Reconnecting With Our Bodies

It can become a habit that we perform in a perfunctory way, without giving it a second thought. We get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible and go about our daily routines. What am I talking about? It could be many things in life, but I am talking about masturbation. Those times of self-induced orgasm that meet a physical need and have become mindless routine.

But what if it could be different? What if we could slow down and get reacquainted with our body and focus on what we are actually feeling, perhaps even try new techniques or settings? What if we could even progress to incorporating it into our personal prayer and worship? That’s what I am proposing with mindful masturbation. Or as I prefer to call it, Sacrosexual Meditation.

Here are some steps to yank yourself out of the routine and take time to reconnect with your body.

  1. Schedule it. Set aside a time when you have emotional energy to give and can be alone in a safe place.
  2. Get naked in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Rather than calling to mind your imperfections, find three things you like about yourself.
  3. Shed the screens and toys and thoughts of other people’s body. This is a time to focus on what your body is feeling.
  4. Slow down and pay attention to how certain touches in certain places feel. Find out what you enjoy. Notice each of your physical reactions and sensations.
  5. Try a new technique or a different place. If you use your right hand, try your left. Always use a hand? Try a toy. Always use a toy? Try just your hand or water from a shower head.
  6. Prolong the experience. We are so used to speeding to climax that we forget to enjoy the journey.

Once you have become attuned to self-stimulation with total focus, you can begin to incorporate it into your prayer and worship. Decide ahead of time what you are asking of the Lord. Or even just decide this will be a time of meditation on His goodness. Then do the steps above while offering what you feel as a thank offering. While you feel sensations building within your body, audibly give thanks to God for what you are feeling. Climax in prayer with shouts of praise as the energy radiates through your body. Perhaps even give a sacrifice of living seed.

We have let the culture rob us of the beauty of our sexuality by making it pornographic and lustful. We need to reclaim what the enemy has stolen and repurpose it for the praise of God and our own spiritual growth.

This may seem radical or lustful, but it doesn’t involve others or desiring someone who isn’t ours to have. It is praising God as we reconnect with our body and discover the blessing that He has created for us.

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  1. SecondMarge says:

    I think you make some good points about trying new things and avoiding the rut of repeating sex in our same routine. Desire and lust for our spouse is a good thing and improves sex.

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