered her right breast, allowing me to have it easily. I moaned with delight as my mouth filled with her flesh, and I ravished her nipple with my lips and tongue.

“Oh yeah….” she murmured in satisfaction. ¬†A few minutes later, she shifted to offer her left breast. ¬†“Now this one!” my wife said.

I took it in and sucked and licked hungrily. ¬†As she groaned in pleasure, ¬†I ¬†felt her press forward and down, squashing her mound against my mouth. ¬†Being half immobilized and unable to escape the playful “smothering” from her beautiful breast made me even more excited! ¬†I moaned into her soft pillow of flesh.

“Can you breathe okay?” Janet asked.

“Uh-huh!” I gurgled in satisfaction, continuing my sensual assault with my ravenous mouth.

Then Janet let go of my arms and sat back on her haunches, straddling my pelvis.  In this upright position, her weight was pressing against my erect penis, which lay nestled against the groove of her vulva.  We know our bodies and desires well after forty years, and I knew this position always gets her extremely excited

“Oh my word!” she said loudly. “I can’t take this! ¬†I have to lay down!”

The opportunity was too good to miss! Even though she was “on top”, my wife was obviously no longer in control of the situation and craved the finish to our extended foreplay!

“Not yet,” I smiled. “You’ll have to work for it!” ¬†When she is in this state of arousal, I love teasing her by using her own words against her!

Janet moaned in surrender. She held her arms away from her sides for balance and began rocking her hips forward and back, rubbing against me with her warm, wet inner labia. ¬†Her big beautiful breasts were now hanging down, luscious torpedoes of flesh on full display, her pink nipples pointing down and right at me. ¬†My wife’s chest was bobbing and shifting seductively with every movement of her hips.

“Ohhh, yeah…” I murmured, my eyes gleaming with desire. “You are so beautiful‚ÄĒand sexy!”¬† I was thoroughly enjoying the vision of her body responding in extreme arousal. ¬†I placed a hand on each of her thighs, caressing them firmly.

“I love feeling your hands on my legs!” Janet said, continuing the wonderful back and forth motion of her pelvis.

I smiled from underneath her and slid my hands up her torso. “And I love feeling these!” I said. ¬†I cupped each breast in a hand, and moved my thumbs back and forth like windshield wipers to flick both hardened nipples at once. ¬†My wife groaned, nearly stopping her hips from my wonderful new distraction. ¬†I then captured her erect tips between my fingers and thumbs, and gently tweaked and pulled them downward.

Her loud moan of delight and the sensual, ¬†glazed look on her face signaled the end of her upright position. ¬†“Ohhh, Gaaa… ” Janet gurgled. ¬†“I’m too close!”¬† She tilted forward and turned as she rolled onto the bed beside me.

Immediately, I slid into position between her legs.  I let her catch her breath briefly, then wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her closer, jamming her vulva tight against me.  Her legs were bent just a little as I leaned forward and pressed the shaft of my erect penis back into the groove of her labia.

This position signaled how I was planning to finish our afternoon fun.  We were both very excited,  but the extended foreplay had brought my wife very close to the edge a couple of times already.  She really loves when we finish together, but with her state of arousal, further teasing might cause her to finish before me.

“I can’t take much more! ¬†I want you in me when I go!” ¬†Janet pleaded with her eyes and voice.

I smiled in satisfaction, knowing that we were on the home stretch of reaching sensual marital ecstasy. “Oh, I will be,” I promised. “You know what I want to see!”

My wife of forty years did know, ¬†and was more than willing to give me an “anniversary” show! ¬† Janet held her arms against her torso and clutched the sheet near her hips for leverage and began moving her bottom up and down slowly so she was once again rubbing herself against my erection. ¬†Her large breasts that a few minutes ago had hung down from her torso were now flattened out over her chest, like thick pancakes of soft flesh, topped with her erect pink nipples.

After a minute or so of her slow movements, I straightened my torso, raising myself up a tiny bit.¬† This small change would force her to move her pelvis higher and harder to feel my throbbing penis.¬† “Just a little more,” I teased, fully enjoying the vision of my wife spread out before me as she gathered herself for the next step.

Then I begged, “Move your sexy hips for me! ¬†Please?” ¬†My wife responded beautifully, thrusting her bottom up and down with renewed enthusiasm!¬† “Oooh,¬†¬†Janet!” I groaned. “I love this!”

I was truly in husbandly heaven! ¬†My wife’s large breasts were now as flattened out as they could be, spilling over the edge of her torso and onto her biceps pressed tight to her sides. ¬†Those wonderful mounds of soft flesh were shifting and bobbling with every thrust of her hips. ¬†Janet’s sensual grunts and groans were added to mine as we continued working ourselves into a frenzy.

As our excitement was peaking, I gurgled, “I can’t wait any longer! ¬†I’ve got to have you!” ¬†I didn’t wait for an answer, but tipped forward and guided my erect organ into her. ¬†As I settled in, I reached up to her beautiful chest and gave each nipple a little teasing tug from my fingers and thumb.

Janet moaned loudly in pleasure and pulled me closer as I started thrusting in and out of the depths of her warm vault. ¬†She clutched my butt cheeks firmly. ¬†I braced myself with one hand on the bed and held her left thigh with the other. ¬† Our hands enjoyed each other’s flesh as we moved in our usual great rhythm. Soon we were both going over the edge of marital bliss as our bodies shuddered and spasmed in fulfillment.

As we finished, we kissed each other passionately and murmured “Thank you’s” and “I love you’s” until the rush had passed.¬† Then we just relaxed beside each other.¬† I finally said, “Forty years, and it just gets better every time!”

“Happy Anniversary, dear!” Janet replied.

“To you as well,” I sighed.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    This kind of story warms my heart! And yes it IS terribly sexy as well. We are at about a decade behind you. But we understand how nice it is to love each other passionately AND how fun it is to sexually tease your spouse. We also love mutual nipple play. . . In fact, I was married previously but Melodie, my wife now of almost 30 years introduced nipple play on MY nipples. (She was a virgin when we married but figured this out on our honeymoon!). I found that I love having my nips touched – flicked – licked – etc. God bless you both and congratulations on 40 years together! And thanks for sharing this great way you celebrated!

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