Any Ideas?

Hi, MH Readers.

I’m trying to come up with a topic for my next post. Any ideas?

I was thinking of doing a story about a fantasy of catching my future wife masturbating. What do you think?


[From MH: Actually, this is not a bad idea! Why not have a page where potential authors can come look for ideas about what you best like to read?  Or even ideas for married couples to try out and report back on?  Keep in mind that your suggestions have to meet the MH guidelines, but you can improve the quality of MH content *and* hot, Biblical monogamy.]

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  1. Sarge says:

    I used to write monogamous couple fantasies for my wife. I’ve actually got a couple of them still in my memory that I’m planning on writing for MH someday. I love hot fiction, and of course nonfiction. I never caught my wife masturbating, but I loved just watching her Jill off.

  2. Light of Lights says:

    I was waiting for this I have many ideas but I don't have the patience to write.

    You can create a story about:

    — Something related to motorcycles.
    — Sex in the dark forest.
    — A villain and a heroine.
    — A picnic.
    — A retelling of Adam and Eve, only a lot more sensual.
    — Japanese-style sex.
    — Something about time travel.
    — Sex with masks.
    — An Elf wife.

    However, how about a parody of Little Red Chapel? it would be very exciting.

  3. Loving Guy says:

    Mutual masterbation with husband in a suit and wife in stockings and heels.

    Mutual masterbation with wife using hands/ toys in lingere/ heels and while husband is playing with wife's panties.

    Nipple play. I enjoy playing with my nipples and I want to my future wife to enjoy playing with and sucking my nipples.

  4. Loving Guy says:

    The strangest place you masturbated because you were just too horny to wait and had to cum right there and then. This sounds like a hot discussion topic. We could do it for both guys and girls.

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