My Wife’s Temple

It’s my first time writing, so I covet your kind encouragement.

As a husband, I appreciate my wife’s pussy; I call it her “temple.” It’s a holy place set apart for holy activity. It’s where I feel at home, and I’m attached to it not only out of sexual desire. Her temple welcomes every inch of me and receives my semen, uniting us in a very real way. When that resulted in a child, it became even more of a reason for worship.

Once, on a weekend day when I was off work, our little family relaxed together in front of the TV. My wife sat on the couch with her legs apart, and my child and I sprawled on the floor, playing. Occasionally, I caught a glimpse of her temple. It is attractively hairy, but her plump lips were shining through under her skirt. But this time, I saw it differently than ever before; I realized how precious my wife is—not because she let me have a view of her pussy while we took a break. Rather, I had a profound sense of the central role it played in making the three of us a family. The unique relationship between my wife, our 5-year-old daughter, and I was built in that temple. I know it’s the same for most families, but this was an epiphany for me, an almost mystical enlightenment as to the importance of my wife and her body.

After a while, she noticed my prolonged observation and smiled at me kindly. Suddenly, I found myself kissing her legs and rising to give her a deep hug full of my love and appreciation of her presence in my life.

Pressed against my body, she felt my erection against her and asked me, “What would you like to do?” But I sensed that she was tired after a long busy week, so I reminded her that we hadn’t had a mutual masturbation session in a while. She admitted that she had been missing mutual solo play with me, so planned for it after we put the little one to bed.

We started with soft kisses, graduating to more passionate ones. My hands glided adoringly over my wife’s naked, pleasantly plump form, my heart overflowing with love for her. At her insistence, I dropped trou, and she began to kiss my dick and balls affectionately as if they were her favorite toy and I, her favorite person. After a minute or two, I laid her across our bed and kissed her stylishly groomed bush before pleasuring her orally to get her excited for our play.

Finally, we propped up opposite each other and began to masturbate, our eyes locked and urging each other on. She orgasmed twice but didn’t stop until my balls were empty. After that, she helped me up, and we went to shower together, so happy and satisfied.

I love my wife boundlessly.

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  1. WeldersWife says:

    This is a wonderful story of love and appreciation. It very clearly conveyed how much you love your wife and thats a beautiful thing. Ending was a great (and sexy) example of compromise. Please keep writing 🙂

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