Do You Still “Want A Taste?”

Archer80ok had a post that I responded to on May 6, 2021, called, “So You Want a Taste?” He was talking about doing oral on his wife after intercourse, and I wrote a long response that I hope was helpful. I have added some more details to that response and here it is, submitted as a Discussion post.

If you are thinking of “having a taste,” here is our take on this. My wife and I first did this just a few years ago, and we’ve been married close to three decades. It has enhanced our lovemaking too! It’s never too late to try and learn something new in your marital sexual relationship! Of course, every sexual activity is not right for every couple. And loving negotiations are sometimes necessary in deciding what new sexual things to try together. Some things will be off the menu for one spouse, and the other spouse should respect that. However, over the years we find ourselves becoming more open to some things we’d not done in the early and middle years of our marriage.

First, I should explain our current favorite sex position for intercourse: it is one we call X position. We lay at right angles with me on my side and my wife, Melodie, on her back with our legs usually intertwined. I’ll insert my erection, and Melodie can use her bullet vibe on her clitoris as we make love—or more properly, have sexual intercourse. Everything we do in a sex session (and many things in between) we consider “lovemaking!”

This sex position can lead to simultaneous orgasms or not. (My heart condition often keeps me from having intercourse for as long as I could as a young man, but we’ve learned to roll with life’s punches and to adapt.) So when my wife doesn’t orgasm during intercourse—often she’s already had one orgasm before sexual intercourse started.  So when we choose to have me cum while I’m inside her, we have an effective plan which I will detail further below.

Another MH member once said that sometimes during sexual intercourse, just thinking about doing something like licking your wife’s pussy after filling her with semen can be fun but that, after cumming, the desire to do so ends. I can relate to that. Usually, for me, the mere thought of licking out our combined love juices from my wife’s soon-to-be-leaking vagina is a massive turn-on before and during intercourse, but after I come inside her, the desire to lick her pussy is often gone.  Other times  I dive right in and take some long deep laps of our love juices right from the source. 

Other times (more often), the desire to lick her out is gone after I’ve ejaculated, but the desire to taste “us” is still strong. So I scoop out some of our love juices and rub them on my wife’s beautiful nipples, then love on them with my lips and tongue. She’ll use her bullet vibe on her clit, and sometimes I’ll also insert a G-spot vibe deep into her pussy. (It’s easy to get the G-spot vibrator way up in there when she’s totally lubed up with our cum, the coconut oil, and Aloe Cadabra.) Melodie pretty much always cums from this very pleasant activity.

As another alternative, after I cum inside her, I scoop out some of our leaking juices and lubricate her nipples with our cum then masturbate while kneeling next to her. As I masturbate, I rub my erection’s tip on her nipple. She uses her bullet vibe on her clitoris, and this almost always triggers a nice orgasm for her. She doesn’t usually care to be kissed on her mouth with our love juices on my mouth, but sometimes she does like it.

The pH of the vagina is slightly acidic. The pH of semen is slightly alkaline or basic. So they tend to balance out and a well “mixed in the vagina” love potion is, therefore, more neutral… but not perfectly neutral. And there are ways to sweeten the taste.

We discovered a wonderful flavored vaginal lubricant that works great for us. It is called Aloe Cadabra, and it comes in several yummy flavors! I’ll write more about that later.

I will (usually at the very start of a lovemaking session) insert a glob of virgin coconut oil into my wife’s vagina. I will also rub some on her labia and clitoris, and it melts onto her beautiful external sex organs. Then I add some Aloe Cadabra lube inside and outside her pussy area as I did with the coconut oil. Frequently, I’ll scoop out a little to rub on my wife’s nipples too. Then we start our lovemaking session with kissing, mutual touching, mutual lips on nips – and often do some tip on nips as well – all before sexual intercourse. Often she’ll climax from all the stimulation even before we’ve had sexual intercourse. This means that she may have a second and maybe even a third orgasm during or after sexual intercourse, maybe during the second or third round of sexual intercourse.

As I mentioned before, I get a lot of sexual mileage during intercourse from just thinking about licking out my wife’s soon-to-be dripping pussy, but sometimes that desire is gone after I cum. And that is fine. As I’ve said before in MH stories and on this post, I really like the taste and feel of rubbing our “Strawberry Cream Pie protein shake” onto Melodie’s nipples and licking, sucking, and tongue-flicking her nipples until she climaxes! And she likes how this feels too.

Since her hard nipples look exactly like ripe raspberries I sometimes tell my wife that it’s strawberry cream pie on raspberries. One of the actual flavors of Aloe Cadabra is Naked Strawberry. They offer a Piña Colada flavor and also a Tahitian Vanilla that, when mixed with our natural proteins, tastes kind of chocolatey to us! And there are other new flavors like Mango Passion and French Lavender. We have yet to try Peppermint Tingle or Butter Rum. Aloe Cadabra also has an unflavored version too, called Natural Aloe. All are edible, organic, and vegan.  The aloe vera in them is soothing too.

