The Car Wash

It’s a few days into a week-long Florida beach vacation with extended family and the morning of our scheduled date night—usually a nice dinner and a walk on the beach.  Still on the edge of wakefulness, I hear the waves crashing and notice the scent of the warm coastal breeze from the cracked-open balcony door mixed with the chill air from the conditioning.  The heat of Krystal’s body under the covers makes for a perfect balance and the kind of sleep I’d rather not awake from if not for the gift that God still gives me most mornings to draw me closer to her.  My hand moves toward the heat, finding her lying on her side with her back facing me.  Slowly my caress expands its territory up her spine to the hairs on the back of her neck until her body responds with a shiver.  I gradually return south below her waist and with the lightest touch, patiently trace the curve of her ass over her hip then north again following her waist and up her side.  As I reach her lower rib she slides her arm upward, her hand resting just above her head making way for me to continue and lightly graze the outer edge of her breast.  I feel her breath deepen as I continue up her arm.  My fingers move over the back of her hand and slide between her fingers, tightening my grip slightly.  I gently apply tension pulling her arm up a little more and hearing her inhale and relax with a whispered moan.  The thought of her enjoying a little restraint stiffens my cock more which I reflexively push up against her ass.  I release her with my right hand but reach up with my left to keep her arm restrained and move back down over her breast.  Each finger takes its time finding her nipple as it grows more firm anticipating the light pinch and pull.  My fingers fall into the valley between her breasts and down over her navel.  Her want rotates and opens her hips toward me while my fingers slide over her panties tracing the lips of her aroused pussy.  Applying more pressure I sense the treasure of her wetness through the panties.  She pulls loose, from my grip above her head, navigating the sheets to find the effect she is having on me.  I know I’ve awoken her desire when she reaches out to feel my hard cock.  Her touch inspires an old fantasy that quickly runs through my mind.  I begin kissing her back working my my way up to her neck then whisper, “Would you like your date night to be quiet and romantic? ‘yes husband’, or one we’ll never forget? ‘yes master’”.  Waiting for an answer we both fall back asleep enjoying the rare freedom of sleeping in.

…It’s early afternoon, we’re at the beach with the family relaxing and riding waves with the kids. As the day moves on Krystal is a little nervous at the thought of what “her master” might have planned for her but decides to trust and enjoy it. The mystery and anticipation have us flirting more throughout the day and I’m distracted by her innocent femininity; the sway of her hips and the tilt of her hand as she walks.  It may be a first but we’re both ready early and she’s tempting more than usual with a little darker eye makeup, short skirt, and a low cut top.  Walking to the car I open her door and as she takes her seat I enjoy the beauty framed by her choice of outfit.  Her long legs with a slight gap that disappears under her loose flowing skirt and her blond hair fanned across her  breasts even more titillating from that vantage point.  As we pull away and on to the main road she asks where we’re going to dinner and I tell her it’s her favorite place but she’ll need an appetizer first to help her relax.  I ask if she had packed her toy.  She says, “That’s your job” and I reply, “Not tonight Honey, looks like you’ll need to purchase one”.

I pull into a CVS and she gives me a look that says ‘really, you’re going to make me do this!’  She reluctantly gets out of the car and I say with a wink, “Don’t forget the batteries”.   I’ve always been the one to buy the toys and I know this is a stretch for her but the awkwardness has a way of turning to boldness and confidence is sexy.  Besides who’s gonna know her in a town 10 hours from home.  She walks in, looking around just in case she recognizes someone, and finds ‘that’ isle, looking around again to see if anyone is watching.  There are a few different types and has yet to try a bullet style so she grabs that one and heads for the check out lane, a little nervous about what the attendant might think. There is a couple and an elderly lady in front of her so she waits all the while trying to obscure the item while in line and lucked out with a woman attendant.  The checkout lady is very professional, ringing up the item without a word and Krystal blushes a little as she forgot and quickly added a pack of batteries from the rack on the counter. The woman handed her the bag saying, “have a nice evening” and revealed a slight smirk as she left.

She gets in the car, now smiling and a little proud of herself, showing me her purchase and I’m a little turned-on imagining how her experience went. She says, “This will be fun to try out later tonight. ”But as I pull out of the parking lot and drive a short distance I tell her to unbox and clean it; “you should try it out.”, I say. She reactively exclaims, “what!, here, now… no!, it’s still daylight, what if someone sees me?” I calmly reply, “I’m sure you can do it discreetly. ”She gives me the ‘you owe me big time’ look and says “But there’s no way I’ll cum out in the open like…” stopping mid-sentence she smirks as she notices me pulling into the parking lot of an automated car wash. I say, “It looks like you have two cars before it’s your turn, you’d better get warmed up.”

