Hot Homeworking (L/F)

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During the lockdown, my wife and I had been working from home for several months. We’d settled into a routine, Cathy using her laptop on the kitchen table and me working at the big wooden desk in the spare bedroom we used as a home office. We weren’t finding home working too bad, and we were getting our work done, especially since we’d been able to offload our three-year-old daughter to Cathy’s parents during the day.

I was sitting in my swivel office chair, working on a long report. I had no business meetings and thought I wouldn’t be interrupted. But the bedroom door unexpectedly opened, and Cathy walked in. I felt as if an electric shock had hit me.

When I’d last seen Cathy an hour or so before, she’d been in a big floppy woolen jumper, faded blue jeans, and carpet slippers. Now she was in a dark blue pinstriped business skirt with a hem so high up her nylon-clad legs that I caught a glimpse of stocking tops, suspender clasps, and bare thigh above. Up top, she had on a figure-clinging white blouse. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was in a businesslike ponytail, shiny black high heels adorned her feet, and her big dark-rimmed glasses gave her a look of mixed professionalism and vulnerability.

Cathy stood for a moment, letting my lust for her swell as she leaned back against the wall. She was rocking slightly on her heels and arching her back a little, so her big breasts bulged under her blouse, and the thin white cloth peaked over her nipples; it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra. Cathy’s just nearing thirty with a good figure, and even in a jumper and jeans, she looked good. Dressed in that blouse, skirt, nylons, and high heels, she was a sex bomb.

With her eyes meeting mine and a mischievous smile on her face, Cathy slowly crouched down as if to get something out of the lowest drawer of the tall filing cabinet in our bedroom office. She squatted demurely with her knees together like women in skirts learn to do with men around. That pulled what little there was of her skirt high up her thigh to show me even more of her stocking tops and bare thigh and give me a peep of the crotch of her panties. They were a deep black.

“Here’s your sexy secretary,” Cathy said, looking up at me through her so-innocent glasses. “And she’s letting her boss see her knickers up her skirt.”

As she spoke, Cathy turned to face me and swung her legs wide, treating me to a full-frontal upskirt view. Her panties were deep black satin, barely covering the bulge of her sex mound and showing the dimpled cameltoe of her vagina. I’d never seen Cathy in that outfit or underwear before, but I remembered some mail-order packages that had arrived the last week. I got the picture. Cathy and I have a pretty active sex life, but now with our little girl out of the way at Cathy’s parents, we had the house to ourselves, and Cathy wanted some more fun.

As I stared at her panties, Cathy reached between her legs. She stroked the bare inside tops of her thighs and the thin gusset between her legs, running her fingertips along the outline of her slit for a few penis-straining moments.

“But my boss wants to see his secretary’s hairy pussy, not just her sexy knickers.”

Cathy pulled her panties aside to show her vagina slit, ringed by her brown pubic hair and pulled open by her spread legs so that her inner labia peeped out. Then, still smiling mischievously, Cathy rose and bent over our little office printer with her back to me. Her skirt was thin and tight enough to show her panties’ outline, and I saw her stockings were seamed. Bending like that pulled her skirt up at the back just far enough for the crotch of her panties to show, and of course, to display those superb stocking tops and black suspender straps. She spread her legs wide, which pulled her skirt up higher, and looked at me over her shoulder.

“And here’s the office ‘whore’ bending over the photocopier inviting the boss to pull her knickers down.” As she spoke, Cathy wiggled her skirt-clad bottom at me.

I rose from my chair, crossed the room to Cathy, and lifted her skirt right up over her bottom above her panties. The thin black satin stretched taut over her bum. Cathy spread her legs as wide as she could while my exploring fingertips followed the hem of her panties across her soft, smooth bum cheeks before my hand slid slowly down and brushed the inside tops of her thighs. She moaned and trembled with excitement as my fingers crept between her legs, then stroked her vagina lips through the smooth fabric. I felt her panties moisten with her juice.

After I’d fondled her pussy for a while, Cathy—still bending over the printer—whispered, “Pull my knickers down.” She said the words softly but with excitement in her voice. As Cathy spoke, she squeezed my hand between her soft thighs. Closing her legs like that let me slip her panties down to just below her stocking tops. She let them drop and kicked them aside. Then her legs spread wide again, and my fingers ruffled her juice-moistened cunt hair. Cathy grunted and gasped with sexual pleasure. I assumed she wanted sex like that, from behind and bent over, so I began to unzip. But my wife had other ideas.

Cathy rose, then sat on my black leather chair. She crossed her legs, pulled the hem of her short skirt demurely down around her thighs so that her stocking tops were just barely showing, and unfastened a blouse button.

“My turn now,” Cathy said. “I’m the boss, and one of my dirty-minded pervert staff comes into my office and exposes his cock to me.”

Cathy gave me a lewd grin and slowly uncrossed, then crossed her legs again, giving me another glimpse up her skirt at her naked pussy. Her panties were still on the floor where she’d kicked them.

I got the idea. I’d heard about men who exposed their sex kit to women, and some guys where I worked had fantasized about it. Clearly, Cathy had the same fantasy.

