Alone on the Beach With My Wife (L)

My wife and I live very close to the beach but seldom ever get to go alone.  We take our seven-year-old daughter to the beach several times a month.  We used to visit exotic nude beaches in the Caribbean and take very romantic vacations.  Since we started a family, we have not had that luxury as of late.  My wife and I have hectic schedules between both our jobs.  It has been several weeks since we were intimate together.

So when some friends invited our daughter over to play with theirs for the day, my wife and I both had the same idea.  We didn’t even need to talk about it; we knew what we wanted to do with our alone time.  We secretly put our beach supplies in the truck and put on our swimsuits under our clothes because our daughter would probably be upset if she knew that we were going to the beach without her.  Besides, there was no reason for her to know.

We drove to our friend’s house, and my wife took our daughter inside.  As she walked back out to me in the waiting truck, she gave me a little wink.  It was confirmed!  I understood where this trip was taking us, and I knew of just the right spot.

We drove a short way to a beach in a national park.  As I parked the truck in the sandy parking lot, my wife applied large amounts of sunscreen because she has red hair and the light skin to match.  I climbed out and got our drinks and beach mats out of the truck bed.  Because we knew we would need to walk for a while, we carried very little and wore even less.

The parking lot had just a few cars in it as it was the off-season and not a wildly popular spot; only a few locals usually frequent it this time of year.  Knowing this, I thought I would surprise my wife and wear a Speedo swimsuit to the beach.  I am very comfortable in them simply because I spent 14 years of my life wearing them for swimming in elementary, high school, and college.  I still swim competitively and keep a decent physique.  I pulled my shirt off, kicked off my shoes, and took off the shorts covering my small swimsuit.

As I was taking off clothes in preparation for the beach, my wife on the other side of the truck pulled off her tank top and leaned over, presumably to remove her blue jean shorts.  (Even after all these years, I still get the urge to “sneak a peek.”)  Then she closed the truck door and stepped around the tailgate to reveal a swimsuit that I had not seen before.  It was extremely “cheeky” for a Sunday school teacher.  The small black triangle cups of her top strained to contain her large breasts, and the bright-pink bottoms with narrow straps exposed a surprising amount of her smooth, beautiful butt.  The front even hinted at her sexy v-shaped mound as it was not covered by much fabric.  Her revealing ensemble trumped my attempt at surprising her with my skimpy black and red swimsuit, but we had obviously put some thought into teasing each other during this rare event.

Carrying our mats, we then started walking barefoot toward the beach.  We passed a few people,  and I caught a couple of guys staring at my beautiful wife.  I felt proud and slightly turned on by this; I am so glad that I get to see all of her.

We then turned and walked north, continuing until we saw no others on the beach and still kept moving.  I knew if we walked far enough up this particular stretch of beach, we would no longer even see footprints.  As we strolled, my wife reached up to the black string hanging off the knot in the middle of her back and gave it a tug, quickly relieving the tiny bikini top of its burden.  I was walking behind her and just marveled at her bare back, knowing what amazing sights lay in front, shining in the sunlight of this beautiful day.

We walked a little farther till my wife stopped and said, “This will work,” as she knelt down to spread her bamboo beach mat out on the sand by the surf’s edge.  I did the same beside her, then turned on some music through a small speaker that I had in my bag.  Opening the soft-sided cooler, I got us each a fruity alcoholic beverage.  When I turned to hand my wife one, she was leaning back with her hands on the mat behind her, enjoying the sun.  Finally, I got to look at her breasts in the sunlight, with one nipple growing stiff under the sea breeze and the other obscured by her long red hair.  I was stunned at this sight, and she knew it.  She knew that she had surprised me with her sudden experiment in exhibitionism.

I tried not to gawk—after all, I had seen all of her hundreds of times, but this felt brand new.  Her sexy white stomach, complete with barely visible C-section scar even seemed new.  I was getting so hard that there was a noticeable bulge in my Speedo, and my wife said, “Take those off if you are getting uncomfortable.” I immediately pulled down my black-and-red Speedo, and my hard cock sprang forward.  It felt so good to be free in the sunlight and air as my wife stared longingly at my manhood.  I have not seen her stare at it like that in a long time.

She was content to just sit in the sunlight like that for a while, but I told her, “We should cover up for a while because of the sun.”

At that moment, she reached into her bag and produced a huge bottle of sunscreen.  She said, “Just help me put this on and I won’t worry about the sun.” She then squeezed out a liberal amount on each nipple of her pert breasts and began to rub it around.  She let out a sigh and looked at me.

I asked, “Can I help?” She nodded her head and squeezed some more sunscreen into my hand.  I rubbed sunscreen all over her chest and stomach.  When I got to her hard nipples and put one in the palm of my hand, her little sigh became a slight moan.

