Separated by the Miles (L)

This post contains strong language (L). 

He is traveling for work.  At the end of a long day, the following exchange happens between him and his wife back home:

Him: I’m finally fixing my itch from being horny all day.

Her: Mmmm, tell me about it.

Him: Grabbing my shaft and having precum on my hand. Rocking my hand back and forth on it.

Her: Getting close to a big explosion?
It’s definitely your turn!

Him: Mmmm, yesssssss.

Her: Nice and hard, I bet!

Him: Extremely hard.

Her: Ooohhh, so hot!!🔥🔥💦

Him: It’s getting hard to read the phone screen, type, and grab my cock.

Her: Then grab it, and I’ll stop!

Him:  No, don’t stop!!!!!
It adds so much.

Her:  Now I’m getting wound up again!
Nipples and pussy all feeling good.

Him: Mmmm, that’s so 🔥 to think about.  Mmmm.

Her: Oh my!

Him:  Really.  Nipples getting hard?

Her: Getting there.
Pussy getting wet. 💦💦

Him: Mmmmm oh FUCK!!!!
Precum is oozing out.

Her: Yum!👅 I know that looks great!

Him: You like to lick the precum.

Her: Yes, you know I do!! Makes it so slippery, too! Pumping up and down.

Him: Mmmm, yes.

Her: When it starts getting in my hand. Or is it in my mouth👄?

Him: I’m edging.

Her: 🍆👄

Him:  Oh, that’s teasing me big time.

Her:  Mmmmm.

Him:  How wet are you?

Her:  Just starting a bit, but still a little sloppy from the lube from earlier.

Him:  I bet you taste amazing.

Her:  It’s not bad.

Him: Nice and wet. I love eating pussy.

Her:  I love having it eaten, and I love sucking cock!
Like I said 🍆👄

Him: Mmmm. Fuck, I’m getting close.

Her: I bet it’s going to explode all over!

Him: I bet you are slick.

Her: Got precum running down your hand, don’t you?

Him: Mmmmhmmmm.

Her: I’m sure I am! Too bad I don’t have anything pounding me to find out!
I can feel it sliding down my pussy lips.

Him: Can you grab your dildo again?

Her: I love feeling that running down!
Sure, I can grab it!

Him: Mmmm, that is so inviting, your wet lips.

Her:  But it’s not the same as the real thing pounding me.

Him: Oh, I know that.

Her:  What position do you want?

Him: Doggie. I love looking at your ass while I’m sliding in and out.

Her:  I love doggy.
Makes it easy for you to get a little spank in or to hang on for the ride!

Him:  I love watching your lips get pushed in
and then pulled out while I’m riding you.

Her:  Oh, fuck! That is so hot! I love seeing that, too!
Either in a video or in the mirrors above our bed.
With that handheld mirror, I can see a lot.

Him:  Sliding my hand up and under to play with your clit.

Her: Yea! Mmm, feels good being filled up! The dildo does feel good.

Him:   Oh, that is hot!
Mmmm!  Wow, my balls are aching, and my mind is going crazy.

Her:  I’ve got some exhibitionist in me, apparently.

Him:  Well, if you want to explore that, send me a picture.  I’d like to see.

Her: I took a little video earlier, a clip of my nipple reacting to what I was doing.
You can hear me rubbing my clit and wet pussy.

Him:  Mmmm, fuck, yes!!!!

Her:  How’s it going? Still got precum going?

Him:  Still jacking.

Her: (Sends photo)

Him:  Nice! 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆
(Sends photo)

Her:   OMG! Looks so good!  💦💦🔥🔥🍑

Him: You like?

Her:  Yes!! I might have thought about licking my phone..👅👅
I’m imagining it spurting cum!

Him: (Sends a second photo)

Her:  So big and hard! Look at it!
A few good licks right there just under the head would probably get some results!

Him: Mmmm, fuck yes, it would.

Her:  Or sucking that whole thing in!
My nipples are certainly harder now!

Him: Oh, let’s see!  I love where that thong is crawling.

Her: (sends nipple pic)

Him:  Mmm, can I nibble?

Her: Of course, and I knew that photo would be right up your alley!

Him:  Oh my!  Mmmm, fuck!

Her: That nipple really needs attention!  Some good tongue action!

Him:  (sends tongue pic)

Her: Yes!  Lick those nipples and suck on them!

Him:  How’s your pussy now?

Her: Wet, tingly, and needy.

Him: Mmm, I want to cum and eat it.

Her: Do it!! Cum all over it!! Oh, yes!!
Just think if it was a creampie and you were eating it!  👅🍆👅🍆💦👅

Give it up and explode!!  You know it’s going to feel so good!!

Him: 0h 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🌧️

Oh, it did!!!!!

Her:  Yes!! And how did it taste?

Him: Good.

Her: Mmmm, baby, this was so fun!! Thank you!  I miss you!

More to come in Part 2…

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11 replies
  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Super hot. I just started traveling for work again, and my wife and I had Facetime sex; it was fun and hot. Not nearly as fun as the real thing, but it was so thrilling to watch her entertain me and then get excited when I did the same for her.

  2. texasman76 says:

    Very Hot!!! Love the exchange and build up for each other. Super hot talking about eating the cum off her pussy. It turned her on just for him to have so much fun solo that she had to join in. Just awesome. I have enjoyed my cum at the hotel solo thinking about eating eating it out of/off of my wife too.

  3. Tulsa says:

    Thanks for the memories! I used to be away from home more than I was home, so we sure know the routine!
    Things like email, instant messaging, and such, sure made long distance plain old phone sex a lot better & kinkier, huh? 🙂

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