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Places You Couldn’t Wait

I am sure other men (and women) have gotten so aroused that they could not wait to get to home to have the release.  Hopefully, this will help those of you who have done so to not feel like you are the only one out there.  I have done the same many times; here are several that come to mind.

Once, I was at a country club and had been swimming.  Following the swim, I entered the men’s sauna.  No one was there, and the locker room was empty.   I am not sure about other guys, but swimming has always gotten my motor going.  I got a boner in my swimsuit and couldn’t think of anything else.  That was it. I just pulled my trunks down and began stroking until I shot a load all over the floor.

When I was in college, I worked in the men’s department of JCPenney at our local mall.  On my break, I went upstairs to the men’s room to take a whiz.  Just touching myself got me turned on, so it wasn’t long until I blew a load into the urinal.  There was no one else in the room.

One night at work, I was really feeling frisky.  Everyone had left, and the office was empty.  I was completely dressed in a suit but wanted my wife so much.  She was on her period, so I figured I would just take matters in my own hand.  I opened my dress shirt and started playing with my erect nipples. (They are amazingly wired to my manhood.)  It wasn’t long until I dropped my trousers and began thinking about making passionate love to my wife.  I stood up and continued to stroke.  It was exciting knowing beyond the closed plantation blinds in my office was the busy world outside.  My balls were tight for a long time when I finally decided to let it go.  I blew all over my desk.

I served fie seven years on our neighborhood board, where my responsibilities included checking on our neighborhood pool.  One night I made the rounds at midnight, after my wife and kids had gone to bed.  It was hot outside and peaceful.  I walked around the pool and checked out the cabana; everything was as it should be—except I was extremely horny.  So, I stripped my shorts off and went skinny dipping.  The water on my body felt electric.  I swam up to the edge and, low and behold, my erection was right against a jet.  It felt so incredible.  Thoughts of my wife’s beautiful body flooded my mind.  The sensations from the jets were fantastic.  I felt my balls tighten and blew my load right there.  It was really intense.

We went to DisneyWorld with the kids, and they slept in the room with us the whole week.  Needless to say, I was really horny, and there was nowhere for me and the Mrs. to have any fun. So instead, as I was soaping myself up in the shower, I went ahead and had a wonderful release there.

Please feel free to share any times that, due to circumstances, you have had to get a release in places other than your home.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stroked during my business travels.  While having dinner with colleagues, I would think, “Yeah, I know you will probably strip down and stroke like me when you get to your room.”   My wife knows I edge and, when out of town or otherwise, stroke off completely; she’s okay with it when we can’t have sex.  She knows I only focus on her and don’t use porn or lust after other women. I suspect jacking in hotels is very, very common.  I try to honor God when I masturbate or have sex, thanking Him for how wonderfully I am made as a sexual being as well as for my lovely wife.

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    • JavaRN says:

      Oh same here, it’s a little tricky at times and I have to be super aware if any big trucks are around to look in but sometimes after a 12-14 hour shift, you just need it.

  1. tinwaiting247 says:

    I had an account before but lost access, so I had to recreate one!

    Anyway, thanks for this story. I remember a time a few years ago when I went on a work trip and had been traveling all day. Once I got to my hotel, I was very horny and couldn’t wait. My room was several stories up and had a huge window. I stripped completely, took a shower, and walked around my room in the nude and totally hard for a while. I’m sure other guys here can understand this: It just feels good to have a hard dick. I enjoyed my bobbing/swinging erection for a while.

    Eventually, though, I was throbbing with tight balls and needed relief. So I stroked myself and forcefully shot a sizable load on the tile floor.

  2. EroticUT says:

    While this is great, I'd like to hear couples' feedback and ideas on this rather than solo. We're trying to spice up the sex life outside the home. Any tips, suggestions, and ideas are welcome. Share what you do to get turned on outside of the bedroom/home.

    • LovingMan says:

      EroticUT, my wife has flashed me her boobs while I’m driving. She’ll stroke her nipples and beg me to do the same. I’ll reach over while keeping my eyes on the road. Two times we were on slow dirt or gravel roads at a wildlife refuge and we stopped several times for me to suck her titties. Finally, we had sex with her kneeling on the seat and me standing on the ground. (Modified doggy position, I suppose.) She’s also done her boobies-flashing trick while on the highway. We have an extra hot lovemaking session when we get home or to our hotel! I bought her vibrating panties for one road trip to Las Vegas.

  3. Salcpl says:

    One thing that we have done outside the bedroom is to read each other erotic stories. We would do this on a date night, after dinner. We would go somewhere and park. Sometimes it would be a scenic location, other times a random parking lot. One thing I liked about it was hearing my wife use strong sexual language that she would never say otherwise. I also enjoyed hearing her voice when she read something that turned her on. It was impossible to hide. If it was a particularly good story and one that she found appealing, she would start touching herself while reading it. This brought about the exhibitionist thrill. She wasn’t in the open, and someone would normally have had to walk up to our vehicle and look inside to really see her lady parts, but it was still very exciting for us both. So, there’s one idea for you, EroticUT.

  4. LuvBug says:

    Oh the places we find…On slow days at work, I have definitely taken a few long bathroom breaks. Never in a urinal though. This includes porta johns. Sometimes my work keeps me outside for long periods of time and that is the most privacy I can find. Also I have jacked off several times while driving long distance. It's easiest on the interstate when you can turn on cruise control and then just keep it in the lines….

    • JavaRN says:

      Same here. In the middle of a long 12-14 hour shift, sometimes I would just have to escape to a nice quiet bathroom to handle things.

  5. Lori D. says:

    Sometimes when my husband is on nightshift and I wake up in the wee hours of the morning, like 2 or 3AM, I will send him naughty text messages or even a video call while I'm nude and touching myself. A few times Jamie excuses himself and tells me he has to go to the men's room to masturbate.

    • LovingMan says:

      Lori D. You reminded us that years ago in the early days of cell phones I was in the hospital in another state and when I went to the bathroom the nurse or tech would disconnect my heart monitor. So Melodie & I did phone sex with her using her vibrator while lying nude on our bed and me masturbating in my hospital room bathroom. We both had great orgasms! When Melodie got back we told the nurse that my wife would help me shower. Melodie & I had lots of sexy fun in that bathroom! We did way more than shower!

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