Funny Sex Session

Sometimes I wake up with an earworm; today, The Blue Danube Waltz was stuck in my head.  I walked the dog, then headed to the bathroom to shave before I remembered that we had not listened to a Bible chapter for a few days.  I was already undressed but reading your scriptures is important, so I returned to our queen bed where Melodie was still reading a romance novel. I laid beside and facing her.  I turned on the Bible app, and we listened to the chapter from the New Testament.

As we cuddled and listened, I ran my hands over my wife’s curvy hips.  She was lying on her side and facing me.   Then I rolled over, facing away from her, and she gently ran her fingernails all over my bare back and buns.  Before the chapter ended, I rolled onto my back, and Melodie ran her fingertips all over my torso.  Her magic fingers also slipped down to stroke my hardening member. I loved the sensations of her fingers anywhere on my skin.

The Bible chapter ended, and Melodie started to get up, but I asked for some edging first.  She rolled over to face me as I stayed on my back.  Then she worked more of her magic with her lips and tongue on my left nip.  She reached down and cupped my balls and very gently squeezed them.  I pumped my fast-growing erection… but not to orgasm.  After those of hers fingertips did their thing, I think my body became hypersensitive because I had gotten quite hard, and I had to stop the edging pretty quickly, or I was going to cum.

We stopped the edging and rose to clean up for our scheduled “quickie.”  My wife and I negotiated our sex schedule around 4 years ago after we retired.  We have sex every other day.  One day’s a quickie where usually only I have an orgasm, and then two days later, we both go for orgasms. We worked out this schedule because we had desire discrepancies. (I wanted more frequent sex than Melodie, my wife.  AND we saw a marriage/sex therapist about it.) Those of you who read my stories on MH know that sometimes those quickie days become much more.  Being older, I can’t complain about getting to make love every other day.  In fact, we have more sex now than when we were working.  We are not as busy, and we’re not as tired now.

During my shower, I turned on the 10-minute scene from the movie 2001 a Space Odyssey that has The Blue Danube Waltz playing.  (I have a cell phone holder high in the far end of my shower/tub.) I did a bit more pumping to the music as it played on throughout my shower.  Past experiences told me this would enhance my performance in our “cumming” sex session.

I thought about what we’d done before showering, and I wondered if Melodie thought it was a full lovemaking session day and not a quickie day.  (It WAS a quickie day.) But if she was confused, I wasn’t going to say anything.  I also made a playlist of  The Blue Danube Waltz.  I had decided it was an excellent song for sex.

After my shower and shave, I walked naked into the bedroom, turned on the halite lamps, and turned off the overhead light.  I also turned on my new Blue Danube playlist (that I made in the shower).  Then I laid next to my nude wife and kissed her deeply for a while.  Soon my hands had wandered to her beautiful boobs, and I cupped them and gently massaged them.  She responded favorably.  I can’t quite explain it, but I just knew that she WAS confused at the type of day it was AND… from her response to my touch, I could see that she was getting very aroused, so the quickie sex session had been transcended to a full-blown lovemaking session.

Before long, I was loving on her plump raspberries (nipples) and rubbing coconut oil and flavored Aloe Cadabra® * Tahitian Vanilla Lube lube onto and into her sweet pussy.   I also rubbed some on her cute nipples, and we did “tip on nip,” where I stroke my rod as my tip rubs her nipple.

Melodie was cooing and sighing softly as she does and her breasts were swelling as they do…. when she is getting really REALLY aroused. Feeling and seeing my glans rubbing her nipple as I pump my shaft was doing crazy sexy things to her.  She was buzzing her clit and she watched the action on her nipple but then she threw her head back and closed her eyes in pure sexual pleasure.  After about a minute she opened her eyes and looked into mine.  Then she made my favorite of all suggestions when she said, “Please go inside me, Tom.  I want the real thing!” 

That was an un-refusable demand so we went into missionary position, and soon I was pumping deep inside her welcoming pussy.  She could tell that I was very hard and getting close and she told me to remember our rule and come. It felt soooo nice to feel my erection deep inside her and to feel her beautiful breasts pressed into my chest and to look into her big beautiful Nordic eyes. 

“Come on Tom, you know the rule, cum inside me already!” she insisted… in a husky and turned on voice.  

So at her insistence, I “seized the moment” and came deep inside her very responsive pussy.   (Thank you, DexterousD, for that phrase.)  My weak heart often acts up during missionary position, so that is why we have the rule for me to “seized the moment” and come when I can.

I slid out of her caressing and now creamy cunt, and I moved to her left side and boob and used my lips on her nipple.  She cupped her breast and pushed it up to offer its red raspberry to me.  Then, quite suddenly, my Melodie got a funny look on her face, and she asked, “What kind of day is this?” (I had been wondering if she was going to catch on.) I fessed up that it was a quickie day.  Melodie HAD gotten confused; she had thought it was a full lovemaking day.  She started laughing her head off.

