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“Finally,” I said, watching the silver SUV back out of the driveway.

My wife Leia let out a sigh in agreement. She stood next to me at the bay window of our beloved bungalow house nestled just a few miles beneath the San Gabriel Mountains, waving as her parents drove away with our two sons smiling and waving back from the back seat of their car.

I wrapped an arm around her waist, marveling at the beauty of her face and figure as the glow of the late afternoon sun surrounded us. She looked up at me and smiled, and I felt instantly hypnotized by her glistening blue eyes, her porcelain skin, her warm red hair cascading down onto the tops of her shoulders, her full pink lips parted ever-so-slightly.

I leaned closer and touched those lips with mine. Soft and tender. My hand drifted down from her waist to her rear, lingering in the touch of her full round cheeks, now firmer and smoother as a testament to her recent months of weight loss efforts (efforts that I didn’t think she needed but had boosted her energy, mood, and confidence). I silently whispered a prayer of gratitude in my mind towards the Almighty God, thanking that eternal force for the blessings of being linked to this amazing woman for life.

“You ready?” she asked softly. I could visually see the tension releasing from her body as she said it.

“Yes,” I responded, breathing out in unison. Of course, “ready” didn’t describe half of what I felt since I had envisioned several rounds of pleasure that our intimate time would bring.

After months of being cooped up at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were relieved that her parents had finally agreed to take the boys for the weekend. For some reason, the anticipation of getting them out of the house and being able to share that special marital time had felt almost unbearable. Earlier that day, the boys had been uniquely difficult and taken their sweet time getting ready to go to “Gammy” and “Pop-Pop’s” place. It seemed like they never would go.

Leia winked. “Ready for a walk,” she said, smirking playfully. “Remember, you promised.”

I nodded. “Of course,” I said. As much as I wanted to scoop her up in my arms and rush into the bedroom and make her mine, I had promised that before those activities, we would go on a walk in our oak-tree-covered neighborhood, sharing precious time talking and reconnecting without interruption or parental responsibilities.

As I laced up my sneakers, my gaze soaked in the sight of my beloved as she bent down to adjust the tongue of one of her shoes. Dressed in flattering dark-colored yoga pants and a long-sleeved athletic shirt that hugged to her form and accentuated all of my favorite parts, she was a vision that ignited another flutter from my heart and another grateful prayer to Heaven.

“My love,” I murmured, “you are beautiful.”

She popped up and flipped a backhand at the top of my head, playfully flicking my hair.

“Okay, horny boy,” she said. “Let’s go.”

For a split second, I thought she would forego our planned walk and instead pull me into the bedroom. But she walked to the front door and opened it invitingly. “This will be exactly what we need.”

I couldn’t argue since I knew from experience that one of the best ways of setting the stage for some of the most passionate lovemaking in our 17 years of marriage happened when we first took time to enjoy each other’s company, spending quality time as a couple talking and emotionally reconnecting with our vows to each other, like the time when we prolonged wine tasting at some nearby vineyards to build up our lust and longing. (You can read about that in my previous story, Tastings and Toys).

The 45-minute walk through our neighborhood felt almost blissful. It was a sunny, 70-degree Southern California day with not a cloud in the sky. As we wound our way through our treasured neighborhood, allowing the sun to kiss our skin as it peeked through the oaks with rays of warmth, Leia and I talked—about our kids, our frustrations with the pandemic, and recent political debates with family. It felt good to be once again connected to this amazing woman, the mother of my children and my best friend in life.

I sent another prayer skyward as Leia and I walked, thanking God for blessing my life with such a courageous, sincere, and understanding woman. Although I was eager to get home and proceed with some of the naughtier parts of my plan for the weekend, I didn’t want to let these preceding moments go. I breathed in the feeling of love.

Before we knew it, we were back home. As we reentered the front door, shaking off our sneakers and lifting our arms in a mutual stretch that felt so good after a vigorous walk, I noticed how hot my bride looked as she let out a sigh of relief. She caught me staring at her breasts as they lifted upwards with the motion and quickly let out a giggle.

