Dildos for Guys?

I really respect and enjoy the stories and discussion on this site. I visit MH on regular basis, either looking for new stories by my favorite authors (Southernheat, GG, ClimaXX…) or totally new members. There is a special excitement when a new member posts new stories or introduce him/herself.

I am really comfortable with MH values and guidelines. I also follow some insightful discussions, hot comments, and replies. The discussions on this site have really helped me to keep my sexuality in check.

I recently had the urge to play with sex toys meant for females. Is it sinful for a man to indulge himself with a dildo or multiples of them? I thought it would be exciting to have a dildo in my mouth and/or up my ass as I play with myself.

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  1. CandCDeepLove says:

    I personally don't think it’s a sin. I myself enjoy the same thing. I especially enjoy it when my wife indulges me with one as well. It is so erotic when she dons a strap on and takes me as her own. The role reversal is especially exciting for me and allowing her to take me from behind or even ride her.

  2. Lori D. says:

    From a woman's point of view, I see nothing wrong with your desire to use a toy. My husband sometimes uses the cock ring I gave him as a gift when I purchased a little pocket vibrator for myself. The cock ring seems to make his penis thicker since it obviously restricts the blood flowing through the veins and it certainly makes him last longer. I never used my vibrator or butt plug on him when we have sex but on many occasions I used my saliva on my finger and massaged his prostate when he has an orgasm. He claims when he feels my finger in his bum his climax is very intense. I tend to believe him! Has he used my dildo or vibrator when I'm not home? I don't know because I never asked. Sometimes when we make love I will rest my vibrator on his erection because he enjoys the sensation while his cock is throbbing.

    • Bona says:

      Hi Lori, I really would like to try vibrator on my hard cock. I sometimes jerk off and pour my cum on the tip of the dildo and suck on it or peg myself.

    • Second Chance says:

      @Lori D. I’m the same as your husband, when my wife used to rub my ass hole & finger my prostate, it didn’t take long for me to bust everywhere. Super intense.

      But then sometimes, hahahahaha 😂😂😂, I’d want the finger taken straight out after the orgasm hahahaha

  3. Fearless Lunk says:

    “Is it a sin to ____” is a q I often hear, but it’s rarely the best Q. For example, it’s not a sin to pray, but Jesus points out how God turns his ear away from prideful prayers. According to the principles in 1 Cor. 6 and 1 Cor. 10, it’s better to examine the motive and benefit of the activity. The act itself is neutral. However, one man who plays with dildos *against* the wishes of his wife is likely sinning, b/c he is disrespecting his spouse and being selfish. Yet, if in your case, you are either single or have an approving spouse, does the activity benefit you? It sounds like yes, it’s a joyful sexual turn on. So as long as it is a helpful, joyful, beneficial activity to you – and it doesn’t interfere with your marriage – then I can’t find anything wrong with it.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Disapproving of your spouse’s self pleasure doesn’t make the act a sin unless their self pleasure results in denying sex with their partner.

  4. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    My wife has 2 dildos, a few different vibrators and (I think) 3 anal plugs. I have never used any of the dildos or anal plugs on myself. That said, when we are having sex and if she has her wand vibrator running and stimulating her clit, I will often feel the vibration and it does feel GOOD! She knows the vibrations not only get her off but also me off. I have tried using the wand vibrator on myself and it doesn't feel that great but during sex…yes! As far as sin or not, I would say no?

  5. SecondMarge says:

    Husband sucking a cock-shaped dildo while being pegged. Sounds like the glory of the marriage bed. But of course it’s no sin. Nor is the fantasy that goes with it. The prostate gives guys the pleasure from anal sex that we will never enjoy.

  6. Greg Hamlet says:

    I’ll be straight up – over the last year I’ve come to terms with and accepted that I’m bisexual. I have many fantasies involving dicks (most being my wife having one), but to actually pursue them/act them out would be sinful. My wife is comfortable with my sexuality, and has several times walked in on me sucking a realistic dildo while masturbating – and she’ll ask me if “her cock” got me going today. I don’t believe I’m being sinful in this, as it’s been a way to explore my sexuality without stepping out from my wife, and gets my mind focused on my wife as I play.

  7. firefly says:

    Not sinful any more than a wife using one to play with in her V and one in her A, while she sucks her husband. I know my wife says that is a little distracting and loaded, but not sinful. My wife has told me on many occasions about other females, "she is beautiful", or "she is so attractive", but I never thought she wanted to be bisexual or lesbian. Something can be appealing without being sinful. Using a dildo for additional pleasure would not constitute sin. Without heavy discussion, some things can be sinful, but not wrong in the world's eyes. God explains what is sexual sin throughout scripture, we can't make something sinful that God does not, yet we cannot turn a deaf ear to acts that the world says is okay when scripture clearly teaches against certain sexaul acts that are sinful.

  8. FunJames says:

    Patty again on Jim’s tablet. All I can tell you is you haven’t lived until you get the sexy and dominating feeling that comes from working your personal vibrator int your lovers ass. A feeling of power, especially when you add assplay during a deep and wet bj!

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