The Chairy Tree

We sure miss the big old locust tree that stood down near the wet-weather stream channel that runs across our place. It measured almost three feet across at the base, stood nearly sixty feet tall, and split into a Y of nearly equal-sized branches about six feet up. It had been dead or nearly so for a while and was hollow from the ground up to the Y. Early one spring, one of the arms of the Y broke off around twelve feet up. This left the tree out of balance and at serious risk of falling the rest of the way over with no warning. The kids played in the woods all the time, so I had to do something soon.

We made a fun project of it. With the kids helping to drag ropes around at a safe distance, I got out the chainsaw and, with a group shout of “timber,” cut off the Y’s remaining arm at the same height as the one already down. The kids learned how to rig a timber hitch so we could drag the huge limbs over to the stream bed. There, they got to use block and tackle to put the logs across side by side to make a footbridge. The kids had a blast and now had a bridge to chase each other over, besides the trails they already had worn through the woods. And I had plans for that great big Y we had left standing.

The next day, I took the chainsaw to what remained, carving out a nice wide seat right at the Y and cutting a pair of flat back supports from there up a few feet so that one could sit facing either way. Ah, but the seat was only big enough for a single person; if two were to share it, one would have to sit in the lap of the other! Tacking on some 2×4 pieces for climbing steps and footrests on both sides allowed for climbing up easily, propping up the feet, and relaxing semi-reclined. So, it became a “chairy” tree. The kids liked it; they could stand or sit in it and play all sorts of games. I had other plans for it that involved a picnic and their mother whenever I got a day off while they were in school.

Late in the spring, the day finally arrived! The two of us had picnics out in the forest when we could, and they invariably involved very little food, no clothes at all, and enjoying one another every way we could for dessert, as it were. However, this day, we enjoyed a nice naked walk along the trails down to the chairy tree for our alfresco meal. We were both sitting on the blanket and had just finished nibbling some sandwiches when my wife put down her iced tea. Smiling languorously, she rolled over onto her back. Then she pulled both legs up till her heels touched her backside, spread her legs, and let her knees fall to the side. She didn’t even look at me then, just closed her eyes, let out a long slow breath, and appeared to relax all over.

I could take a hint. Besides, my body knew what it wanted with no invitation at all. Without touching her, I got centered over her and into the position I’d use for pushups. I continued downward until I was completely inserted and we were fully joined, with me relaxed all along her body. She felt as beautiful as she looked. My squeezing caused my member to bob up and down within the soft clinging heat she had wrapped all around it. It also caused her to moan quietly as she squeezed back—hard. At that point, her legs closed up to hug mine, and away we both went. Pounding her into a surface as firm as the ground was always a great feeling and an interesting change from our mattress that she said she enjoyed as well. We were both soon quite pleasantly spent.

After I rolled off, we both sat up, hugged, and found our glasses of tea. Now that we were both back in the real world again, we noticed the birds chirping and the cicadas singing ever more loudly as the day warmed. The light breeze stirred the leaves enough to cause dappled green shadows to move about us. All in all, it had been an enjoyable picnic thus far. The chairy tree was no surprise to her, of course. She’d heard the kids talking about playing in it and been shown it, too, when she had come down to see the new bridge they’d built. It was time now, however, to put it to the use I had planned for us.

I put a folded towel on it for a seat cushion, climbed up, and sat down. Oh, what a wonderful vision to see her climb up! The sight of her standing over me before lowering herself brought new stiffness back to just where I most needed it on my part. As she got low enough, she took my shaft in hand and guided it just where she wanted it, then slid all the way on down. She gave a very nice wiggle to get herself situated, and didn’t that feel great!?

Then, looking down at me with a lovely smile, she said, “Oh, I think I’m going to really like this chair, honey.”

I could only agree.

It turns out that when you’re sitting together like that, you don’t have to make any real effort to maintain any particular position or actively support your weight. You lose a lot of freedom of movement, but that is repaid by an almost complete ability to relax even while fully aroused. We found that just breathing deeply was felt inside of each one by the other. I was able to concentrate completely on just what the tip of my shaft was pushing against as I moved it slowly about deep within her. She laid her head back, clenched her thighs a bit more tightly to me, settled down even more into my lap, and enjoyed my exploration for some time.

When she opened her eyes again, she said, “Okay, honey. You need to sit still now because I think I’ve discovered something.”

I sat still. My wife placed her hands on top of my knees near her butt cheeks and got busy. She was pushing up and down as well as side to side with occasional small circular motions as she rubbed my tip around inside her, exercising complete control over just exactly where and how she wanted it. All I had to do was hang on and give the occasional squeeze of my own.

My wife had managed to work herself into quite a state before we both felt my sudden involuntary ejaculations empty me into her. With an amazing squeeze and shudder, she relaxed back against the tree and let her arms hang limply by her sides. She told me it was the first time she’d ever had the ability to really just feel around inside herself to see where her sensitive spots were and what they might like.

I told her it was an exercise I’d be more than willing to keep at for as long as she felt the need. That made her laugh, which also felt pretty good. It turned out that telling one another jokes was a lot more fun this way. When she decided it was time to get up, the amount of warm, gooey liquid that sluiced out along with my very flaccid self as we separated surprised us. I watched as my lovely, soft, curvaceous wife stood above me with the warm juices of lovemaking glistening on the insides of her thighs—quite a sight. She stepped on over, and we both climbed down to towel off, finish our picnic, and head back to the house for a shower and an afternoon nap. What a wonderful day it was.

We still miss that tree. Eventually one winter, it fell down to be washed away in the spring rains. We think we were truly blessed to have had it while we did and have never found anything quite like it again. I’ve thought of getting busy in the woodshop and making a piece of furniture to take its place—you know, a real “love seat.” How to explain it to visitors could be an issue, though.  I have thought of trying to make two more ordinary but interlocking chairs. Even with CAD software, it’s just been hard to design something as stable as that big old tree. I suppose you could do a lot with a bunch of pillows or cushions, but that stability seems important to me for the peace of mind you need to fully relax. In any event, I don’t have a patent on the idea; so if anyone reading this gets properly motivated, more power to you. We still miss the Chairy tree though.

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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    How ingenious!! You must be very creative to have envisioned, designed, and created this cool contraption. And the use you both put it to is inspiring! Let us know if any of your other ideas to recreate the chairy tree pan out!

  2. LovingMan says:

    What a cool story! You are so blessed to have the secluded private property to share and “recreate” in. Your “chairy tree” was ingenious too! Creativity is a great way to keep that spark alive in your marriage!

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