I leaned over and kissed her as I massaged the sunscreen into her soft tits.  As my tongue pushed through her red lips to meet her tongue, I felt her hand trace down her stomach to the fleshy mound between her legs that was covered only by the thin pink spandex of her bikini bottoms.  I wasn’t sure at first, but she was gently and covertly rubbing her sex.  She would gently trace from her clitoris down to her slit then back up.

Either she did not know I could see and feel her doing this, or she did not care.  I had never seen her do that before.  My gorgeous topless wife was really turned on and out of her normal mind.  Was it possible that she didn’t even know she was touching herself?  She was so ready for me that I could smell the sweet aroma of the flower between her legs through her swimsuit.  That, mixed with the smell of the coconut oil sunscreen, was more than both of us could bear.  She squeezed my stiff cock and placed her thumb on the opening.  She then turned me loose and slid a hand up to my chest and gently pushed me down flat on the beach mat.  She quickly sprang to her feet and stood over me.  She lowered her beautiful body toward my face and squatted directly above my mouth.  She grabbed the pink bikini material covering her swollen pussy and pulled it to the side.  A drop of her warm lubrication dripped on my nose.   She looked so very sexy as she looked down at me.  I began to grant her obvious request by kissing her clit.  It was still partially concealed by its tiny hood.  I then moved my tongue to her slit, with its many complex folds.  I barely heard my wife say, “open me.” over the sound of the surf.  I reached up in front of my face and grasped her beautiful swollen vaginal lips and spread them apart to reveal the pink intoxicating interior.  The smell that followed seemed to be connected directly to my throbbing cock.  The aroma of her sex felt like it was controlling my stiffness and I have never felt that hard.  I slid my tongue inside my wife who was desperate for my touch at this time.  I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and tasted that peculiar and different innermost taste.  It’s as though I imagined her telling me to, “Fuck me with your tongue.” Wow, she does not speak like that often, I thought to myself.  Although I had tasted my wife many times, and given her many orgasms this way, she was more into the moment than I have ever seen her.  It felt as though my face was being fucked by a different woman, a woman that knew exactly what she wanted.  As she ground her aching pussy against my mouth, I found that I no longer needed to do anything.  My love was doing everything for me.  I had just supplied the tongue in this instance.  It started as a sexy low moan and then turned into a shriek of delight each time she ground herself against my face.  I could tell she was getting close as she grabbed for my hair while her sultry pussy grabbed for my tongue.  My beautiful bride screamed unlike any I had heard prior.  I heard the seam of her bikini bottoms pop as she was still clutching the material between her legs with her right hand and trying to pull it farther out of the way.  As I felt the contractions of her orgasm begin she then unleashed a torrent of nectar from her flower.  I was surprised and slightly concerned as it seemed to be a stream at first and then less with each grip of her orgasm.  I remember that I was not able to catch it all in my mouth and I had some of her wetness run down my cheek and into my ear.  As her breathing slowed and she recovered her senses my wife took her full weight off of my face.  I’m sure she began to understand that between, her on my face and all her cum that had leaked out, that breathing was getting difficult for me.  She then stood up in an unsteady manner not unlike that of a new born Giraffe and pulled her swimsuit bottoms up because the crotch was hanging low and loose.  I sat up slowly and looked at her as she dropped to her knees on my beach mat and put her face to mine.  We kissed deeply and she wasted no time as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth and darted around presumably looking for any of her remaining nectar.  As of late we have discovered that we like to share the taste of each other’s sex.  She continued kissing me for some time and then broke it off to explore my chin and then my neck with her tongue.  She placed a teasing yet surprisingly hard bite on my neck.  Probably leaving a mark but I never checked.  She moved down my chest to my nipples and slowly kissed and teased them.  Whereupon I laid my head back on the beach mat and reserved myself to enjoy these sensations.  She teasingly took a nipple between her teeth and from the bite still burning on my neck I could not help but be slightly concerned.  She had the nipple between her teeth and flicking it with her tongue.  By this time, I wanted to beg for a rare blowjob.  With her mouth on my chest she then reached down to my waste looking for my manhood, which was not hard to find, as it was still insanely hard and pointing to the blue sky above us.  She grasped it and began to slowly move the loose skin around my shaft up and down.  She withdrew her face from my chest and I rose up to look down at her.  She looked me right in the eyes as she slowly moved her head down to meet my now throbbing cock with her beautiful red lips.  She started kissing the underside as she cupped my balls and worked her way up to the tip.  She put the tip in her mouth and gently suckled at it.  By this time her long fiery red hair had cascaded around her face and my impatient cock.  My wife’s beautiful hair was obstructing my view but the sensations that she was providing for me was incredible.  She was working so hard with so much focus.  I loved this side of her when she let it happen.  She stopped for a moment and withdrew me from her lips with a pop.  She reached up with her right hand to tuck her hair behind her ear while still clutching me with her left.  She knowingly gave me a view now of what she was doing.  