Sometimes when I do my tip rubbing on Melodie’s nipple, I’ll get so turned on by the way it feels and the beautiful sight of my kind and sexy wife approaching the big O that it triggers a second orgasm for me. That means I get to come all over her nipples and on her big round boobs. So we get to share a rather unique simultaneous orgasm!

I hope this explanation of what we do helps. It’s good, in our opinion, for married couples to be continuing to explore and evolve in their lovemaking.  But we also need to be aware of boundaries.  My wife sometimes absolutely does NOT want me to give her oral sex.  The rubbing of the love juices onto her nipples was an alternative and it has worked well for us.  Being kind, and patient, and grateful for what you share sexually is one key I think.  But being willing to try new things sometimes – over the course of our married sex adventure – has enhanced our pleasure and our love for each other. 

God bless you all as YOUR married adventure continues—or for those of you not yet married, God bless you to find your spouse/lover. (Spouse and lover should be equivalent terms, in our opinion.) For those who have lost a spouse via a divorce, I’ve been there! The pain I experienced in my divorce has been long since forgotten and replaced by the exquisite joy of my life with Melodie. For those of you who have lost a spouse via death, may God bless your sweet memories. Maybe another spouse will happen in your future. But in any case, we believe that departed loved ones look out for the loved ones that they left behind in mortality. And one day, when it is our turn to depart this mortal life, we will be greeted by our loved ones who preceded us to Heaven.

One final thought: God created man and woman as sexual beings. He intended for married couples to celebrate sex guilt-free within their God-sanctioned marital relationship. We don’t presume to judge other married couples for what they do in their married sex and we would hope that they would not judge us. If “eating cum” in any form is not your thing, then ignore this post. If you’ve been considering “having a taste” then hopefully this helped.

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9 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    I figure it’s like all other things sexual, LM, a turn-on for some, and not for others. I think there are many couples that are into cum play though. Fact is, I know it!
    Don’t have to convince us though. Years ago, I discovered my wife’s best, longest, most powerful & intense orgasms come from oral after intercourse, so needless to say, it is a regular thing! It was one of the best things that happened to our sex life! After that discovery, we started experimenting with other forms of cum play too, which sounds much like you did!

    So, like other things, couples should try it or talk about it! Who knows!

    • LovingMan says:

      For us, my wife often comes faster when I give her a minute of oral sex right before intercourse. She isn’t always in the mood for receiving oral…, so we don’t do cunninlingus every time…but when we do it makes a difference when we then go to intercourse in our “X position” (& she’s using her vibrator during sexual intercourse) If she gets oral right before intercourse her orgasms happen faster – stronger – & more often.
      Even at our age we are dealing with the effects of our childhood sexual abuse, so that is why oral FEELS physically good to my wife, but sometimes she can’t handle it emotionally. Even so, we’ve enjoyed a blessed and intense sexual relationship since our wedding almost 30 years ago! We both feel very blessed!

    • Tulsa says:

      Our routine was to start out with oral on her, then PIV, followed by a switch back to oral on her before I would cum. After she orgasmed, then back to PIV for mine. We were one & done back then.
      That time I came too quick, is how I did oral after cumming in her the first time. Couldn't leave her hanging, so down I went. Like your wife, my wife's orgasm with oral after was far better! So much so, I did oral on her after cumming in her a few days later on purpose. (I wanted to repeat the results!)

      So with us, oral on her always happens. If it's only once, it's going to be oral after. We are more into the 'he cums first' thing than the other way around!
      Our old routine got replaced over 30 years ago, and we are glad it did! Nothing like a little experimentation, in our case, by accident, to find a thing that works so well for her and me! 🙂

    • Panther89 says:

      It is a different sort of turn on sometimes. I know we can reach higher levels of ecstasy.

  2. archer80ok says:

    Your reply did help. Everyone and every couple has different ideas of what is fun or feels good. I still want a taste and working up to the full experience.

  3. Panther89 says:

    I have gone down on my wife several times after intercourse. She enjoys it and I believe her orgasm is stronger when I do. I also enjoy it more each time it happens. It really enhances our lovemaking and I think it brings us closer. I encourage others to try it. Never know, you might like it.

    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks for your comment Panther89. Yup… ya never know until you try. We do some awesome sexy things now that we’d never done early on in our marriage. Of course some things we USED to do we’ve abandoned because those things are now not a turn-on… or some of those old things we used to do when we were younger & healthier are now impossible. But we focus on what we CAN share sexually together. Moving forward and being grateful is way better than feeling sorry for yourself because your body is not as able as it once was.

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