I stepped out of the bedroom then walked back in again like I was entering her office. Cathy turned to look at me, and I saw she’d undone another blouse button. I stood there for a moment, leering at her. Then I unzipped and opened my trousers and pulled them and my light blue cotton briefs down my thighs to rest below my hairy balls. I spread my legs as far as the elastic stretched around my thighs would allow and thrust my hard erect penis toward her.

“This is what whores like you want, isn’t it?” I said, trying to sound like the dirty-minded pervert she wanted.

“You dirty pervert!” Cathy said. “How dare you behave like that?!” But she was suppressing a grin.

“Spread your legs for me and show me your hairy cunt, whore,” I said.

Cathy swung her legs wide to give me a full-frontal upskirt view of her stocking-top cunt. I stepped up to her and fondled her breasts through the thin white cloth of her blouse. She gasped as my hands caught her peaked nipples. Opening another blouse button, I pulled her blouse open, stood between her legs. Then I slid my cock, its head swollen by lust, between her breasts and squeezed them together around my straining hard shaft.

‘Do you like my cock between your tits, whore,” I said, “or would you prefer it down here?”

As I spoke, I reached down and slid my hand up her bare thigh above her stocking top to fondle her pussy and ruffle her juice-sodden cunt hair. Cathy gasped with sex pleasure then replied, “I’ll show you where I want a dirty pervert’s big stiff cock.”

She leaned forward, looking up at me so that her eyes met mine. She kissed my big round cock head and flicked her tongue deliciously across its tip. Then she licked slowly and smoothly up and down my shaft, fingering my balls as she did. When she reached up to unbutton my shirt, I took my trousers and briefs off completely and stood between Cathy’s spread legs, thrusting my raging hard cock forward toward her face. Then as an afterthought, I lifted my knee onto the desk. That got my legs really wide and pulled my muscles deliciously taut with my hard, erect penis sticking straight forward toward Cathy and swinging heavily right in front of her.

Like she always does when she sucks me off, Cathy started with just the head of my penis in her mouth, licking and massaging it exquisitely with her tongue and lips. At the same time, her fingers played between my spread legs, lightly caressing my balls, stroking my arse and the inside tops of my thighs, and one running along my bum crack the way she knows drives me wild. She worked my shaft to the hardness of steel and the peak of sexual sensitivity.

I was grunting with the almost agonizing pleasure by the time Cathy’s head started smoothly and rhythmically bobbing to slide her tight wet lips up and down my erect penis and right up over its big round head. Her lips were catching the ridge between my shaft and head the way that she knows I like. Looking down my belly, I saw she was taking my cock so far into her mouth that her lips and nose were meeting my pubic hair.

After long, exquisite minutes of Cathy’s lips and tongue, my cum started to rise. I thrust forward as my body involuntarily tried to get my penis as far down Cathy’s throat as it could, and I pulled her head against my belly. We hadn’t had sex for a few days before, and in an exquisite orgasm, I spurted what felt like a huge load into Cathy’s mouth.

After I’d come, Cathy held my penis in her mouth for a few moments, and I held her face against my bush of pubic hair. Finally, Cathy’s lips slid smoothly off my cock head. That nearly took my still-mostly-erect penis to another cum. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and tugged the last pulse of orgasm pleasure and spurt of semen out of my penis. The last splash landed on Cathy’s breasts.

My swinging cock was dripping a strand of semen. As much housewife as whore, Cathy told me to get some pants on so it didn’t drip onto the carpet. Just for fun—and being the dirty-minded pervert she wanted—I picked up Cathy’s tiny black panties from the floor where she’d kicked them aside and put them on. They were only just big enough to cover my penis, and a wet patch of semen appeared where the thin satin showed the outline of my cock head.

“You pervert!” Cathy said with a laugh. She doesn’t know I regularly play with her panties.

Cathy stayed nude but for stockings and heels as we drank a coffee. My erection was soon rising stiffly again. The satin was so thin and taut over my penis that it showed the outline of my erect penis in perfect detail.

“You want more, don’t you?” Cathy said, stroking my erection through her panties with her fingertips, her mischievous smile showing she wanted more too. I would have settled for sex there and then, but Cathy had an even better suggestion.

“It’s ages since we took some pictures for our private album,” she said. “We’ve got the house to ourselves, so why don’t we?”

She was right. We keep a “private album” of photographs; Cathy has always been an exhibitionist. She likes to show her body off, and it’s certainly worth showing. Our album went back through honeymoon nude pictures, married kink, and hardcore pictures until just after our daughter arrived. Since then, we didn’t get much opportunity. Now we had all the privacy we could want.

“How about a sexy secretary strip?” I suggested, and Cathy was all for it too.

Cathy put her secretary outfit on again, including her black panties, and this time with a thin-strapped black bra that matched. Its thin satin cups barely slung her big round breasts. I just put on my briefs and got my camera. It’s an expensive DSLR, with an optical quality so good that it would catch every strand of Cathy’s pubic hair from five metres, even better in the confines of our spare bedroom.

