Ron and Anne 3.0: Newlyweds

Nature’s call woke Anne. Ron was lying on his side next to her, peacefully resting his hand on her breast. When he went to work that morning, it would be their first day apart since they were married the previous Saturday.

Anne was a virgin when they married. She had looked forward to her wedding night with both excitement and fear. Some of her girlfriends had described sex as feeling used, but it wasn’t that way for her. Sex that night for her was being loved, with amazing benefits between her legs.

Ron was just as innocent as Anne. Before he met Anne, he had never seen a girl naked. Some of his friends (as well as some of Anne’s friends) pitied them. They were concerned the naive newlyweds wouldn’t know what to do on their wedding night. They had been wrong, very wrong. It was a little awkward at first, but it didn’t take long for them to work it out.

Over the last few days, they had been having sex three or four times a day, including Ron waking Anne up at 2:00 AM. In fact, they’d been having sex so often, her vagina was sore.

Anne didn’t want to wake her husband. Her bladder was full, and she knew what would happen as soon as he woke up. She had planned to have sex with him before he left for work that morning, but she would like to at least pee first. That was not the most likely outcome if he woke up before she made it to the bathroom, so she carefully slipped out from under his hand. He shifted but stayed asleep.

Coming back from the bathroom, Anne crawled back in bed and spooned her naked body next to his. Her mother had given her a pretty bride’s nightgown, and his parents had given him a set of silk pajamas as part of their honeymoon trousseau—neither of which had been necessary.

As she scooted up against him, Ron woke and turned over. With a smile, he pulled her against him in an affectionate hug, pressing her breast against his chest. His mouth sought hers for a passionate kiss. She felt his manhood grow erect against her.

Ron pushed her over onto her back and fondled her breast. Anne was on the pill, and her breasts were a little swollen and sensitive, but he was gentle. He began kissing her other breast, and she felt his tongue trace her areola before he stopped to suck the nipple. His sucking sent a delightful shock between her legs.

As Ron sucked, his hand slid down her tummy to search for her feminine lips. Anne knew they’d be swollen and not hard to find, but she couldn’t resist drawing up her knees and spreading her legs to make it easier.

His fingers immediately found her slit and slid up to that very interesting spot at the top. As he stroked her clitoris, she felt it become erect and her muscles tighten. She was glad she’d made it to the bathroom, or there might have been a wet spot on the bed. After fondling her clitoris for a few moments, he slid his fingers down to her vagina, which was slick with feminine lubricant.

Ron rolled on top of her, lying between her legs. Then, after a kiss, he scooted down to the foot of the bed until his knees were on the floor and his face close to her vagina. He paused for a moment to just look at it, and Anne felt her cheeks blush at being so exposed.

Then he pushed himself up and kissed it. Anne guessed what might happen next, and she wasn’t sure she wanted that. She had heard of couples practicing cunnilingus but had never dreamed of Ron doing it to her. Her mother had always told her that touching herself there was naughty. That is where she pees. Worse, she knew that her feminine juices leaked out of her vagina when she was aroused, and she was definitely aroused.

The thought of Ron putting his mouth on her sent a shiver of panic up her spine. She reached down to push his head away—but he was too fast for her. She felt his warm wet tongue against her female lips. It was delightful. IT WAS DELIGHTFUL. Instead of pushing his head away, she just held it, pressing it against her. It was wonderful to have his tongue slide up and down her lips; she dismissed the thought of how naughty it was.

Ron’s tongue went up to her clitoris and began to move back and forth on the very tip. Then he went down her lips to her vagina where his tongue began to move in and out, warm and wet against the opening.

Anne pulled his head back up. She didn’t want him at her vagina; she wanted him back at her clitoris. His tongue slid back up and he began to nurse her tiny erection. Then he used his tongue to flick the tip of her clitoris again. He reached up and touched a nipple, and as he did, the flood gates gave way and she came—and came, and came—the most intense orgasm she had ever felt.

When her orgasm ended, Ron stopped and looked up at her. Lying there, spread eagle, completely naked, Anne knew she should have been embarrassed. But as the afterglow washed over her, she instead felt incredibly relaxed. All she could think about was having his erection inside her.

Ron began pulling himself up over the end of the bed between her legs. When she felt his erection touch her lips, she reached down and guided it to her vagina. As wet as she was from his tongue and her feminine lubricant, it glided in easily. Her already sore vagina was stretched again, but it felt too good for her to care. She wrapped her legs around his hips to pull him tighter against her.

On his elbows above her, Ron began his thrusts. His chest slid lightly across her breasts; he enjoyed the feeling of barely touching her nipples. That thought, combined with the fact that she was so tight, made him cum quickly with a barely audible groan.

Spent, he just held himself there, enjoying being inside her. Anne couldn’t resist constricting her vagina to better feel him, and each time she squeezed, he gave a sharp intake of breath that made her smile.

Finally, the alarm went off. He had to leave for work. Ron rolled off her and with a whispered, “I love you,” went to the bathroom to get ready.

Anne lay there for a few minutes longer, relishing her afterglow, then joined him in the bathroom to pee again and wipe off the backflow. It was sad to watch him as he went into the bedroom to finish getting ready, knowing that in a couple of minutes, they’d be separated for the rest of the day.

Dressed, Ron came back to the bathroom door and just stood there, admiring her, enjoying the nakedness of his new bride. While they had been dating and engaged, he had caught “accidental” glimpses of her body. But now he could legitimately enjoy just looking at this incredible gift he had been given.

Ron turned to leave, but Anne couldn’t let him go without another kiss. She jumped up and, grabbing a robe, hurried to catch him at the door.

Before opening the door, Ron turned and accepted her goodbye kiss. He pushed the top of the robe out of the way baring one breast, and stood there, feeling its softness and the erect nipple in his hand. Then he slid his other hand down her front, opening the robe completely. His fingers found her clitoris, still wet and slick from their earlier play, and slowly began to massage it one more time as it grew erect.

Anne came again. She had to hold him to keep from falling, and that turned into one last passionate kiss. Then Ron said, “I must be going.”

She responded with one word, “Tonight.”

And he was off. She was sending him to work with a smile on his face. Of course, everyone would know what that smile was from, but neither of them could have cared less.

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4 replies
  1. Preacher says:

    There is something very special about newlywed sex. I was a virgin when we were married. I was afraid I wouldn't do something right, but the first time was perfect. We were both so aroused; her vagina was soaked and ready, and I was fully erect. She didn't have to guide me, and I didn't have to look as to where to put my cock, we just merged together without even thinking about it. Our sexual body parts knew what to do. From then on, we had fun exploring and learning together. Thanks for sharing!

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      I cannot find a story from you and your wife of your sex life. Are you really a preacher. I am, and would like to hear some specifics about your marriage.

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