Sex in all the Right Places

This story contains some strong language (L).

My wife and I have always prioritized exploring opportunities to have sex in places other than our bedroom. Of course, the bedroom is where most of the action ends up happening, but we take advantage of any chance to get it on in other places. Over the years, we have managed to get busy—sometimes totally naked—in the car, the backyard, the pool, out in the woods, on a balcony, on the beach, etc. My wife even gave me a hand job once under a blanket during an international flight.

The most exciting non-bedroom sex, though, has been fucking in places with a high risk of someone walking in on us. One wonderful such occurrence stands out. Early in our marriage, before we had a washer and dryer, we had gone to my mother-in-law’s to use the laundry room at her apartment complex. The laundry was in a somewhat out-of-the-way location and down several steps. We had been horny all day. The foreplay had started early that morning while still naked in bed, our bodies wrapped around one another. She had already had a full body massage before we left home, so she was covered with massage oil. I had rubbed her pussy, ass hole, and tits with coconut oil. My cock had already received the expert treatment my wife so skillfully gives to it as often as possible. We had started talking dirty early that morning, and it continued right up until we put our basket of clothes in the washer.

After a few minutes in the laundry room by ourselves, our lust consumed us. I remarked that no other washers or dryers were going and that we might be the only ones there for a while. The next thing I knew, my wife pulled her top off, exposing her amazing, bountiful tits and gorgeous nipples. Then, to my surprise, she seductively slipped off her tennis shoes, socks, pants, and panties. She gave me this “fuck me” look that always drives me crazy. Still no sign of anyone else in the laundry room, but just the thought of someone walking in and seeing my wife standing there totally naked, her brick-house body glistening from the massage oil, was just too much. I was beyond the point of no return.

My wife pulled a chair to the very center of the laundry room, motioned for me to sit, then got down on her knees. She unzipped my bulging pants, took out my rock-hard cock, and began to slurp, suck, rub, kiss, and squeeze. It was one of her greatest cock sucking performances to date, though she is always remarkable. Then, she seamlessly started to remove my clothes. Within seconds, we were both completely naked and horny beyond belief. With our clothes in a pile on the floor in this public place, she straddled me, her beautiful pussy still moist from the coconut oil and totally exposed from the last waxing. She slowly positioned her pussy over my protruding cock and moved downward until I was fully inside her. What followed was one of the most passionate, intense love-making sessions we have ever experienced, though there were many before and many since. We both had explosive orgasms, with my wife groaning, grunting, squealing, and purring uncontrollably as her orgasm washed over her like a tsunami, her luscious tits slapping my face. And I loved every second.

Once we had recovered a bit, we slowly put our clothes back on, and literally, one second after we were dressed, a man walked in. Absolutely true.

We have fucked and sucked in public or semi-public places many times, but this one stands out because we came so close to having an audience. On that day, the fun continued long after the laundry room. The dirty talk intensified, the touching and kissing heated up again, and the night ended with orgasms back in our bed, where we eventually collapsed, totally spent from a morning, day, and evening devoted to giving each other pleasure.

Lustfully in love

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4 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Lustfully In Love… Awesome story! The false stigma that the media often attaches to married sex (that it’s boring) gets blown away (pun intended) by experiences like this! Thanks for sharing! WOW!
    I loved your phrases like “brick house body… glistening with massage oil…”
    Like you, I also love the way my wife looks during and after a coconut oil erotic massage! We even bought a massage table that is great for therapeutic massage AND erotic massage / lovemaking. We made sure the massage table could support our combined weight and the rambunctious movements of intense sex!
    There is something about the fear of getting caught that is somehow incredibly erotic. We went for it at a wildlife sanctuary a few months ago and nearly got caught by a couple on a motorcycle. But we sure had fun. I wrote that up as my last Ignite story. (Christmas Wish Cum True)

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