Cathy started with a crouching upskirt panty show, then bent over the printer as she’d done earlier. Then she perched on the desk and slowly stripped: skirt, blouse, bra, panties, and suspender belt in that order, leaving her sheer tan nylons till last. She stepped each of her high-heel clad feet in turn up onto the office chair to peel them down slowly. Then she posed nude for me, squatting and kneeling on the desk, bending over it, and sprawling on the desk and chair with her legs wide and her breasts and bottom thrust out, as hot as any porn girl.

As I took penis-straining pictures, I didn’t just enjoy her striptease and erotically posed naked body with my eyes and camera. My exploring hands enjoyed her too, fondling her long smooth legs, big soft breasts, sensuously rounded bottom. Cathy knows what seeing her in erotic nude poses does for me. More than that, when I moved in for close-ups, Cathy’s fingers teased my bulging erection through my briefs. Very soon, I felt as if my penis was ready to explode out through them.

Cathy was getting more and more aroused too. As I played with her, my hand was constantly between her spread legs, ruffling her cunt fur and stroking her juice-wetted vagina lips. When Cathy and I fuck, I normally pleasure her hot snatch with my fingers, lips, and tongue so that she’s on the brink of a climax when my cock slides in. Sometimes she climaxes whilst I’m pleasuring her, so my cock treats her to a second orgasm.

I’d been photographing Cathy kneeling on the desk with her legs wide. I couldn’t keep my hands off her cunt, and it was obvious her climax was rising. I put my camera down and began to pleasure her more methodically as she knelt there, stroking her juice-lubed labia and circling and crisscrossing the little pleasure peak of her clit.

It didn’t take long for Cathy to come. Her body stiffened, her hips thrust toward me, and her breasts swung up as her back arched. I held my hand cupped over her sex mound, and moments later, she rammed her cunt against my hand as she juddered in the pulses of an explosive orgasm. When we have sex with our child in the house, Cathy always suppresses her orgasmic cry. But this time, Cathy cried out as loud as she used to shriek before our daughter came along. After she’d climaxed, she stayed kneeling with her eyes closed, enjoying her afterglow with my hand cupped over her throbbing pussy.

Cathy’s eyes opened, and I saw she was still hot and wild. She moved quickly and with a lustful moan to sit on the edge of the desk with her legs spread wide. When she reached her arms out to me, I knew what she wanted. I stripped off my briefs and stood naked between Cathy’s legs. Pulling her against me by her waist, I squashed her big soft breasts against my chest, which squeezed my hard penis between her belly and mine. We held each other, kissing passionately and exploring each other’s naked bodies with our hands.

Then with an excited cry, Cathy wrapped her legs around my waist and grabbed my arms to pull me even tighter against her. The big round head of my almost vertical penis was poking her right on her pussy, and in a moment, I’d slid in fully, my pubic hair tangling with hers. Then I began.

I’ve been married to Cathy long enough to know just what she likes. I treated her to long, smooth, full-length thrusts of my penis, moving my body slightly to excite different areas of her vagina and clit and pressing my belly against hers for depth. As she held me tight, I trailed my hands over her lovely smooth naked back and thighs and ran my fingers through her blonde hair, her ponytail long lost to our antics.

Cathy climaxed with a little cry while I was fucking her on the desk, though not as spectacularly as that first orgasm I’d given her with my fingers. Her hands clawed my back, she pressed her face against my chest, and her legs around me pulled me hard against her. As her body juddered, her heels beat against my bum.

Moments later, my own cum rose. Cathy held me tight against her with her arms and legs as I rammed my belly against her, pushing her back across the desk. My penis jerked inside her, filling her vagina in delicious semen-spurting orgasm. I’ve never been as good as Cathy at suppressing my own orgasm grunts, certainly not in orgasms as meaty as that one!

I staggered back from Cathy. This time, exhausted after frantic sex, neither of us bothered much about the semen dripping from my swinging penis or trickling from Cathy’s cunt onto the desk. Regretfully, we both knew the time for fun was over; it was time for us to get dressed and back to work.

“How’s your schedule for tomorrow?” my sexy boss asked, pausing on her way through the bedroom door.

“My diary’s clear all morning,” I replied.

“10 a.m. in my office. Don’t be late,” my boss said with a grin. Then she left for her kitchen office with my eyes locked on the seamed backs of her nylons.

Sitting at my desk, I inserted my private memory stick into my laptop and scrolled to one of my favourite pictures. There was Cathy bent nude over the kitchen table with her big pendulous breasts hanging, her cunt hair peeping out between her spread legs. Her high heels raised her love slit to just the right height, and her eyes looked hungrily at me over her shoulder.

I certainly made sure I wasn’t late for the next morning’s meeting, but that’s another story.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Whew! That was a spectacularly sexy tale! I never knew working at home could be soooo sexy! By the way, your descriptions of everything are so well done! Keep writing & sharing!

  2. Satin King says:

    Oh my! Makes me want to sing “these are a few of my favorite things!” Satin panties, stockings, role play, up skirts, hard nipples poking through silk blouses! Great sexy story!

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