An Unexpected Date Night (L)

This post contains strong language (L).

Late one Saturday evening, our kids unexpectedly went to their Nana’s for the night. We always jump at any chance we can get to be alone, so we were pleasantly surprised by her invitation.

We decided to go into town and grab a bite to eat and spend some quality time together. We kissed and held hands, flirting the entire time. After we ate, I asked Daniel if he wanted to go to our local sex store. It’s one of our favorite things to do on a date night. And of course, he readily agreed.

As we browsed, a vibrating glass dildo * caught our eye. I love the glass dildo that I already have, but this one was bigger and thicker, plus it vibrated. We decided to buy it. Once in the car, I unwrapped it from the package. I was so excited to try it! After being so sexual with Daniel, plus going into the sex store, I was super horny already.

Daniel asked, “Are you going to try it now?!”

“I sure am,” I answered. I was wearing leggings without any panties underneath and a T-shirt. I stripped the leggings off and slid that thick hard glass dildo inside of me. The vibrations got me going so fast, and Daniel was super turned on by watching me!

Then he asked, “Do I need to go park somewhere so we can finish this together?”

“Ohh, yes, please!” I continued playing with my pussy while he found us a place to park. Soon we were sitting in an empty parking lot. We rolled the windows down half way and moved to the middle bucket seats of our SUV. I turned sideways so that my back was against the door. I had one leg spread wide resting on the driver seat and the other resting on the seat opposite me. It gave Daniel plenty of room for access as he knelt down in front of me. The thrill of being in the vehicle and in a public place was overwhelming!

He thrust his hard thick cock into my throbbing pussy and began to fuck me like an animal.

“Ooohhh, shit, baby! Fuck me! Mmmmm, cum inside my pussy!”

Neither of us last long at all, and we both had amazing, fulfilling orgasms!

We have had plenty of car sex, but this time was by far the hottest and so easy and fun! We went on home and had some more fun in our comfy bed, thanking God for date nights that are unexpected in so many ways!!

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4 replies
  1. Sultryheat says:

    I keep one of our favorite vibrators in the car’s glove compartment. We often take little road trips on weekends (specifically with sexy car time in mind). I always wear a flowy skirt and crotchless panties on these getaways. We usually drive for a while, stop to eat lunch and have a couple of cocktails, which always loosens us up and the flirting and touching always escalates at this point. Our favorite spot is a little lakeside cafe which offers curtained style dividers between each table…doesn’t provide much privacy as far as hearing, so we have to be quiet, but no one can see us directly. My hubby loves me to face him in my chair and prop my feet up on each of his arm rests and spreads my knees wide open. He always fingers my wet pussy to orgasm right there at the table, and usually leans in for a quick little taste too. The best part is that it’s easy to hear when the server is heading our way, due to the hardwood path to our table.
    After lunch, we head back to the car and my guy is ready for a show. I spread for him and have fun with my vibrator while he strokes his hard cock. After I’ve climaxed again, I lean over and suck him dry.
    We LOVE our weekend road trips!

  2. christmakesithot says:

    Hey, thanks for the story. Once when we were out on a date, we pulled into a barbershop parking lot. It was closed and no cars were there. The windows were tinted and we were making out in the middle seats. A truck pulled up and the guy started talking to us. We said we were from out of town and were just resting a bit. He said they had been having problems with thieves and said it was his wife's business. He said it was private property and that we had to leave. We could go down a few miles and rest in the Walmart parking lot. He didn't catch us doing anything, and I was surprised he was so pushy. We were nicely dressed and in a mini-van. Didn't make me want to go get my hair cut there!

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