A Moving Fellatio Experience

So, we are in the middle of a move. By our established sex schedule, we were supposed to do a quickie today. (5stringlow called that a “freebie” in his last story… or his wife called it that. The story was called: “Don’t Ya Love Vegas?”)

For us, a quickie (or a freebie) means that we DO have intercourse but my beautiful wife does not usually go for an orgasm. (Sometimes during a quickie, I can seduce her into changing her mind and upgrading to a full lovemaking session where we both come. Or sometimes her mind and/or body announces that it wants an orgasm!)

This time we were busy in the morning, unpacking boxes at our new place—not the sexy fun kind of getting busy—so we did not have a chance to do our scheduled quickie this morning. We almost never have sex in the evening anymore because my heart handles “sexercise” much better in the mid-morning.

We were going back to our old house today because we are moving in stages and we were picking up another load today. We decided to do our quickie at our old place since the bed is still there. But health challenges intervened.  As I type this I am waiting in our vehicle as my wife sees the doctor (probably for a UTI).

But sexually frustrated I am not! You see, today, while we were still at our house, Melodie decided to give me my monthly oral. First, we called the doctor and made her appointment. We had only a few minutes to have some sexy fun, load the vehicle, and get to the doctor. Usually, in February, we do my fellatio session on Valentines Day, but other health issues had prevented that.

I went into our mostly-empty master bathroom, dropped my drawers, and removed my shirt. My wife sat on the closed toilet seat and removed her shirt to prevent any semen splatters from decorating her shirt. She prefers to do this particular activity in the bathroom. This has something to do with the childhood sexual abuse she endured. Being a survivor myself, I accepted her conditions with no reservations. We successfully worked this out the first month of our marriage.

In fact, this is not Melodie’s favorite thing to do sexually, but she chooses to do it to please me because she knows I love it, and she loves me.  She first offered and gave me oral right after we got back from our honeymoon.  I had never asked for oral sex during our honeymoon.  SHE is the one who initiated it and she has only improved with practice.  Don’t get me wrong. . . it was great the first time!  But she is the type of person that always is self-driven to excel at everything.  So she has learned to excel at not only oral sex but all aspects of sex.  Quite honestly, I am the same way. It’s made for a great almost 30 years of lovin’. 

Now, back to the story from today… I looked down at my beautiful wife and her cute cleavage. I thanked her in advance, then the fun began! She grasped my very excited and hard shaft and began to pump me with her hand. Then she engulfed half my length into her rather small mouth. She pumped the other half of my shaft with her hand as her tongue and lips worked their magic.

It felt good but not quite great. I pulled out and masturbated for a bit because we did not have much time.  There is something terribly sexy about masturbating with my wife so close to the action. Soon Melodie re-engulfed me, and THIS time, it was husband heaven! We got our rhythm going with me pumping my hips slightly forward and her rocking her head forward as she engulfed even more of my very happy erection!

I wish I could find the words to explain how wonderful it felt to me for my kind wife to pleasure me orally. I turned my head and saw the scene in the mirror as we cooperated for my ultimate sexual pleasure—it’s also very erotic to feel! I reached up and gently held Melodie’s head with both hands, and she kept pumping my erection deep into her mouth as I gently thrust forward into her sexy mouth!

I reached a wonderful orgasm that was what I call a smoooooth one. My peak was not as high as usual, but instead of a single peak, it was a long fairly high ridge of pleasure. So the orgasm went on for a loooong time! As we had driven for over an hour from our new home to our old place, I had been thinking about our upcoming quickie (that actually didn’t happen) so I had experienced a long buildup, which paid off!  I shot a lot of cum into my lovely wife’s small and beautiful mouth, and she surprised me by taking it all!

I was surprised that she let me unload ALL my ejaculate into her mouth. Usually, she only accepts about half of it, then finishes me off with her hand. (Often cum lands on her face and even more often on her sexy breasts.) That is also fun!

But again, THIS time she took it all into her mouth and kept pumping and sucking to the end of my long pleasant orgasm! Quite honestly, I felt incredibly loved and incredibly grateful!

She stood up and I gave her a kiss, tasting a bit of my creamy love milk on her lips. She spit out what she had not swallowed and rinsed out her sexy mouth. Her spitting out my semen does not bother me. I knew that I had come so hard that some of my cum had to have been swallowed by her.  I was just feeling so grateful for this kind, wonderful, sexy wife who loves me completely!

I thanked Melodie for her willingness to let me fill her mouth with all of my orgasmic cream.  When I thanked her, she said, “You’re welcome,” and I could tell that she meant it.

I also washed up (although most of my love cream was cleaned off by my skillful wife). Then I got dressed and we went to load our SUV.

I had taken my sweater off before I had removed my shirt, so I had to return to the master bathroom. There, I took off my hat, bowed my head, and offered a quick prayer of gratitude to God for this wife who loves me so much that she has developed incredible skill at this sexy, husband-pleasing activity.

We had to hurry up and get Melodie to her doctor’s appointment. We were 6 minutes late when we arrived, but they still saw her, I guess, because I am still out here in our SUV waiting… and feeling grateful and loved!

I thanked Melodie profusely on our way here to the doctor’s office and also thanked her for becoming so incredibly GOOD at fellatio. And I thanked her again for accepting all of my love cream into her mouth this time. I let her know that I certainly didn’t expect that every time, but I had enjoyed it this afternoon.

Melodie chuckled and said, “You were holding my head so I had to take it all!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said. “I wasn’t trying to force you.”

“Of course you weren’t,” she said. Then she smiled again and added, “It’s fine.”  And I loved her even more.

One final note: My wife read to me today as I drove to our old house. (It’s actually almost a two-hour drive.) We really enjoy reading books together. Many years ago we went to a marriage seminar where the main presenter recommended that married couples read books together. He pointed out that reading together gives you something to talk about together.  It is also a bonding experience for the couple.

Sometimes we read the MarriageHeat stories together. Sometimes we listen to audiobooks, and that’s nice. But I love my wife’s beautiful reading voice, and quite honestly, we bond emotionally when reading together. And we have something to talk about.

My favorite type of book to read on my own isn’t usually a romance, but my wife got me hooked on Regency Romance novels for when we read books together. (By the way, we read romance novels with zero illicit sex, and we also read Science and History books together.) Men and husbands out there, before you demand that I turn in my “man card,” think about what I received today from a smart, loving, beautiful, sexy, and appreciative wife.

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7 replies
  1. 5stringlow says:

    Thanks and honored for the mention! Always enjoy everyone's stories and seeing what I can incorporate into our lives. Wish you and yours well in your health journey.

    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks 5stringlow! It’s interesting that some ideas from stories have enriched our live life yet some just aren’t us. And that’s OK. Every couple is different.

    • LovingMan says:

      SouthernHeat, I’ve felt the same way about your stories on MH. You are one of my favorite writers!

  2. SamtheMan says:

    You are blessed! Monthly oral without asking? You have to be kidding. Can we get every woman reading these stories to soak in the following from a husband who obviously loves and cares for his wife.

    "In fact, this is not Melodie’s favorite thing to do sexually, but she chooses to do it to please me because she knows I love it, and she loves me. She first offered and gave me oral right after we got back from our honeymoon. I had never asked for oral sex during our honeymoon. SHE is the one who initiated it and she has only improved with practice."

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