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My Husband Turns 50!

‘Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you will go I will go, and where you will stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your ELOHIM will be my ELOHIM. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May ELOHIM deal with me, be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me’ – Ruth 1:16-17

In the weeks leading up to my husband’s 50th birthday, I seemed to have developed a deeper appreciation for his maturity in CHRIST and in our marriage, as well as how he views the Ministry and our future in the Ministry. I have always been attracted to an older more mature man, but meeting my husband was an absolute answer to prayer and a dream come true. He ticked all the boxes from day one, and after three years of marriage, I find myself the happiest I’ve ever been.

Regrettably, I was in a sexual relationship in my early thirties with my then fiancé. I overcompensated in that relationship, and I found myself always feeling sexually unfulfilled and trying to match up to my ex’s idea of the perfect partner.

Meeting my husband was like a breath of fresh air. Falling in love came so easily, and maintaining a healthy, sexy, exciting intimate life remains refreshing and fun.

I went through loads of thoughts and ideas on how to make my husband’s 50th birthday a memorable one. He is not one for fancy parties and trimmings, so although he deserves to be celebrated, I knew he’ much prefer something special with just him and me.

Two days before his birthday, I casually asked Timothy if he’d given much thought to his 50th birthday.

He just shrugged his shoulders. “Dinner with you will be good enough for me.”

I didn’t comment on that, just went about my work whilst sitting behind my laptop.

After dinner, I felt a tinge of “wanting” from Timothy. I told him I should most probably get to bed early because I had a coffee morning with the girls. Little did he know that I was planning something that would blow his mind.

Timothy begrudgingly followed me to bed, and there I lay in my husband’s arms, telling him how much I love him whilst gently rubbing his already erect cock.

Timothy doesn’t need much encouragement. As I continue telling him how amazing he is and how much I long for him in our times apart, I quickly and easily take my tall handsome husband to orgasm with my hands. I’ve been holding off on sexual intercourse for a few days now in anticipation of what I’m planning for Timothy’s birthday.

The day before his special day dawns, and although I am fully awake, I lay in bed with my eyes closed, waiting for him to leave. Ever polite, Timothy got ready as quietly as possible while I lay there in absolute excitement. Eventually, he kissed my forehead. I briefly open my eyes and I got out a quiet, “I love you too and have a good day.”

With Timothy well gone, I began the mammoth task of starting my husband’s birthday surprise. First, I had to pack a three-night bag for both of us before quickly getting myself ready. I made up the bed and left a special note for Timothy, paired with his favorite chocolate and his first little gift. The note gives Timothy strict instructions on what to do and where to go.

I leave the house armed with all sorts of goodies to make my husband’s last night of being 49, one he won’t forget very soon, and to make his first day of being 50 the happiest day ever! I arrive at the hotel and I am quickly shown to our room, it’s already beautifully adorned as if for a honeymoon couple, but I know just what to do to make my husband feel and sense my touch in things. So far so good! I’m feeling extremely wanting after going almost a week with no intercourse and I have to admit I did touch over my pants a little bit. I keep ignoring Timothy’s calls, but I send reassuring texts that I’ll be home as soon as I can, knowing that he is still at the office.


Now to get myself ready, I lay out my attire for the night and I wonder how I’m going to pull this off. Roleplaying is something Timothy and I have spoken about at length, but we never actually went through with it. I’m thinking tonight is the night, I can do this.- I get dressed in black stockings and a tight-fitting red and black dress, high heel shoes, and bright red lipstick, so unlike me. But my signature blue nails are present. Blue nails are significant for us, as it was the first nail color Timothy saw me in when we met 4 years ago. The last thing to do is put on the dreaded blonde wig. I keep telling myself, I can do this!


It’s drawing closer towards 6 pm and my anticipation is rising, champagne is on ice, all our snacks are neatly waiting for us and I’m wondering if I’m not making a huge mistake. Timothy is home and has read the note I left for him on the bed. I told him to text me the code words ‘all systems go’ as soon as he has read the note, had a shower, and was ready to leave. As I receive the text, I make my way downstairs to the barroom area and although no one is really looking at me I feel very self-conscience. I sit at the bar and order a semi-sweet white wine, heaven knows at this stage my nerves are shot. I try not to think about everything too much, I start making small talk with the bar lady, asking her how she rates how the massages are in this place because I’ve booked one for me and my husband in the morning. She’s happy to engage me in conversation and just as her shift ends, she says, Have an amazing night mam’, as she winks her eye at me. She’s most probably in her late 50s and I’m thinking, ‘Am I that transparent?’


I quietly sit sipping my wine, when this tall handsome silvery grey man comes to sit next to me. He orders himself a drink from the barman and says thank you. His piercing blue eyes look into mine as he lifts up his glass and says, “Cheers.”  

 My plan is working!!! Timothy and I continue sipping our drinks whilst we pretend to be complete strangers. Eventually, I clear my throat and he looks at me  again. He opens his mouth to speak and all I’m thinking is, “I’ll do anything to kiss you right now”  

He says something along the lines of, “Do you come here often?”

I say, “Not regularly and you?”

Timothy reciprocates and the conversation starts to flow. Plus something else that starting to flow is this raging feeling in my almost soaking black stockings. My husband is looking so good in his new navy buttoned-up shirt and I’m trying my best to keep calm. I can tell that Timothy is also feeling this way, some things about him I just know!!! After about 30 minutes of frivolous chit-chat, I decide it’s time for my brave move. I ask the handsome stranger if he’d like to come upstairs with me for something to eat. The barman doesn’t bat an eyelid, as Timothy puts money down on the counter, showing the barman he is paying for both our drinks.