“I think you need a shower,” she said, “stinky.”

I quickly responded, nodding and removing the sleeveless tee that I often worked out in. Leia put a hand on my chest, smoothing her fingers through the hair there. “Don’t take too long,” she whispered. “I have plans, too.”

I couldn’t take my clothes off or get to the shower fast enough. It took a little self-control not to touch myself as I let the water rinse off my slightly sweaty body since it was challenging not to imagine all of the nakedness that would soon ensue. Instead, I focused on using the time to make sure I thoroughly washed in preparation for the next round of activities, and I took a few extra minutes to use my razor and shave my balls and nearby areas to make them a bit smoother, which Leia not only liked but also felt so good to me, too.

“Your turn!” I shouted from the shower. In seconds, I heard Leia enter the bathroom and open some of the vanity drawers as she took out her various grooming tools.

I emerged, dripping, and was a little disappointed that she was still fully clothed in her yoga pants, workout bra, and long-sleeved shirt. Thinking I might spice things up, I dried off but let Leia see a few glimpses of my private parts here and there, strategically moving my towel to allow her a brief peek at my semi-hard cock.

Even though I caught her eye in the mirror, Leia decided to hide her reaction. As she focused intently on her face in the mirror as she finished plucking some stray hairs from one of her eyebrows, she said: “Now leave me alone so that I can get ready.”

I knew my place, so after a brief peck on her cheek, I left Leia alone to shower and get cleaned up.

Waiting in the bedroom for Leia to finish her shower felt like an eternity. I lay in bed, listening to the sound of the water, wearing only a pair of black boxer briefs and enjoying how the fabric felt, tight against my balls and dick.

But when she walked into the room, boy, was it worth the wait. My lovely bride sauntered in, topless and wearing only a pair of black lace cheeky panties. As she entered to my right and came around the bed to get in from her side, my eyes soaked in the enticing sight of every step. Her ass cheeks, peeking out from the bottom of those panties, swayed with each step. Her red hair bounced slightly as she moved, and her breasts swayed from side to side, their full round shape accentuated by the soft, almost golden light that was cast from the lamp on her dresser.

She silently but deliberately pulled the curtains to one of our windows closed, and in the same motion, moved back the covers and gracefully slid into the bed. Leia reclined, smiling at me, resting her head delicately on the pillow. Her beauty entranced me, and I could tell by her slight amusement how hypnotized I must have appeared.

“Come here,” she said, reaching out a hand towards my face as I scooted closer.

The passion took over.

Our lips met with a feverish fervor, our mouths opening and hungrily kissing as fully as possible. Our tongues probed each other, and at points, she flicked and sucked at mine, sending a thrilling tingle through my body. I returned the favor and reveled in the soft moans of pleasure that vibrated through her chest.

My hand soon made its way to her groin, and I caressed her thigh with the medium pressure that I knew she liked. On previous occasions, Leia had confided in me that soft, light touches really didn’t do it for her; she didn’t want to feel tickled. She wanted to feel wanted, and my firmer grip would send that message without any doubt. I happily obliged.

As my fingers moved down and felt the distinct shape of her mound, I realized that these were not her regular lace panties. I smiled inwardly as I realized that Leia was wearing a pair of peek-a-boo panties that allowed immediate and direct access to her moist lips—no removal required.

I carefully opened her pussy lips and immediately felt her silky wetness on my fingers. For several minutes, I caressed her clitoris, alternating those deliberate strokes with brief, exploratory motions that sent a finger into the wanting folds of her vagina. Our lips parted, and I felt my pace increase as her breathing likewise sped up.

“Get the vibrator,” she told me in between pants.

I stopped my touching of her and moved to sit up on my knees, reaching behind me to grab her favorite pink silicone vibrator that I had brought into bed. I pressed the button, and it sprang to life with steady, moderately paced pulsations. As I brought the vibrator to her genitals, I started to lie back down, but suddenly, I felt her warm hand grip my fully hard cock, and the sensation took my breath away.

“Stay,” she said.