She looks around and says, “you’re crazy” as she starts the vibes. She usually closes her eyes but can’t completely and is a little distracted by the surroundings but also turned on by the deadline. Gradually her head sinks back into the seat, her shoulders relax, and her skirt gets pulled higher. The car ahead of us is finishing up and as I make the selections to pay I tell her we can’t go in there with her panties on. She would normally object but in her current state of mind she quickly strips them off and throws them at me. Her soaked panties leave no doubt that she’s enjoying this.

I slowly pull into the car wash, gotta get the undercarriage and rims clean you know. ;)I look over to see my wife biting her lip and grinding with her bare shaved pussy on her now glistening vibrator. I begin rubbing the bulge in my pants as the suds squirting on the window signal the clock has started. The rinse cycle then begins and I know the time is almost up. Just as the cycle stops and blower starts, I can tell she needs something more so I unzip and start stroking my cock. She immediately reaches over to feel my cock in her hand sending her trembling over the edge, screaming “YES MASTER” over and over with the sound of the blower hiding her screams from the world.

I stop before cumming and zip up my pants while pulling out of the lot. We go on to enjoy dinner, without her panties, relaxed but still blushing from the memory we just made and enjoying some of the most intimate conversation, glances, and under the table touching we’ve had in a long time. After dessert we follow the sound of crashing waves to the beach.  Thanks to the New Moon we enjoy a private walk lit only by the stars and distant lightning.  Holding hands, her heels dangling from her other hand, and the breeze tossing her skirt, we come upon a quiet stretch of dunes. Catching me off balance, she pushes me on to one while falling on top of me. Kissing me while unzipping my pants and pulling out my cock she signals with her hand on my chest to lay still as her breath moves down my body and her warm mouth envelops my hard cock. Having been in a constant state of arousal from her all night it didn’t take long as it seemed the waves even synced with her rhythm and I exploded into her as she sucked harder wanting to swallow every last…

I awoke to one of the kids knocking on the door. She never responded to my proposal.  We had a fun day with family at the beach, a quiet dinner with nominal conversation, then finished the night playing card games with the family.  I’m thankful for the imagination God has blessed me with for my wife but I struggle to understand her aversion to adventure and the memories that bond.  To keep this fantasy from becoming my curse I share it with you to complete and enjoy.   

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9 replies
  1. WeldersWife says:

    Out of curiosity, have you let her read this? It’s one thing to have your husband tell you that you are amazing but it’s another to see him speak of you so sensually when he isn’t directly addressing you.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Konner, I understand how you feel. However over the close to 30 years of our marriage my wife has surprised me with a few very adventurous sex experiences. Most of those are within the last 6 years. They aren’t necessarily what I imagined, but they have been very satisfying none the less.
    Perhaps those kinds of experiences with each other are in y’all’s future.

    I speak from experience in saying that it is important to focus on what you DO share together in your sexual relationship and in your marriage and not focus on what you don’t have.

    After we retired I had high sexual expectations that did not match my wife’s and that led to some conflict. And so we got marriage/sex therapy from a sex-positive married Christian therapist team… that really (among other things) helped me to appreciate what we had.

    The therapy seemed to also have an effect on Melodie because now occasionally she’ll surprise me with a fun sexual adventure – kind of like in your story. I’ve submitted some of those experiences as written stories on MH. These more adventurous sexual surprises have mostly happened since the therapy sessions five or six years ago.

    • Konnor says:

      Thank you. You are so right and I need that reminder sometimes. I have a lot to be thankful for in my wife and it is fun to look back and see how far we’ve come. In fact just after I submitted the story but before it was posted she did surprise me with something new.

      It seems that the greater the opportunity the greater the temptation to be frustrated by a missed memory.

      Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve often thought that a few sex therapy sessions would be good for us.

  3. LovingMan says:

    I forgot to mention that I loved the story! VERY well written and an intriguing idea.

    Earlier on in our marriage I also was the one who went into the sex shop to buy vibrators. Now often Melodie comes in with me to make sure she likes the vibrator before we buy it.

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