Tastings and Toys

“Is that what I think it is?”

Every time I think about my wife Leia saying those words, my memory ignites, and I’m transported back to the moment when she uttered them.

Years ago, Leia and I had been fortunate enough to go on a vacation on our own to one of our favorite places in the world. The wine country area just north of Santa Barbara always feels like a special place, as if our beloved God has designed the area just for us: lush, green, grass-covered, rolling hills; the quaint (and kitschy) Danish town where we usually stay; and the boutique wineries nestled in those hills. The smell of earth and fermentation opened up our nostrils the moment we entered via the main, two-lane highway. Oh, and God, yes, the wine.

That weekend in 2017, Leia’s parents surprised us by offering to stay with our two boys (just barely of school age) for a few days, so we eagerly hopped on the 101 North for the hour-and-45-minute drive up the coast and giggled with glee as we raced into town and hit the first winery just before lunch.

The early portion of our day was idyllic. Careful about not getting too inebriated (because I definitely had plans for us after we checked into our favorite hotel), Leia and I decided to share the tastings. But even though we split the glasses, there were ample portions of refreshing, oaky California-style Chardonnays, and no shortage of lush and fruity complex Pinot Noirs to spark a delightful mid-morning buzz.

At one point, as we entered our third winery for the day—where we planned to share our usual picnic lunch on the expansive lawn under the cool shade of oak trees—I excused myself to use the restroom. As I unzipped myself to use the stall, I noticed that my dick was already slightly hard. The wine and relaxation fueled the erection, along with naughty thoughts of lovemaking that I found myself daydreaming about as I stared at my wife’s luscious lips capturing droplets of red wine from our shared glass.

At nearly 40, my wife had become sexier than ever before. After bearing our two children and years of the challenges that marriage and parenthood bring, Leia sparked a sexual excitement in me that was as surprising as it was intoxicating.

By that point in our relationship, our sex life understandably had diminished in frequency, but no doubt improved in quality. Perhaps it was the comfort of knowing each other for more than 22 years, and being married for 14, but it was around this time that I felt something different growing in our sexual relationship. Maybe it was the graceful hands of God guiding us to let go of the inhibitions and psychological baggage of previous experiences and instead just be ourselves, just to be real … but that fire and spark had never been this intense.

As I finished washing up in the bathroom, my thoughts continued to wander as I pictured Leia’s milky, creamy, porcelain-colored skin dotted with freckles that revealed her English-Irish heritage. Her “very English bum,” as I sometimes called her full and voluptuous rear, also came to mind. I thought of her naturally strawberry blond hair, now darker and deeper shades of red as she matured—and yes, the same both above and below. And her gorgeous breasts, large and full and naturally giving way to the downward pull of age and gravity, were sexier than ever, with enticing, peach-colored nipples that begged to be licked and fondled.

I think my semi hard-on was noticeable through my jeans as I rejoined my bride on the lawn, because there was a playful glint in her eye as I sat down and grabbed some goat cheese to savor with our glasses of Pinot.

“Hmmmm,” she said playfully, “looks like you’re up to something.”

I played it coy and quickly redirected the conversation as we ate, drank, and talked in the shade. Before we knew it, after exchanging thoughts and feelings about our kids, relatives, friends, and work stuff, more than an hour had passed. All the while, I kept thinking of the surprise that I had planned for Leia when we checked in, getting sexually excited each time but also loving the tension of having to wait.

Soon, we were back on the winding road that led into that Danish town. And thankfully, everything went smoothly from there. We checked in, took our bags to our room (which had been strategically selected near the back of the hotel, away from noise of the town), and washed up quickly after I copped a quick squeeze of my wife’s amazing ass.

When she came out of the bathroom and approached the bed, her eyes widened.

“What did you do?” she said, looking at the gift bag I had placed there.

I just shrugged my shoulders in response.

“Bad boy,” she continued. “I didn’t get you anything.”

“This will be a gift for both of us,” I said.

I could tell she was curious and excited as she reclined on the bed and reached for the bag. As she pulled out the tissue paper, a little gasp escaped those luscious red lips, which had just been freshened with lipstick.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Yup,” I said simply, as she held the small, 3-inch pink mini-vibrator in her fingers. It was our first toy, and I grinned as she traced her sexy fingers over the silicon surface, taking her time to feel the soft, skin-like texture.

“How does it work?” she asked, her curiosity piqued like a purring kitty. I silently turned the back end of the bullet vibe and it sprang to life, buzzing with a gentle and steady vibration.

“Oh, yes,” she said, lying back and pulling me closer to lie side-by-side. In a second, our mouths were groping each other openly, tongues probing and lips passionately humming with pleasure. I tasted the wine on her tongue, and it inspired me more. In seconds, our clothes were off; I still now can’t believe how quickly it happened. My pants felt like they ripped away, and I remember the sight of those luscious breasts unfolding as her bra gracefully came off too.

