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Greg and I strolled through the park on an unusually hot day. I’d worn a  panty under my short skirt to help keep my sweat-dampened skin from chafing as I walked, and Greg had worn a t-shirt and long pants. Starting to overheat, we found a bench where we could rest and cool off before starting the trek back home

As we took the turn of our block, I started to get horny. We entered the house, and Greg shut and locked the front door.  I flopped down on the couch, then bounced upright again as he approached. I could tell the thought of sex had entered his mind as well; the slight bulge in his crotch made it clear. I reached to rub it from outside his pants, and within a few minutes, he was fumbling with his belt, then loosening and stepping out of his pants. After removing his tee too, Greg stood naked in front of me.

His cock was still only half-hard, and he gestured for me to suck it up. I did not hesitate; I lowered my knees to the floor. I knew that when he is a bit flaccid like this, he needs me to be gentle, only gulping him whole once he’s hard enough. And so began one of those slow, passionate sucks that eventually make his bubble burst.

As I started to bob my head in and out on Greg’s manhood, he played his part as a tender lover, constantly moving my hair to the side so he could enjoy a view of what I was doing. He was beginning to rise, and I could feel the drops of pre-cum on my tongue. I just knew Greg would shoot at any moment, but I was wrong. It was one of the longest sucks I ever gave him, and the deeper I took him, the more he swelled. I desperately carried on sucking my man, my mouth now filled with tons of pre-cum.

Meanwhile, Greg tugged up my skirt and lovingly moved his hands over my lower back. He then sweetly asked me to stop, take a break, and sit next to him. But that wasn’t the end of our fun. He guided my head to his lap, and I turned and tucking my legs under me on the couch to resume sucking. Again, he played with my hair, making me feel like a professional. I started to love this, and all along, his cock was growing and swelling.

Greg then suddenly told me to stop and, feeling under my skirt, he got hold of my panty. Instructing me to stand, he pulled down my undies and, at the same time, I slid my shirt off. I removed my bra, so the only thing left on me was my skirt. Further, he was quite surprised to find me absolutely hairless as I had it removed the previous day.

He sat back on the couch and asked me to face away from him. I sat on him lightly, my pussy aligned with his hardened shaft. “Fuck me,” he said.

I knew this style well, and within a few minutes, we were romping away. Though we started slowly, the momentum increased gradually. He went wild with pleasure. Bracing his hands on the couch, he pumped upwards to meet my thrusts. We made the sounds of hardcore sex as I twerked my pussy and felt his balls hit my inner thighs every time he pushed up.

Then we changed positions. I got off and sat on his thighs, facing him. As I lowered my pussy onto his shaft, I bent forward, grabbing his shoulders while he gripped and fondled my breasts. The intricate movement of sex went on, and all the orgasms I experienced had me soaked. We romped and bucked, his thighs pushing mine upward and then relaxing as I fell. His cock went deep and his balls tickled my ass, adding to my pleasure.

Again we repositioned; Greg took me off of him and lay me on my back, tucking himself behind me against the couch back. He lifted one of my legs and gripped it tightly while the other hung to the floor. I rested my head on a throw pillow as he entered me sideways. This made me feel crazy, as his penetration was so spot on that I just lay motionless, enjoying orgasm after orgasm. He rammed my pussy so hard that I screamed for more, and Greg intensified the action. I thought I would pass out, but Greg kept penetrating me, and I felt my juices dripping out all over.

Then he stopped and, flipping my limp body, made me grip the back of the couch. He asked me to lift one leg to the couch cushions while the other braced on the floor, a modified “Doggy” style. His cock pushed inside me once again, and I instantly went into a shudder as he rammed me in the most exquisite fashion. He gave me such pleasure, but I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. I heard the unique sounds he makes as his orgasm approaches and got ready to be filled.

But he stopped, laid me down in the missionary position, and entered me in the good old fashion way. I enjoyed it for only a few minutes until I heard an orgasmic roar and warm liquid spilled deep into my pussy. That was it!

He fell on me, exhausted, then rose up and tentatively touched my pussy to see if his cum had all disappeared inside. Surprisingly, it had; none had spilled out. But when I started to grope myself, I found the excess had begun to drip. We just hugged one another and made our way to the shower.

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6 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Very sexy story! The couch has some unique positions possibilities – and you two found some of them. We have found that the ottoman can be useful too. Great story! Keep on sharing!

    • Tango69 says:

      Some of my best fuck session have begun on the couch. I love the foreplay of couch sex. The lead-up, anticipation, and desire sometimes is all you need without the “cock;” it's ever so fun. However, I love pinning my Nan in the upright sitting position on the couch. Yummm

  2. SamtheMan says:

    I like how you go into detail describing the positions. The couch has been one of our favorite places for sex and we've fucked almost every position possible with the couch so brought back thoughts of my wife and me. I appreciate all of the positions you mentioned and wish we could last that long. I don't believe my wife and I have ever been able to do more than 2 positions in a fuck session before we both cum and are done.

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