Timothy follows me to the escalator and we don’t touch each other or utter a word. Another couple is in the escalator and I’m starting to think, they can most probably see it all over me. Timothy continues to follow my lead and we make our way to the honeymoon suite. I begin to open the door and Timothy says, “Here, let me .” 

The brief touch of hands is electrifying and I can feel the excitement building all over my body. Inside the room, Timothy has a good look around, “Expecting company?” he asks.

 “No, not really,” I replied and I proceed to ask him if wants anything to eat or drink. 

As I start pouring the champagne, Timothy sneaks up behind me and says, “I’ve never been with a blonde woman before.” Timothy’s breath on my neck makes me feel amazing and I know my husband and I are going to go into his 50th birthday with an absolute bang. (Excuse the pun)


We eventually sit opposite each other, eyes looking at each other with a huge wanting and Timothy leans in to kiss me, I try to play hard to get, but it’s not working for me. I want my husband as much as he wants me! We kiss a little more and Timothy’s soft lips are so inviting as always and the taste of his tongue is enough to make me want to rip his clothes off. By now not much talking is taking place, but lots of stares and loads of touching. I rub over Timothy’s pants and I can feel how his hardened cock is just waiting for my ever-increasing wanting pussy. 

We quickly start undressing each other and as I release myself from the wig, Timothy says, “Leah, I never loved you more!’  

I lay flat on the bed, as Timothy positions himself between my legs and starts licking my clit, I moan as I clinch the silk sheets with my left hand and my right hand is touching Timothy’s head. He takes me to the edge a few times and then stops. Timothy stands on his knees and looks at me, I sit up and start kissing his now very hard, erect veiny dark cock. I love when Timothy moans loudly and I know my husband is having the best time edging. After a while, I stop, both of us on our knees, we look each other in the eye. Little is said as I lift my left nipple to my mouth; I suck a little and make sure my nipple is hard enough for Timothy to suck on. He looks at me with those piercing blue eyes, as I give him my nipple. Timothy gently sucks, until I ask him if he wants to lie down. We lay down as Timothy continues to suck on my breasts as a baby being nurtured. I take Timothy’s cock in my hand, he has pre-cum dripping all over and as his body movements suggest he is so ready to cum.


Timothy comes up for air and I ask him to kiss my lips. We kiss as we are both touching each other with intention. Timothy looks at me and says, “Leah, I can’t believe this is happening.  I felt like something was wrong when you didn’t want to make love last night.” 

I kiss him and say, “Nothing wrong my love, just wanting to make your birthday extra special.

“Oh babe, I really love you!” Timothy says as we continue to kiss and touch. 

Whilst we are touching each other, we both feel very close to cumming. I’m thinking, “Let’s mutually masturbate,” but I’m not sure exactly what Timothy wants. I stimulate his now very large cock with relative ease and I gently say, “Shall we cum together with our hands?”

 Timothy gives me the go-ahead, “I’m ready when you’re ready my love.”  

We both go at it with vigor and I tell Timothy that I’m ready to cum, so he puts one finger inside of my pussy, whilst another finger circles my clit. I can sense from my husband’s strong moans that he is really close to exploding. We both start rubbing harder and faster and we both let out an “I love you!” as we simultaneously cum in each other’s hands. We both lay there on our backs, recovering from our beautiful mutual masturbation. 

“Oh Babe, that was amazing, you’re amazing!  Timothy says, 

I just slightly lift my body up to say, “Happy birthday my love!” before gently kissing his beautiful lips again. – My husband and I both lie there, feeling extremely blessed for this beautiful intimacy that we share. Praying over our intimacy and laying our love life before the LORD has reaped its rewards. The rest is still unwritten…

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11 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    I loved your story! Your love for the Lord and your love for your husband really shows!

    My wife has given me some epic birthday sex presents! I think you are an excellent wife to give him the sexual getaway with you! The role play & all the extras you did are awesome.

    Masturbating each other to orgasm is very sexy! I would like to read more about what y’all did next on the rest of your mutual sexual adventure on this birthday getaway!

  2. Second Chance says:

    This was so realistic 🙏🏻 had honesty, anxiety, passion, tender touch, new tactics in adventure ✊🏻 thoughtfulness.

    I was super aroused reading this story. Made me reminisce of a time & how much I miss my bride laying next to me.

    We were nodding off for an afternoon sleep after church on a Sunday afternoon once & she laid her head on my chest & saw I was semi erect, so she reached down & slowly stroked my dick, she didn’t rush, there was no obligation, just consistent slow, warm hand gliding up & down my cock & nuts. I had a super strong orgasm. My favourite part used to be as I was approaching orgasm, she would breathe really deep and moan as she saw me shoot my load all over my stomach & her hand. She’d sigh as if to say, "I enjoyed doing & seeing that so much."

    I used to love handjobs; the intimacy I used to feel with her eyes on me & bringing me to whatever place she wanted made me convulse at orgasm 🤣🤣. I believe HJ’s are so underrated. What you think, men???

    • LovingMan says:

      Second Chance I feel for you in your loss. As for your question: YES hand jobs are definitely underrated! My favorite ones are when the HJ is at the end of my coconut oil massage from my wife!

  3. hornyGG says:

    Beautifully written and so erotic! Loved this story so much. Truly shows the love you and your husband have for each other. Age is just a number. Thank you so much for sharing and God bless you both. Stay horny for your spouse always!

  4. SouthernHeat says:

    Love love this story! So sweet how much you love each other and all the preparation you did to make his birthday special.
    It’s apparent you have a deep relationship with the Lord as well. Thanks for sharing with us!

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