Next, Leia guided my hand, which held the buzzing vibe, to her private region, and I happily obliged.

“You want me to?” I asked in between fervent kisses.

“Do me,” she said. Soon, the vibe was touching gently against her clit and vaginal opening. She instantly arched her back and let out a vocal moan. I held the vibe still on that spot as it continued to do its magic.

Quickly, and faster than I had expected, Leia let out a series of guttural moans and I felt her upper thigh muscles clench over my hand. She came.

“Oh my God,” she said, breathing heavy. “That was quick.”

“Good,” I responded. “You deserve it, my love.”

Most of the time, after Leia has an orgasm like this, either from my fingers or my mouth, she needs a few minutes to compose herself before intercourse. She has shared with me that the initial sensitivity after orgasm can be a bit much, and she needs a little while for it to subside before sex.

But not this time.

With a command that surprised and instantly excited me, she said: “Come here.” Leia moved her body to the edge of the bed and positioned her groin outwards. I smiled and quickly joined her, standing near the edge of the bed with my throbbing hard-on directed straight towards her exquisite body. My wide eyes watched in awe as she opened her legs and beckoned me with a curved finger.

I moved forward, and with a seductively smooth motion, she gently held the swollen, engorged, and purplish head of my cock, pulling it towards her opening. With the other hand, she had somehow managed to grab the mini-vibe again, skillfully twisting it on and placing it back on her clitoris.

I looked down and stared as my hard penis entered her creamy white vagina, marveling at the contrast with the deep reddish color of her public hair as she rubbed the vibe against her pink button. Within a few moments, we found our rhythm. It felt amazing. My cock moved in and out in time with her body’s undulations. Soon, I felt her move her legs straight up in the air and uttered a quick “thank you” as she placed her feet on top of my shoulders. I knew that she only did this when she was really turned on. And as both of our breaths quickened pace, I knew she was close.

At the same time, I felt the buildup of cum in my shaft (aided by a week of not masturbating) and said, breathlessly: “I don’t know if I can hold on any longer.”

“I want it,” came her response, followed by her clenching tight as another orgasmic wave washed over her.

That was all I needed. I exploded deep inside, reveling in the pulsating pleasure of a strong, and lengthy orgasm of my own as my hot cum streamed out and into her.

I stood there, catching my breath as we both came down from the climax. Leia opened her eyes, looking lovingly at me. “That was amazing, my dear,” she said, softly. “Thank you, darling.”

Suffice it to say that this experience was the first of many that welcomed the addition of toys into our lovemaking. That little pink bullet vibe would soon be replaced by a full-length, ribbed version; a purple curved one a year later; and now Leia’s current favorite, a smaller 4-inch vibrator with a slower pulsation setting and a “rabbit” attachment for the dual clitoral stimulation that she truly loves.

Every day, I thank God for gracing my beautiful wife and me with the openness to expand our sexual bond in this way. Now, years later, I still feel those blessings filling our family with light and love.

P.S. That romp was followed up by a steamy sex session in the shower about 30 minutes later. It was so passionate that I even accidentally ripped down the shower curtain! But that might be another story.

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9 replies
    • tman27 says:

      Thanks, King Arthur. Glad you enjoyed it. Engaging as many senses as possible takes lovemaking to the next level.

  1. SecondMarge says:

    I was given a catalog of toys and amazed at the variety they offer. Size color, electric, gas powered,horsepower.lol. Even two ended. I guess I need my imagination for that. Even lifelike Android type things. Now that I no longer have a husband I may have to look into one of those.lol.

    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      Sorry to hear about your loss Marge.

      Gas powered?? Seriously?? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I remember watching a program years ago on a network called "tech tv". They were featuring tech and sex, back when "cyber sex" was a new thing. They showed a contraption that was the size of a personal home fitness weight gym. A woman could recline on a padded bench and impale herself on a dildo attachment of some kind, the other end looked like it was a powerful 1/2" drill, the kind bricklayers use for mixing mortar. It sounded like the dildo could rotate but also thrust and vibrate. They said it was remote-controlled, and a person anywhere in the world could control it using their computer!!! The woman they showed "using" it looked like she was auditioning for a porno.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Recycled outboard motor. Lol

      Some of us need max power.

      I saw a documentary on devices made to “cure” women of “hysteria” and other ailments. Very interesting collection of gizmos. Vibrating, rotating and thrusting what more can we ask for from a “toy”. Maybe Woody Allen’s Orgasmatron? They have come up with very life like androids that perform sexually. I have no personal knowledge of how good they are. At what point does it cross the line? How real does it have to be before it’s cheating?

  2. Tulsa says:

    Fo some reason, I thought this story was going to be about toys and oral, you know, at the same time! 🙂

    Regardless, toys are fun, as you found out!

    • tman27 says:

      LOL, Tulsa. We've definitely done the "toys plus oral" dual action, too. So many playful options!

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