But the damage had been done.  Her misremembering our sex schedule had allowed me to get her very worked up.  She was fully aroused and would not be satisfied without a nice orgasm.  I scooped some flavored lube and coconut oil with our cum from her filled and now leaking pussy, and I applied the mix to her nips.  (After I add my cum inside her, the concoction is a love potion that tastes like a chocolate protein shake.)  Melodie was still laughing hard!  I told her that she couldn’t come while laughing.  (And past experience told me that after being loved that much and that intimately and filled with my cum… she was very VERY close.

I returned to loving on that lovely left nip that now tasted like a yummy chocolate protein shake. Then I knew it was time to switch sides. I looked at her beautiful face that always “youthens” when she’s aroused, and I told her that it ought to be illegal to look as sexy as she does  (but I certainly wasn’t complaining).

Then she insisted on having some of MY mini man-nipples.  So I rolled onto my back, and she proceeded to lick, suck, and tongue-flick my nipples as I pumped my growing erection that was quickly returning to full engorgement.  (She loves my nips as much as I love hers.) 

Melodie was already ready for round 2 of intercourse – having been all lubed up by the lubes and her own pussy made juices, our lube choices, and of course, my semen.  But she was watching my erection.  She saw my returning hardness, and she took over the penis pumping.

“Nice & hard,” she said. “That will feel very nice inside me!”  (Remember that she had not yet had her first orgasm this sex session.)

So she rolled onto her back, and we went into our modified X position with us at right angles – her on her back and me on my side facing her buns & her impatiently waiting pussy.  Her legs were both draped over my left hip & thigh.

With great pleasure, I re-entered her garden and relished in her ultimate hug she gives me, using her Kegel muscles to clamp onto my very happy erection.  She was able to use the vibrator on her clit as I thrust deep inside her garden’s tunnel of love.  When I thrust deep inside her, the view of her heaving breasts was hypnotic to me.  And besides heaving with her deep breaths, her beautiful Scandinavian porcelain breasts were bouncing with each of my enthusiastic thrusts.

After about five minutes of this most pleasurable of all married activities, I decided I needed to seize the moment again and cum while I could…. but to my surprise, the big O hit us simultaneously this time.  It had been a while since that had happened during intercourse.  (It used to happen frequently before cancer, heart failure, and COPD.)  So we both enjoyed the simultaneous electrical party in our nervous systems.

Melodie arched her back and shook like she was in her own mini-earthquake.  “I-I’m cumming!” she cried out, in her husky sex-drenched voice – much louder than usual.  (She usually sings alto, but sex and orgasms, in particular, make her voice a tenor.)

I slid up beside her, and we cuddled.  I dipped two fingers into our love potion that was again leaking out of her contented cunt and rubbed it onto both of her hard nipples.  Then I began to take turns licking it off each lovely raspberry.

“That feels good,” whispered Melodie in her husky tenor voice.  She had immediately reapplied the vibe to its sexy task of stimulating her clitoris.

That was a signal for me.  Sometimes she will have a fast second orgasm right after the first.  I increased my oral ministrations on her left nip and gently pinched the right one.  Sure enough, her back arched again, and she shuddered as her husky tenor gasped out, “I’m cumming again!”

I watched the show on her face with one of my eyes.  She is my 19- or 20-year-old beauty at that moment.  (Which is funny because I was actually in grade school when she was 19.) I always get so hard when I watch her cum. . . and even though I had already come twice – including just a few minutes before – I was ready for more.

As she was not yet down from her orgasmic high, I again mounted her in missionary position and happily pounded away!  (When on a sexual high, my sexy wife likes it kind of rough.) Her orgasmic contractions go on for a while after the main event (and they feel like husband heaven as her internal pussy caresses my happy horn), so I soon filled her pussy with more of the creamy evidence of my passionate love for her.  That was my third O of the session, although I’ll admit there was progressively less cum with each orgasm.

I slid out and then moved up beside Melodie, and we cuddled, but her flavorful pussy was calling to me.  I slid back down and slurped up some fresh cum combo: semen, lady natural lubricant, and Tahitian Vanilla flavored aloe gel lube.  Yes, she/we tasted like a chocolate protein shake, and yes, we tasted delicious!  I even ended the lovemaking session by chuckling about how that combination tastes so good and even reminds me of European chocolate.

Wait a minute here!  It just occurred to me!  Maybe THIS is the secret to that yummy, creamy, European chocolate we were introduced to on our tour of Europe.  After all, my wife is from a family that rather recently immigrated from Scandinavia, so SHE’S European; I’m part Danish, so I’m part European too!  No wonder the European chocolatiers keep their recipe a secret!

I finished re-editing this story at night after my wife, Melodie, went to sleep. It was written three weeks ago, about a week before Christmas.   When I read it to her after my final edit, we had just shared a nice quickie sex session.  She thought my little joke at the end of this story was funny.  



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  1. DexterousD says:

    Great story, thanks! This nicely illustrates there are many reasons and opportunities for sex and intimacy: (1) because it was scheduled, (2) because we THOUGHT it was scheduled, (3) when we weren’t planning it but our husband/wife caught our sexy attention and got our motor running, (4) because we liked it so much and found our motors were still running, that we did it all again! And I’m sure there are many more 🙂

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