I knelt next to her, my erect and engorged member stretching out just over her lovely left breast. I looked down as she held my cock, her red fingernails contrasting with her pale, slightly freckled skin and the purple head of my engorged penis as it twitched to life. She was enjoying the sight, too, and watching her hold my cock and pull me closer to her chest made me desire this woman even more. Although I had conjured fantasies of fucking her in many positions during the past few days leading up to this special time, those plans were easily altered in favor of this moment, which was unique, different, and exciting.

Leia opened the small bottle of lube from her dresser with a swift motion and applied it liberally to the head and shaft of my wanting cock. Her breath then increased, and she arched slightly back, opening her legs and inviting the vibrator into her vagina. I deliberately used the tool in the ways that I knew she loved, moving it up and down her clit and then penetrating her so fully, so easily. She was incredibly wet.

My strokes were matched by hers on my cock. I focused intently, interpreting the pace of her moving her hand up and down my shaft and playing with the head as signals for what she wanted me to do to her.

This went on and on, the waves of pleasure enveloping us. As excited as I was, and with several days of cum built up during a week of masturbation denial, I didn’t think I would last. But maybe because I was so focused on her pleasure, I was able to hang on as our mutually masterful masturbation continued.

“Do you want me to cum like this?” I said, in between my breaths of passion. Leia usually preferred me cumming inside her and previously had said that she didn’t always like the mess that occurred during those times pulling out, so I had to make sure. “Because I’m getting close…”

“Mmm-hmmm,” Leia responded, licking her lips. “I want it on me.” My thrusts with the vibrator became deeper and more forceful and determined, and her thighs began to close around my right hand as the action increased. Her moans and breaths told me that she already had cum a few times but wasn’t about to stop yet.

In unison, her grip on my cock tightened and she pulled my rod closer to her chest. Every few strokes, she would brush (intentionally, I surmised) the head of my swollen dick against the soft flesh and beautiful peach nipples as if she wanted that cock to kiss her chest.

Her thighs clenched even more. Tighter, tighter. The pace of her pumping my cock got faster and longer and harder.

“Ahhhh,” I muttered suddenly as she intensely gripped my hand, sending the toy deeper into her and almost crushing my fingers with the spasms of pleasure that unfolded from her.

“Yes!” she said, dramatically, as a final, strong wave of orgasm took over her.

At that same moment, I couldn’t hold back any longer. As Leia’s orgasm exploded throughout her body, my cock exploded on her chest. Long ropes of my white cum shot from my dick, splashing across her chest with a force that even surprised me. I groaned in pleasure with every pump, marveling at the sight of my cum drenching her amazing chest, spilling with a full stream of heat that dripped my love juice on her cleavage, her breasts, her nipples. For what seemed forever, I came and came—and my amazing wife did the same.

“Whoa,” she finally said, opening her eyes and mentally returning to the room from her orgasmic revelry. She looked at her cum-soaked chest and smiled. “That’s a lot,” she said, as her thighs finally released my hand.

I turned off the vibrator and leaned back as she let go of my gradually relaxing cock, which was still pulsating from the pleasure.

“Hold on,” I said, regaining my breath.

I ran to the hallway, retrieved two washcloths, and returned to the bedroom after dampening one in the bathroom sink. I caught my breath as I saw the beautiful and enduring image of Leia, reclined, basking in the glow of the dim light and the ripple effects of orgasmic bliss, my cum spread on her chest.

She reached out her hands for the washcloths and proceeded to clean up. Because of the sheer volume of my explosion, it took a while. I lay next to her, feeling satisfied and still tingling.

“That was great,” I said, looking into the deep pools of blue that were her eyes.

She stared into my eyes silently for a few moments, and then I saw another smile trace along her perfect lips. She glanced down at my waist and said in a sultry voice that I still hear to this day…

“When will you be ready for round two?”

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  1. Woods says:

    1Cor 7:4 When it comes to her my body is not my own. Whatever she wants of me, whenever, however is hers to have and my duty to supply. It says so in the word. After 40+ years of marriage I can only observe that of course God knew what He was doing when He gave this command.

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