Recipe for a Hot Night

Every Friday night, my wife and I look forward to our weekly alone time, a night of passion. Rarely do we miss a Friday night of adult playtime. This Friday was no exception, but I made plans for the evening that would elevate our routine. First, I let my wife know that I had something special in mind; it’s my way of creating sexual awareness. I want her to be curious and looking forward to what the night brings. Then I rushed home from work as fast as I could while driving safely.

So, what were my plans, you ask? Here are the ingredients I used to create a hot night for us. Of course, you may want to adjust the ingredients to suit your tastes and those of your spouse.

1-Two glass dildos. One, I put it in our outdoor freezer a week ahead of time. You won’t need a week to ensure it is icy cold, but at least a few hours. The other glass dildo I cleaned thoroughly and had ready for use.

2-Thermometer. It checks the temperature of the second glass dildo mentioned above. I used a Thermo-Pen, but others are suitable.

3-Restraints. Tying them to our bedposts early in the evening alerted my wife to what was in store for later. I used four Velcro cuffs attached to a rope about 30-36” in length, which works well with our four-poster bed. Improvise and use what is available, as long as you can limit your spouse’s movement.

4-Candle made for wax play. These candles melt at lower temperatures so that you don’t injure your spouse.

5-Headphones or earbuds of some variety. I used wireless earbuds that I bought for working out and which I keep paired to MY phone. This was helpful for the next ingredient.

6-Playlist of audio-erotica or sex sounds. I incorporated both in this night’s dish.

7-Blindfold. I purchased a new blindfold for this main course as I wanted one to block out as much light as possible. The blindfold works with the earbuds and audio to create sensory deprivation. My wife would have no idea what I was doing as I moved about the room.

8-Nipple clamps or some other sort of nipple-stimulating device. I purchased two pairs of magnetic spherical orbs made for this purpose; they pinch the nipple between the two magnets. I bought the extra-strong variety, and they may have been a little too intense; you might start with the regular strength.

9-Feathers. I have bought several varieties of feathers at Hobby Lobby. I used two types in this recipe to provide a slightly different feel.

10-Riding crop, or flogger. I used a riding crop, but a flogger would also work just as well.

11-A little alcohol. My wife chose a glass of wine, but you can skip this ingredient if you prefer.

12-Towel or other means of protecting your bed linens, as voluminous bodily fluids should occur during the making of this dish.

After my beautiful and sexy wife felt sufficiently relaxed, I led her to our bedroom. With a towel in place, lingerie removed, and spouse guided into position, I turned on the earbuds and allowed my wife to place them in her ears to guarantee a proper fit. Then I carefully attached the restraints, ensuring minimal movement was possible. Finally, I fitted her blindfold and turned out all the lights except those absolutely necessary for my precise execution of the night’s dish. With the first audio story started, my wife could no longer hear or see what I did.

After lighting the candle, I pulled out the two feathers that I had hidden earlier around our bed. I brushed my wife’s abdomen very lightly with one feather, barely touching her skin, something that always gets her juices flowing. As I ran the feather up and down the sides of her body, I purposely avoided her nipples while gradually working toward them. After a quick, smooth touch to her breasts, I switched to her thighs. Again, I teased her with the feather by not directly touching her lower lips, then eventually added the other feather to stimulate her entire body. Now I incorporated her intimate parts, teasing her breasts and pussy as well as her face.

Now the time came to switch to something a little harsher: the riding crop. Her very perky nipples stood at full attention, and I ran the leather crop across the top of one, making only enough contact to let her feel the difference in material. I did the same to the other pointed bud, and she moaned and groaned, partly due to the sensations but also her audio story. I carefully watched my phone to see when the story ended and immediately started the next one before lightly tapping her breasts and thighs with the crop.

My wife loved this and responded positively, so I alternated from slapping her breasts to her clit, giving light taps with increasing intensity. I knew from experience that continued striking of her pussy would result in a climax for her, but I had a different goal tonight. This would be a more prolonged session, so despite her approving love sounds, I abruptly ended the clit and breast spanking.

A close inspection of the candle revealed a lot of wax had collected. I couldn’t tell if she had tried to identify the aroma, but soon she wouldn’t need to; she would know. Carefully taking hold of the candle, I leaned over her, held it about a” 12-18” above her body to ensure it wouldn’t burn her, and tilted it just enough to let some of the melted wax drizzle onto her upper abdomen. My wife made a soft sound as she realized what was about to occur.

I poured wax nearer to her breasts but not directly onto her nipple. Then I adjusted the height of the candle to change the temperature of the wax when it struck her body and slowly circled her breasts with the molten substance. Her sounds indicated it had the desired effect, so I eased down her body with the wax and made a trail to her pussy and all around it before letting it drip just above her clit and run down to her lips. Based on her lovely noises, she really liked the feel of the wax near her most private of lady parts.

Before I finished with the candle, her pussy and both breasts were covered in wax, with a trail connecting them all running down her sexy abdomen. Then, I moved on to the next phase of the dish. Carefully, I applied the magnetic orbs. She responded well but acknowledged they pinched very hard and required a little adjusting.

Leaving her momentarily, I removed the ice-cold glass dildo from the freezer. The other I submerged in the highest-temp water I could get from the tap. When I returned to the bedroom, I positioned myself over my wife’s wax-smothered body. Damn, she looked so incredibly hot!! Now I started teasing her with the tip of the frozen dildo; the temperature change must have been shocking to her skin. One minute she had hot wax dripping onto her, and the next, a freezing-cold sensation. I made a couple of swipes up and down her body before positioning the tip of the dildo at the entrance to her pussy.

She jumped but then smiled and moaned as I inserted it past her entrance. Taking my time, I eased it deeper and deeper into her love canal, tilting it to stimulate her G-spot. Her moans told me I had found my target precisely. I persisted in applying firm pressure to the dildo, pulling down on the end I held to force the inserted end more firmly against her G-spot. Then I guided it deep enough to be hit her A-spot.

Once I had her moaning and begging me to keep fucking her with the cold dildo, I quickly aborted the mission. I left the first dildo inside her while I retrieved the warmer version of the same toy. A temperature check revealed the warmer version had cooled a bit, so I heated it until the temperature reached the 90’s. Then I wasted no time removing the cold version of the glass dildo and inserting the warm one. I pounded her wet pussy, shoving it into her deep and fast.

She had her first orgasm then begged me to give her my dick. I was more than eager to give her what she desired, but first, I inserted both dildos into her wet cunt. They wouldn’t fit all the way inside of her but went far enough to open her up nicely. I removed one, then my throbbing cock joined the other inside her waiting pussy.

My wife begged me to fuck her harder and deeper, and I obliged. She had another shattering orgasm, and then I had mine. Quickly, I untied her, removed the blindfold, and kissed my gorgeous wife.

When she had recovered enough that her breathing had returned to normal, she “aid,” “Wow!” That was all I needed to know that she thoroughly enjoyed this night. I am happy!

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    • Salcpl says:

      Thank you, Juicy. This is more of a factual account of an exciting night than an erotic masterpiece as some on here submit, so I appreciate your kind words. I think next time I’ll try to be a little more if an eloquent writer.

  1. LovingMan says:

    Not really into bondage but we have tried glass dildos with some good sexy success! The glass dildos were recommended by other MH writers & readers.

    The ability to get ideas and product recommendations is a real plus to reading MH.

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