Sexy Secretary/Boss Wife

A Job Offer (L)

This story contains strong language (L).

My hubby Daniel and I love to role-play. Here recently, we have begun actually to act scenes out more in-depth. My hubby has always had a fantasy of a secretary dressed up in a short skirt with a button-down blouse, pantyhose, and heels seducing the guy boss. So that’s where the inspiration for this story came from. As a woman who failed at creativity at the beginning of our marriage, I am always trying to make my hubby’s wildest fantasies come true. I absolutely love surprising him and seeing how turned on he gets. So let’s get to this story!


I just recently discovered the site LoveHoney, and I’m in love! I ordered a decent shipment of lingerie from them, and the quality is amazing. So while browsing their site, I found the perfect outfit for a “secretary.” It was a black, gray, and white plaid skirt with a low cut, see-through, button-down top. I was super excited!! I finally found what he had in his mind. I could hardly contain my excitement and wanted to tell him so badly! But I knew I could really blow his mind with this surprise. I also ordered some new thigh highs to complete the outfit. A couple of weeks later, I got the items in, and they were perfect!

The same week, our kiddos asked to stay the night with their Nana. I knew it was time. I told Daniel I had a surprise for him and that I would let him see it on our kid-free night. The day finally came, and we both had such anticipation for our evening! When we were finally alone, I told him I would get ready for him and said to stay in the living room. I advised him I would send him a text letting him know his role, as the surprise would include roleplay.

Determined to make this a night to remember, I headed into the bathroom. I was so excited to see the look on his face. I began to do my makeup, making sure it was on point. I don’t always wear a whole lot of cosmetics, as Daniel likes the more natural look. But for the night, I went big. I applied the eye shadow generously, making sure it popped. I also applied some dark pink lipstick and put on some dangling black, jeweled earrings. I also fixed my hair in a style he loves, down with curls.

I then went to our bedroom and put some fake nipple jewelry on. I’m not brave enough to pierce them, but thanks to a friend for telling me about the fake ones! I surprised my hubby with them on an earlier occasion, and we both fell in love with them.  As I began to put the jewelry on my nipples, I could feel the heat rising from my pussy. Gosh, I was getting so turned on. I allowed my hands to roam from rubbing my nipples down my stomach to my pussy. Wow, how wet I was!! I began to pleasure myself, allowing myself to get lost in the moment. It was extra intense knowing the fun that was about to be had.

After getting myself pretty worked up, I continued getting ready. I slipped the new black sheer thigh highs on, then put the skirt on without any panties underneath.  I wore my best pushup bra under the white top and added a pearl beaded necklace which lay right between my bulging breasts. Last but not least, I slipped on my black shiny heels. I also had another surprise, but he found out about this one thanks to us sharing an Amazon account! I had ordered a fake nose ring, which added the final touch to my outfit.

As I looked into the mirror, I was shocked at the stunning businesswoman looking back at me! I felt of my pussy once again, getting turned on by the sight of myself. I even lifted my pussy-juice-dripping fingers up to my mouth and tasted myself. Mmmm, I tasted as sweet as honey.

Due to the nature of our house’s layout, I had to change the roleplay a tad. So I texted my darling hubby and told him he was interviewing for a job with my company. I let him know I was ready to begin the interview.

As he walked into the room, I could tell the sight of me sitting there with my legs stretched out across the ottoman turned him on instantly. Directing him to the chair I’d set near me so he would have an up-close view, I began the interview. While I questioned him, I made sure to lean over at times so his eyes could roam over my bulging cleavage. 

As the interview progressed, he couldn’t contain himself and would rub my legs every so often. He acted innocent and apologized as if he hadn’t meant to touch my legs.

I simply said, “I see you like these thigh-highs, sir.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.

As I asked him if he would be able to meet the unique demands of being an assistant to me, he offered to give me a trial run right then. That intrigued and turned me on, so naturally, I said yes. “Please perform for me, sir, so I can confirm you would be the right fit for me.”

He stood up, pulled me to my feet, and began to kiss me. As his tongue intertwined with mine, it was as if fireworks had exploded. We were both so on fire, and our attraction for each other was intense. The performance by this tall, dark-headed, handsome man continued as he rubbed his hands all over my legs and boobs, kissing the revealed cleavage. Next, his hands ran up my legs to my pussy, and as his fingers touched it and he saw how turned on I was, he couldn’t take it any longer.

“Ma’am,” he said, “do you always get this wet?”

Yes, sir. Please fuck me, sir. Show me all you’ve got,” I panted. “Fuck this bitch of a boss.”

I leaned over the bed so he could take me doggy-style and gasped as his thick hard throbbing cock thrust into my pussy. It was almost more than I could take. My pussy throbbed against his hardness. “Ooooooh,” I moaned loudly.

He began to thrust in and out, hard and fast. “Mmmmm, baby, your pussy is so wet.”

All I could do was moan and scream, “Oooohhhh, baby, you’re fucking me so good. Oh, shit, babbbyy! OOOOOH! MMMMMM!” my body began to tremble; I could feel the orgasm mounting. And as he shot his load into my pussy, I screamed with pleasure, my body giving in to an amazingly intense orgasm.

I caught my breath, stood up, and straightened my skirt before reaching out to shake his hand. “Congratulations, sir. Based on your trial, you have the job. Let me ensure you that the benefits package will be well worth it, but you can expect frequent performance checks!”

Daniel gladly accepted the position!

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18 replies
  1. Ben G. says:

    Very hot story! My wife Gina and I love role play. We have played out the " The Job Interview " before, except with me being the boss. It was a very erotic and fun role play indeed. Your story brought back memories of that role play. One we will have to act out again some day. Thanks for posting and God bless.

  2. oldmarriedcouple says:

    It is so great that you are (both) willing working so hard to keep the spark of Christian love and romance alive.
    With kids, I remember how difficult it was to find as much "private" time to enjoy each other. Having grandparents near enough to allow a kid sleepover is a wonderful thing, and it's great to hear how you look forward to spending the time together. All couples need time to "communicate" but finding time to feed a married sexual relationship is just as important for long term satisfaction and bliss (in my humble opinion, and being on the 'other side' of the curve, as long-term empty nesters).

    • Sexlovers says:

      Thankfully our kids do have frequent sleepovers which does give us alone time. Which I agree it very needed to have a thriving marriage!! We both work to keep the fire burning 🔥

  3. Peterpan says:

    I often fantasize about role-playing with my future wife. This is truly a story that is on my mind. It is very beautifully written and definitely very hot! Please keep writing!

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