She looked up and smiled then bit her lower lip.  My wife then returned to the work at hand and looked back at my now red member.  She then slowly and gently rolled my foreskin back to reveal my glistening and sensitive head which was already covered in the dew of my excitement for this moment.  She gently kissed my exposed tip while watching my face’s response.  When she withdrew her kiss a small string of pre-cum bridged between her amazing lips and my moistened head.  It had been so long since I had any release that I could already feel my orgasm starting to well up inside me.  She had me in her mouth moving her head up and down slightly and using her hands to squeeze me.  She could tell by the way I moved and how I breathed that she would not have to work at this very long.  I felt the slightly distant yet familiar feel of pressure building in my lower abdomen and tight feeling around my balls.  I knew this was it and I could not hold myself back any longer even though I tried.  I had felt so full and heavy down there these past days and needed a release like this.  I gave a loud guttural groan I finally succumbed to my impending orgasm.  My wife gripped me tightly and sealed her lips around the ring of my manhood.  With each throb and spasm of my hard cock I presented my wife with at least two weeks worth of my seed.  Her eyes widened momentarily, presumably at the volume of my semen that I was pumping in between her beautiful and inviting lips.  As my cum oozed out of the corners of her sexy mouth she closed her eyes and held my hand.  I gently pulled at her as a signal to come to me.  While still clutching my spent but erect penis in her left hand she moved up my body.  At the same time I raised up to meet her lips with mine.  She held the back of my neck with her right hand, as not to let me escape, and kissed me deeply for a long time.  Our tongues moved together like two playful otters.  Together we shared the taste of my seed which was meant to be inside her body.  Our kiss lasted a long time.  I can’t remember how long but we then lay together on our beach mat looking up at the clouds and listening to the sea.  We had a few drinks and played in the water for a couple hours.  She remained topless and I naked for the entire time including the walk back to the truck.  We enjoyed watching each other walk, taking turns walking in front of, or behind each other.  As we neared civilization and could see people in the distance my wife stopped and leaned over to dig around in her bag looking for her top.  As she did so, I just stared hard at her amazing ass and the faint shape of her pussy through the wet pink material.  I really still needed her in the traditional way but we have never found a good way to have real sex on the beach yet.  That would have to wait till tonight in our bed or if we found a place to park our truck before we had to pick up our daughter from a friend’s house.  I snapped out of my deep and lustful stare at my beautiful and sexy wife when she said, “Found it !” “I was getting worried.  I thought I might have left it back there,” she said with a smile.  I stood behind her and helped her tie her little bikini top back on.  I put the knot in the middle of her back and kissed her and cupped her breasts from behind one last time before we have to go back to the regular public world where that kind of thing is unacceptable.  I felt like I could have stayed forever on that beach.  We continued walking and my wife said, “What about you?” I responded, “What?” She pointed down to my flaccid penis all tucked away behind its protective foreskin.  “Oh yeah,” I said.  I was still caught up in the moment.  I looked in my bag then hers and finally found my Speedos.  My wife must have picked them up for me, out of the sand, by the look of them.  I shook them off very thoroughly and stepped back in them.  We walked past everyone on the beach, feeling conspicuous for some weird reason because of what we had been doing.  We put our things in the back of the truck and sat in the cab.  We held hands and kissed some more, like horny teenagers.  By the way we held each other I knew this was not over today.  While kissing me, my wife said, “We have a couple hours left and I would really like the rest of your seed inside me.  You know why.” I knew why and I wanted to oblige her.  We then looked at the back seat of our truck, that we knew folded up to free the entire floor for what we were planning next.  That is an experience that warrants another story at a latter date.

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11 replies
  1. Salcpl says:

    Outstanding story!! You are a talented writer. That's also a creative username, considering your wife is a ginger. I hope the story is true, but regardless it is very arousing. Would you share the name of the beach? I’m hoping this isn’t your last story.

  2. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Awesome story! Hope it’s the first of many. Sex on a beach has been one of our fantasies for almost our whole 32 years of marriage. Just never been anywhere to make it happen, yet

  3. LovingMan says:

    VERY sexy story! I know well what you described when your wife was into sex in that Uber-sexy mood! It’s always an amazing experience with my wife when she gets that way!

    I loved the beach sex story! I’d love to find an isolated place to do that. We HAVE had sex outside at a couple of wildlife refuges but not outdoors at a national park nor on a beach.

    Thanks for the great story!

  4. redrider2004 says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. The name of the beach is Playalinda in Florida. It is a national seashore with nine miles of open beach with nothing around it but swamp. No roads.

    • redrider2004 says:

      I'll go into it in the next story. If you want to here it. I'll try to finish it soon. It stands to reason, that if it is hard to find alone time with my wife, it is also hard to find time to write. I would like to pick up where the last one left off.

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